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Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/02/01(Thu)22:04 No. 20268

File 15175190623.jpg - (16.31KB , 450x385 , 1517192945913.jpg )

Shot in the dark and probably not going to lead anywhere since this board isn't super active, but why not.

Over on 4chan we're trying to find pre-2006 oldfags to verify some things about Jeff The Killer, moreso, we're trying to find the origins of the image. The most we can find is pic related, and that it was shopped in a thread on /b/ in 2004. Next post will contain the source for that image.

Anyone here willing to help?

Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/02/01(Thu)22:05 No. 20269

File 151751914689.png - (619.62KB , 1279x1622 , 1517518412031.png )

Source for the 2004 story.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/02/02(Fri)04:54 No. 20270

Next page, there is a thread about it. I always just thought it was a shooped picture with "go to sleep" under it that came up in creepypasta threads. Then I think the creepypasta wiki had some contest where you had to write a story about a picture. That was the picture, Jeff the Killer was the winner and every hack writer who went through a goth phase has been milking it like pokemon, zelda and slenderman ever since.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/02/02(Fri)05:44 No. 20271

Mandela Effect in action.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/02/02(Fri)14:54 No. 20272

Sorry about that, not a regular here so I didn't think to check. Thanks for the link though.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/02/04(Sun)03:06 No. 20273

Just giving you all I got.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/02/25(Sun)17:00 No. 20288

File 151957445281.jpg - (28.28KB , 342x359 , pancake face.jpg )

Its creepy-chan or what ever her name was, with a pancake on face and bunch of photoshop effects

Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/04/28(Sat)07:51 No. 20318

Pancake face guy

Wow Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/08/18(Sat)20:19 No. 20389

File 153461636163.jpg - (19.54KB , 238x212 , 5E6ADD16-6E65-42BF-8F80-76FD9AF699CD.jpg )

Pretty late, but I will post the early info of any of you who are too lazy to click >>20269.

>One point /b/ was invaded by these pictures of this girl who first starting camming. One picture she took, in particular, had a bad flash which blocked her entire face. Supposedly anons fell for the trick, posting photoshops of her for two days straight before leaving the thread.

I know at one point someone said she committed suicide after this all happened; not sure if they’re confusing it with the Katy Robinson story or IDK.

Another person said that this all happened around 2004-05; nobody ever thought of saving the unedited picture or remembering what the original thread was like.

Im trying to find the original thread using some chan archives and some 2004-06 /b/ archive downloads, but I cant find anything. Just the same old info.

The closest match I got to the unedited image was pic related, but it wasn’t in the same angle as “Jeff’s.”

Don’t know how I found it.

WAIT THERES MORE Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/08/18(Sat)20:24 No. 20391

Oh, and here’s a video to prove that Katy Robinson WASN’T the face of Jeff. TLDW; She’s still alive today and has kids; her actual name was Heather White. She has an actual MySpace account as well; the original one (lovleytoxic) was created by Fabian Luna.


Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/10/28(Sun)01:28 No. 20466


Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/12/31(Mon)06:10 No. 20545

No u

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