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Government agents sent to McDonalds Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/08/04(Sat)22:31 No. 20382

File 153341471717.jpg - (2.26MB , 4032x3024 , 7294CC11-558B-4814-9409-B9A25E8F98E2.jpg )

To cause civil unrest among lower income individuals to get them to quit and stay on the streetsZ. It’s awful . There just trying to make a living and they got pets agents ... vegans ... vegetarians . You name it being sent to McDonald’s to cause civil unrest. My town is suffering from so much ignorant civilians trying to start civil unrest. No assistance is given to those in bad situations with no hard drug addictions or criminal convictions . My town is angry for the most part and no one really wants to talk anymore . Kinda sad you have to send out secret agents to cause civil unrest. Send those fuckers out at those black guys always begging for change and getting angry when I don’t give them cigarettes. Call civil unrest against those fuckers I’m just trying to find work atkwep it clean out in public and keep to myself while also saying hello on occasion and trying to start light conversation and entertain the masses that’s what’s they want out of us. not angry black men taking Malloy’s out of there trunks and going after you for shit he started .my town is a mess.

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