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Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/09/07(Fri)02:46 No. 20425

File 153628121621.jpg - (76.31KB , 856x934 , succubus_by_kylukia-d8miu1s.jpg )

Hello friends
Tell me what you know about getting a succubus without serious consequences

Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/09/09(Sun)22:56 No. 20446

You could try writing "succubus" on your hand.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/11/01(Thu)23:04 No. 20467

Can a male take on the role of a succubus say like I’m not interested in girls but I have a friend or two that I’m really into and they are not gay but I’ve been mtf but I just started hormones and I’m losing my mind I never wanted so badly

Tin Foil Enthusiast 18/11/26(Mon)02:27 No. 20509

I'd love to summon a succubus and swap hoe stories tbh

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