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Epic and Based Konata 18/12/20(Thu)14:37 No. 20532

File 154531305694.png - (244.24KB , 1196x668 , the crusade to end the penis chopping machine marc.png )

4chan /jp/ is an occult board.
4chan /s4s/ is an occult board.
4chan /qa/ has also been involved.
They have been torturing people's minds and engaging in hypnosis, vampirism, and some sort of shamanic drug transfer (shamanism appears to be inter-dimensional technology, like collective unconscious and astral plane stuff), along with some other strange "reality-bending" phenomenon especially with the Tewi Inaba thread on /jp/.
What has occurred to me resulting from this situation has left me physically decrepit and mentally distraught for over a year when I was formerly a highly athletic and very strong person.
Being given "heroin" 4 times over the period of November 2017 through "shamanism" really upset my body.
The massive electric shock that went through my brain at the end of that month was also unpleasant.
Having all sorts of strange stuff happen to me for several months after that was all very distressing.
The psychological counselor I was seeing for the past 7 years appeared to be involved in getting me into this situation. Yes, adults use 4chan apparently. Who knew?
This is wrong though and everyone involved is a criminal.
I don't care if this stuff isn't regarded as real by the public.
I'm making it regarded as real and I'm stopping this behavior.

Furthermore, 4chan as a whole seems to be utilizing “chaos magic” in order to alter world events.
The "meme magic" fad of /pol/ is more of an afterthought instead of an epiphany regarding what has apparently been happening on 4chan for quite some time.

The actual energy of a poster at the time of posting, along with the content of their post, can apparently be used by certain people on 4chan to alter the behavior of other people. The favorite thing to do seems to be making a mass shooting.

So I have basically nerve damage symptoms right now in exchange for my mitochondria being used to possess people to kill others or something.

They attempted to kill me pretty thoroughly. But I’m immortal or something so…

Basically this is a mess. I just wanted to make people happy through the internet.

I think psychopaths/sociopaths/people without empathy are either aliens or are affected by this certain alien species’ technology. The aliens need to be convinced that what they are doing is wrong and that there is a better way to behave.

But they have autism. In fact they are so autistic I think they are the source of all autism on this planet.

These aliens have supposedly been on this planet for over 6,000 years (since the flood that was caused by the arrival of Earth’s moon) and have been suppressing, torturing, and keeping humans enslaved all this time.

May we please, please, get these poor autistic aliens the help they need to where they no longer need to torture humans beings for sustenance and we can all move on as a species to more important things than being enslaved and tortured by autistic aliens.

Thank you for your time.


Tin Foil Enthusiast 19/02/20(Wed)17:18 No. 20574

tell me moar?!

Tin Foil Enthusiast 19/03/02(Sat)03:22 No. 20590

>4chan is full of vampires now
There had to be something to keep tho rotting corpse going, it certainly wasen't gonna be armys or shills alone.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 19/05/07(Tue)20:31 No. 20619

you're not fucking kidding about /s4s/. when it got added i expected it to be kinda like /fail/, but holy fuck, there is something seriously, seriously wrong with that board. inhuman, even.

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