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Shambler 13/03/28(Thu)10:58 No. 4481 ID: cb9fa8 [Reply]

File 136446473089.jpg - (21.81KB , 500x375 , tumblr_m7f32xMFhR1rse351o1_500.jpg )


Some people are going to get angry here.

Lets be honest, most of us have thought about it.

If things got shit, even the average, moral prepper might turn to raiding.

Of course, as people passionate about this, it might be fair to say that more amitious, greedy raids are not out of the question.

What am I talking about?

Well, consider this. There are likely to be entire communities, perhaps cities that are operational.

It so happens that these particularly efficient units of society are largely removed from many of their supply lines.
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Martyn Grim 13/08/01(Thu)20:13 No. 4751 ID: 435599

I like this whole thought process. It brings up more than one important thing to consider. Of course a lot of it depends on a plethora of variables, but some basic questions stand to reason. First, to what extent do our current moral obligations still apply in that context? The need to survive blurs the line between "good" and "bad" into a very large grey area. If I'm all alone, or in a small to extended-family sized group (8-12 ppl), do the same rules apply to me as they would for someone inside an established safe-zone? I would assume that if we're "Raiding" stuff that is essentially unclaimed property, then it's not a bad thing since we're just trying to survive or perhaps even rebuild. Now if we're posted up acting like highwaymen, using guerrilla tactics to extort other groups or communities, or outright slaying/enslaving people, I would assume that is bad. My standpoint is that humanitarianism needs to win out as the universal ethical code.

As your group grows and turns into a community, your needs change. Even if you got lucky and made it to a government-operated refugee camp that managed to endure the initial outbreak, society as you know it is completely different. Your day to day experiences would depend largely on how much of the world still stood as more-or-less organized society. It would also depend on how involved you are with the governance and maintenance of your community. The feel of your daily life could range from a bad horror movie to a labor camp. And if your society isn't capable of agriculture or farming, then essentially your fucked mate. If there is no common trade between communities and countries, then all you have left is raiding and scavenging the surrounding areas, bit by bit. The larger and more well armed your community, the larger the radius you can raid, but eventually you will run out of supplies.

So what do we do? We could revise out moral code and starting eating the dead and dying. I'm sure a few places would try it out, but I doubt it would stick and go that way for everyone overall. Agriculture and livestock are just going to have to be revolutionized. Every residence will be required to maintain a garden, maybe even some small livestock (chickens, rabbits, etc). Every neighborhood will need a large greenhouse and hatchery of some sort. Lots of the manpower would have to go into it; working the greenhouse/hatchery would become most peoples primary occupation. Pretty much everyone else would be on security duty.

Shambler 12/06/27(Wed)05:21 No. 3478 ID: c2a8bf [Reply]

File 134076727051.jpg - (330.74KB , 1280x960 , dscf0019.jpg )

Well, that's it, I no longer worry for Z day.

I've formulated a simple plan, quick, requires no weapons, provides sustainable resources, ensured safety, and even community. No drama, no worries.

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Shambler 12/07/07(Sat)19:07 No. 3521 ID: d1d60f

I didn't even think of that. In a Zombie wasteland, Pirate wars!!!

And then, Pirates vs underwater walking Zombies!!!

Holy hell, you just blew my mind.

Shambler 13/03/28(Thu)11:58 No. 4484 ID: cb9fa8

File 136446833484.jpg - (117.25KB , 630x547 , polar_bear.jpg )

Forget getting the chills when you masturbate.

You will be cold.

You're going to want water from ice.

You need energy for that.

You need oil for that.

You need millions of dollars worth of drilling equipment and more for personnel for that.

You need to have environmental remediation supplies to clean up the microbes that live in frozen ice in cold areas.

You're going to have terrible and inconsistent crops in the cold.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

wat a downer man Scrambler 13/07/06(Sat)13:59 No. 4711 ID: 6263d1

Man what a downer.

Shambler 12/11/09(Fri)23:14 No. 3991 ID: 822be8 [Reply]

File 135249928263.jpg - (40.60KB , 460x300 , swimming-zombies.jpg )

hey guys, can zombies swim? and if not, what are the pros and cons of living on a river, and just going up and down it, or just all over any of the connecting rivers? but never out to sea. think about other humans too.

8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shambler 13/06/28(Fri)02:49 No. 4691 ID: e7837b

File 137238059533.jpg - (78.66KB , 600x338 , 07671bf4b7026d7edbe7321b4a0068fb.jpg )

zombies lack the necessary coordination to 'swim.' That said, their gas-bloated, decay-ridden bodies will make for fine floating vessels capable of fording any body of water.

Shambler 13/06/28(Fri)06:18 No. 4694 ID: 9b53dd

They'd need higher cognitive abilities of reasoning and planning to swim. But if they're truly dead and barely functioning muscle memory and minimal coordination, then no, they couldn't swim, but they can just keep right on walking through the lake or river and come out the other side, or pile up on top of each other underwater to reach you if you're in a boat over their heads on the surface. Since they're already dead, they don't need air to breathe, and they're too stupid to know not to walk into water after you.


Your safest bet is drifting about on Lake Superior, where you'll have an endless supply of fresh water to boil & drink, and fish to eat. ...unless the fish are zombified, in which case you're fucked.

The ocean would be a good bet, cause any Z's would be pretty quickly torn to pieces by the saltwater, turbulent surf, and shitload of predators therein. But, good luck getting an on-board desalinization kit to work indefinitely.

Perhaps an Aircraft Carrier or biiiig Sub out at sea when the shit goes down will remain somewhat safe (unless the virus is airborne and a breeze gets it). Some of those motherfuckers are functional cities capable of self sustaining for up to a year. They'd probably sooner blow your ass out of the water than take a chance of letting you anywhere near their vessel though.

Shambler 13/07/05(Fri)20:58 No. 4710 ID: 566575

Crossed are not zombies mayne.

State of Decay Shambler 13/06/27(Thu)09:18 No. 4688 ID: 0c4f7f [Reply]

File 137231750675.jpg - (190.27KB , 610x340 , state-of-decay_title.jpg )

Has anyone here got their hands on this game?

Quite fun and isn't just about killing zeds, but mainly surviving.

It's a legit game in works to become an MMO, despite only being on xbox arcade. Also for PC.

Shambler 13/06/28(Fri)00:35 No. 4689 ID: f5d824

My brother brought it so I thought I'd give it a go.

Started out disappointed with a clunky camera, shoddy combat and no actual 'sandbox' until I completed the first few missions. Then went it actually turned into the 'hardcore survival sandbox' it promised to be and I really began to enjoy it. A fair few hours later it began to let me down again. The entire NW of the map appears to be blocked off (I'm guessing until I complete more story missions) and then there's the Dino-Truckstop, as far as the game goes it's a dream location for a home-base, but nooooooo, I spend a good 30min clearing it out and securing the area only to discover that the only thing it's good for is a crappy outpost (with no practical purpose considering the function of outposts within the game). The most frustrating part about the whole dino-fiasco was because the lack-of-tutorial/learning curve is so steep I had no idea how to create a new home-base until I went on line and discovered you were limited to pre-determined options. All this was happening while the radio was telling me I should consider looking for a new home with absolutely no hints on how-to.

They made a great sandbox game but it's rather unpolished and damn frustrating when it doesn't let you do what you want (crashed plane with ominous-biohazard-crate-neatly-sitting-atop-some-boxes I'm looking at you!).

Shambler 13/06/28(Fri)03:04 No. 4692 ID: 0c4f7f

That's a fair point, but in its defense it isn't all that hard or too long to get to the point where you're allowed to enter the NW area of the map. Also, it was really meant to try out the game, like a beta if you will, for the real thing.

Believe me, I have beaten it and I must say the dream spot is actually up there.

Shambler 13/06/28(Fri)03:32 No. 4693 ID: f5d824

Not trying to make points, just summing my thoughts and experiences.

I should probably add that the plot sucks, which is why I'm playing everything excluding.

Shambler 13/06/19(Wed)06:29 No. 4676 ID: 70aac1 [Reply]

File 137161616812.jpg - (188.54KB , 800x586 , original.jpg )


japanese ghosts

Shambler 13/06/07(Fri)00:12 No. 4628 ID: 8aaa3e [Reply]

File 137055674146.jpg - (1.01MB , 1200x796 , Fort-Jefferson_Dry-Tortugas.jpg )

Fort Jefferson, Florida

What do you think of this for a fort?


VermillionJack 13/06/07(Fri)21:08 No. 4633 ID: 0ca3a9

File 137063211553.jpg - (179.65KB , 1280x720 , HNI_0084_JPG.jpg )

Looks good. Nice walls. No other way off the island other than through the sky/sea. It doesn't appear to have any farming area or animals, unless it is underground. If not, it most likely stores food somewhere.

It could maybe roughly house a hundred people or so, but that is just my assumption. Overall, I would wade out the apocalypse here.

Shambler 13/06/07(Fri)21:35 No. 4635 ID: 1813cc

File 137063371176.jpg - (406.07KB , 1038x738 , Ft Jefferson - Gould.jpg )

Some access by boats if you need to get to other land/areas for farming and if you go far enough and skip islands you can get to the Florida main land.

I don't get why it has a moat (which is cool) since it's already surrounded by water lol

Shambler 13/03/28(Thu)08:42 No. 4480 ID: 75b47c [Reply]

File 136445652946.jpg - (9.64KB , 259x194 , 88.jpg )

Wuddint the crows eat all the zombies?

6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sergeant+Bruce+Willis 13/04/18(Thu)11:22 No. 4540 ID: d8ce4b

Naw dude, it's not BUT if that's all you got from it; it's cool.

Shambler 13/04/24(Wed)00:04 No. 4550 ID: f038d1

Zoltan et the eyes.

Sergeant+Bruce+Willis 13/05/16(Thu)12:06 No. 4587 ID: d8ce4b

Dude, what bro? Is that some Steven King shit?

Come on /zom/ Shambler 13/04/26(Fri)01:58 No. 4556 ID: 2593db [Reply]

File 136693433748.jpg - (28.44KB , 320x320 , zombie-walk.jpg )

Anyone looking to play some All Flesh tonight? We are running it on Maptools and teamspeak(Not required to talk if you don't want.) Its set at the start of the outbreak.

For those who love zombies and survival horror, or just in the mood to kill things. The point of the game is you make an everyday character(Cop, News Reporter, Plumber, Janitor, Paramedic..ect..) and try to survive.

Playing 11pmest.


Shambler 14/10/25(Sat)01:15 No. 5261 ID: ddffbb

maninahat 13/04/01(Mon)18:05 No. 4494 ID: d4b529 [Reply]

File 136483233168.jpg - (138.78KB , 640x416 , Sheep_herding,_Arkansas.jpg )

Who needs a safe house? Coax as many zombies as possible into following you and lead them all into a large warehouse or sturdy structure. Leave through the back door, seal that and the front doors up, and trap the hoard in the building behind you. Repeat as often as necessary around various venues. A decent sized warehouse can hold hundreds of infected at once.

Congratulations. The zombies will complacently hang around these prisons for the rest of their unlife, whilst you can make the most of the (mostly) emptied district.

9 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shambler 13/04/09(Tue)21:51 No. 4514 ID: f49afc

Nothing is idiot proof, and I can't think of anything more idiotic than a zombie.

"It is impossible to make anything foolproof, because fools are so ingenious." --Robert Heinlein

Or as I prefer.

Just when you make it idiot proof, God makes a bigger idiot.

Shambler 13/04/13(Sat)06:20 No. 4520 ID: ca12bb


you've certainly made your point if it was about 7chan being called foolproof

or were you talking about shambling mouthbreathers who let out noncoherent sounds and are easily led around by clever individuals?

Shambler 13/04/13(Sat)21:53 No. 4521 ID: e93b41

Ever heard the phrase "never underestimate your enemy"? Well, neither should you overestimate your own abilities.

Fuck it RPG thread! Shambler 13/01/30(Wed)03:04 No. 4224 ID: 283d05 [Reply]

File 135951146313.jpg - (378.23KB , 904x1149 , afmbe.jpg )

I've gotten tired of every all flesh or zombie thread dying after 3 posts on /tg/. That and /zom/ is slowing to a crawl we might as well have a zombie RPG thread to drum up posts.
Tell us of your previous games and experiences. Perhaps even what plans for games you have or interests you have in playing one.
Example zombie systems
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Dead Reign
Blood and Brains
Seriously there's a dozens

10 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shambler 13/03/19(Tue)02:35 No. 4470 ID: 283d05

So where exactly would i be able to get this? Does anyone have a link because fuck playing $20

Shambler 13/04/01(Mon)00:55 No. 4492 ID: 283d05

You're gonna just want to jump on any torrenting site. /tg/ pdfs aren't exactly a hard thing to find on torrenting or sharing sites. You could buy it too especially if you have friends interested in playing a physical copy is always better.

Shambler 13/04/01(Mon)01:24 No. 4493 ID: 283d05

Running an AFMBE game before, I had one of my players get jumped by a smart zombie (smart enough to use tools at least), that stabbed in through the back and out of his chest with a broken pipe. All in all, due to some good rolls on the zombie's part, the character was left at something around -30 or -40 LP.
>Player: "Could he survive that?"
>ZM: "Well, it's not likely, but you can try I guess. Roll to see if you live through it."
>10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 8.
>Player: "So, I lived?"
>ZM: "Uh... For now, yeah. I guess roll to see if you're conscious as well."
>10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 9
>Everyone at the table stares silently at the die, then looks to the player.
>ZM: "I'll remind you that, given how wounded he is, it might hurt him if he does anything strenuous. It's your turn now."
>Player: "He's going to turn around and put his assault rifle on full auto into that zombie's face."
Basically, with more zombies coming and him having been the guy covering the rear, he figured he wouldn't be surviving. Better to go down in a blaze of glory.

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