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Come on /zom/ Shambler 13/04/26(Fri)01:58 No. 4556 ID: 2593db

File 136693433748.jpg - (28.44KB , 320x320 , zombie-walk.jpg )

Anyone looking to play some All Flesh tonight? We are running it on Maptools and teamspeak(Not required to talk if you don't want.) Its set at the start of the outbreak.

For those who love zombies and survival horror, or just in the mood to kill things. The point of the game is you make an everyday character(Cop, News Reporter, Plumber, Janitor, Paramedic..ect..) and try to survive.

Playing 11pmest.


Shambler 14/10/25(Sat)01:15 No. 5261 ID: ddffbb

File removed.jpg - (72.11KB , 837x486 , zdj.jpg )

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