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State of Decay Shambler 13/06/27(Thu)09:18 No. 4688 ID: 0c4f7f

File 137231750675.jpg - (190.27KB , 610x340 , state-of-decay_title.jpg )

Has anyone here got their hands on this game?

Quite fun and isn't just about killing zeds, but mainly surviving.

It's a legit game in works to become an MMO, despite only being on xbox arcade. Also for PC.

Shambler 13/06/28(Fri)00:35 No. 4689 ID: f5d824

My brother brought it so I thought I'd give it a go.

Started out disappointed with a clunky camera, shoddy combat and no actual 'sandbox' until I completed the first few missions. Then went it actually turned into the 'hardcore survival sandbox' it promised to be and I really began to enjoy it. A fair few hours later it began to let me down again. The entire NW of the map appears to be blocked off (I'm guessing until I complete more story missions) and then there's the Dino-Truckstop, as far as the game goes it's a dream location for a home-base, but nooooooo, I spend a good 30min clearing it out and securing the area only to discover that the only thing it's good for is a crappy outpost (with no practical purpose considering the function of outposts within the game). The most frustrating part about the whole dino-fiasco was because the lack-of-tutorial/learning curve is so steep I had no idea how to create a new home-base until I went on line and discovered you were limited to pre-determined options. All this was happening while the radio was telling me I should consider looking for a new home with absolutely no hints on how-to.

They made a great sandbox game but it's rather unpolished and damn frustrating when it doesn't let you do what you want (crashed plane with ominous-biohazard-crate-neatly-sitting-atop-some-boxes I'm looking at you!).

Shambler 13/06/28(Fri)03:04 No. 4692 ID: 0c4f7f

That's a fair point, but in its defense it isn't all that hard or too long to get to the point where you're allowed to enter the NW area of the map. Also, it was really meant to try out the game, like a beta if you will, for the real thing.

Believe me, I have beaten it and I must say the dream spot is actually up there.

Shambler 13/06/28(Fri)03:32 No. 4693 ID: f5d824

Not trying to make points, just summing my thoughts and experiences.

I should probably add that the plot sucks, which is why I'm playing everything excluding.

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