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Old Zombie Story on 7chan Luigi 14/09/08(Mon)21:46 No. 5215 ID: e57d6e

File 141020559165.jpg - (7.41KB , 260x194 , Imagio.jpg )

There was a pretty epic story here that was posted some 7 or 8 years ago that featured 28days later type zombies but also... well raped their victims as well. I was wondering if anyone knows where that story is. It keeps... haunting me.

Shambler 14/09/08(Mon)23:18 No. 5216 ID: 8976f7

I swear someone requested a re-post of a similar sounding story about 3-4 years ago. Someone else dug out a link for them but it took about a month for the guy to find it.

Hopefully one of those two (or a 3rd party) still has it and is lurking around. Sadly I can't help any further.

Shambler 14/09/22(Mon)07:21 No. 5231 ID: 46f6ea

You are probably thinking of the Crossed Comic book series.

Shambler 14/10/26(Sun)07:16 No. 5263 ID: db6350

Theres also another one that was in the form of a blog. Like a diary of sorts that went on for about 2 years? The author was supposedly trapped in his home and recorded the events on said blog. It was epic, can't remember the title though. It was also posted here.

Shambler 14/10/27(Mon)08:13 No. 5265 ID: 66b192

Now, when you say it "haunted" you, do you actually mean that you got a boner and mastrubated because of it?

Shambler 14/10/30(Thu)23:38 No. 5268 ID: 7972d6

That's what it always means.

Shambler 14/12/08(Mon)05:53 No. 5306 ID: 9dad4e

Someone posted Crossed Family Values on /b/ one Fourth of July. I've been hooked since.

Shambler 14/12/11(Thu)22:02 No. 5308 ID: 27f80b


Still here Luigi 16/01/13(Wed)18:55 No. 5452 ID: ec43bc

Hahaha holy shit, this is still here.

No it's not crossed, and yes by haunted I mean I got a boner and masturbated to it.

I remember the main character and a group of survivors were trapped in a meat locker to escape a blue chemical spray. Still nothing though huh?

Only part of the story... Luigi 16/01/17(Sun)04:38 No. 5455 ID: b54c45

So by the power of the great and glorious chaos, I found the internet wayback machine and found the post you were talking about >>5216


I am on a quest now to find the rest. I do not know if I will succeed, but by Gandhi, I am willing.

MISSION COMPLETE! Luigi 16/01/17(Sun)04:52 No. 5456 ID: b54c45

File 145300274749.jpg - (5.79KB , 275x183 , Winning.jpg )




Shambler 16/02/05(Fri)11:00 No. 5460 ID: d21185

File 145466640920.jpg - (361.51KB , 1000x795 , crossed_01_02_color-b.jpg )

Nice one bro! Will definitely be checking that out, I could use a good splatterpunk yarn tonight

Shambler 16/05/29(Sun)03:36 No. 5499 ID: e9fdd7


Shambler 16/07/31(Sun)18:42 No. 5513 ID: 07b28c

I watched a Japanese porno about Zombies raping hot chicks. Don't recall the name, though.

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