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Shambler 15/01/11(Sun)17:53 No. 5330 ID: cd16ce

File 142099521496.jpg - (274.59KB , 914x1354 , TheDead.jpg )

So I've seen this movie and there was a scene where an infected woman gave this man her infant child in order to prevent her from eating the baby.

Which made me wonder, what would you do if someone handed you a baby during the zombie apocalypse?

The protagonist in this movie was lucky to come across a bunch of survivors in a big truck who were more capable of taking care of the baby.

But what if you don't have such convenience?
Would you take care of the baby, or kill it painlessly and give it a proper burial?

Shambler 15/02/07(Sat)20:31 No. 5351 ID: 15121f

If there were no baby supplies around it would die naturally pretty quickly. They need to feed every couple hours and can't skip meals AFAIK.

Do your best for it to survive, but it will likely die. Give it a good burial.

Shambler 15/04/08(Wed)07:39 No. 5372 ID: 2dc904

I would try to take care of the child as much as possible.
I like to think I would be the kind to help those I could, that aren't complete turds.

Shambler 15/04/13(Mon)21:40 No. 5373 ID: dacaa2

kill the kid, it would be a waste of resources and would attract zombies

Shambler 15/04/14(Tue)13:58 No. 5374 ID: f1f181

You could use it as a decoy.

Shambler 15/04/16(Thu)21:13 No. 5375 ID: 58bb67

Or food...

Shambler 15/04/27(Mon)10:15 No. 5379 ID: 8314f5

What good is surviving if you don't ensure other, especially the next generation survive to continue on? If you're on about keeping yourself alive until old age, just put a bullet in your brain at the start and save resources for everyone else.

Shambler 16/09/08(Thu)11:22 No. 5520 ID: ac54f8

Honestly, I'd give the baby a mercy kill. If I had a group it would be different, but solo would make it impossible to take care of both of us

Shambler 16/11/06(Sun)08:33 No. 5524 ID: 3f0a52

Well put.

Shambler 16/11/06(Sun)18:28 No. 5526 ID: 73dd70

I would give it a shot but as soon as shit starts to go south, it's over.

Shambler 17/01/04(Wed)03:32 No. 5531 ID: 38b5a3

Babies are super loud. You would be fucked if you had a baby. Your best bet would actually be to eat it unfortunately, unless you had several survivors around you who didn't mind a walking zombie alarm

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