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Let's Do Drugs and Kill Zombies Shambler 17/01/19(Thu)00:43 No. 5533 ID: 438fd0

File 148478303923.jpg - (28.52KB , 640x480 , METH-side-by-side.jpg )

What drug do you think would be the best for imbibing during and after Z Day? I would say meth.

Shambler 17/03/05(Sun)03:05 No. 5536 ID: 9c4b9c

File 148867952818.jpg - (41.88KB , 382x449 , 3024f78cd92d66a8345c97f1a70a9392.jpg )

Meth is horrible, you will be a zombie.
It'll be liquor for me.

Shambler 17/03/10(Fri)21:30 No. 5537 ID: a52bda

File 14891778419.gif - (2.79MB , 500x281 , giphy.gif )

You don't wanna get too smashed, though, because you need that hand eye coordination to be on point.

Cocaine could be beneficial!

Shambler 17/03/25(Sat)19:50 No. 5540 ID: fc32f5

I would say any stimulant, nothing too heavily dissociative. Cigarettes basically. Could you imagine tripping in a zombie apocalypse, that'd be fucking heavy

Z-boy 17/03/26(Sun)00:09 No. 5541 ID: 9f9dc6

Meth would keep you focused and jumpy.
Besides,you would be too busy to stop every few minutes for a puff.

Shambler 17/03/29(Wed)00:55 No. 5542 ID: 6d5e77

The nazies designed pervitin pills for soldiers in WW2, it's basically ingestable meth. You can still find them from the southeast Asia going by the name 'Yaba', or 'the crazy drug'. You should always swallow it though, since smoking them slowly rots your teeth, and you don't want dental problems in post-apocalyptic setting.

Shambler 17/05/07(Sun)03:32 No. 5547 ID: c7f3cd

Good point. We rarely think about little things like that.

Shambler 17/05/26(Fri)10:54 No. 5551 ID: 0b50ee

I'd just want to trip out and die.
Best way to go.

Shambler 17/05/29(Mon)02:03 No. 5552 ID: c22aa6

In The Stand, there's a small side-side story about a junkie who finds a big time dealer's personal stash almost a month into being sick. It's almost completely pure and this guy had only done something that was 85 and even then he blacked out. He cooks up and dies before he takes a breath. That sounds fine.

Shambler 17/07/05(Wed)08:21 No. 5559 ID: 86f262

alcohol an weed.
Both are easy to make, and wont fuck you up.
I would imagine that smoking a joint would be good for the nerves in a shitfan situation.

Shambler 17/10/16(Mon)22:53 No. 5574 ID: 497c7e

Adderall = pervatin.
If it made ww2 okay it'll make shtf okay.

Shambler 17/10/19(Thu)04:27 No. 5576 ID: 7397e5

Adderall! Snorted, obviously.

Shambler 17/11/14(Tue)02:27 No. 5579 ID: c837f4

How much Adderall do you have access to on short notice, though?

Okay, let's say you somehow come across a pristine police station and an equally pristine evidence room and the apocalypse happens the week after Labor Day. That shit is going to be packed with everything under the sun. You name it, it's there. What do you take?

Shambler 17/11/27(Mon)00:11 No. 5582 ID: f309f3

Meth to stalk and fight followed by ketamine after i find a safe place to recover the next 3 strung out days

Shambler 18/03/08(Thu)15:18 No. 5595 ID: fef274

Not as much need for food, either. That could work to your advantage!

Re: Recommended drug to use during the zombie apocalypse. Brotherhood Of The Tentacle 18/10/12(Fri)08:59 No. 5621 ID: f6044e

A mixture of Molly, bath salts & flakka. You can bite the zombies back.

Shambler 18/12/06(Thu)03:24 No. 5629 ID: 52b7dc

Do you really fancy the idea of biting into rotted, infected flesh? Nooo thank you!

Brotherhood+Of+The+Tentacle 19/07/06(Sat)06:24 No. 5654 ID: cdb364

Seriously, If you were on those you wouldn't care.

Shambler 19/07/07(Sun)03:43 No. 5655 ID: 027dc2


Shambler 19/07/10(Wed)17:53 No. 5656 ID: fef274

But you'll get infected and die. If that's your goal, you know, have at it but my objective would be living as long as possible.

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