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Shambler 11/09/29(Thu)08:25 No. 881 ID: 3447cc

File 131727753569.png - (1.99MB , 2140x2994 , 1316433961080.png )

make your choice

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Sergeant+Bruce+Willis 11/11/30(Wed)00:39 No. 2037 ID: 4443dd

>Why not suggest to me a shotgun with small holes drilled in along the barrel and modified to manage that escaping gas?
You seemingly read the whole sentence, quoted it, but didn't utilize/comprehend the whole thought conveyed within it... See the "and modified to manage that escaping gas" part? Well here's a video showing you exactly why you now look as dumb as you thought I did...

Hombre, I already stated that I am NOT a knowitall when it comes to guns/munitions... I have however shot my share of guns, be it in service or in personal training/utilization; so I don't know the decibals or any other number off the top of my head. I however do know that the shells I've fired that were subsonic, were ABOUT 80% the loudness and between 60-70% the power of "normal" ones. Maybe 75%... Anyway, it's the facts that a loaded shell with full use of it's space/capacity is the standard output of the weapon, why anyone would want to near neuter it for only a small drop in noise, well it doesn't seem logical for the usage we type of here...

Shambler 11/12/02(Fri)01:42 No. 2072 ID: 8c5758


No one knows everything, i was just trying to get more information, not trying to belittle you.

Equipment to measure the amount of decibels given off is not that expensive so in case you want to check for yourself:

every 3 decibels is a 100% increase in noise volume. 85 decibels is the level at which you should be wearing hearing protection, which is about 5 times the volume of regular conversation.

A gunshot should be somewhere between 100-115 decibels, which is a span covering most firearms.

Keep in mind that a suppressor will also change the signature of the sound, meaning it will shift the frequency to one which we are less attuned to in addition to lowering the range the sound will travel. What this means is that even if the amount of decibels given off is 130 or more you could be unable to hear it if the frequency is low/high enough, 20Hz-20kHz is the span we can normally hear. There are filters that will filter out the sound volume of a frequency we can't hear and will give you a more accurate reading and is usually standard on most measuring gear.

Your experience about the 80% is probably true but is that as the one firing the gun or as someone some distance away?

A gunshot will still be quite noisy up close with a suppressor but you should experience a significant reduction in sound volume from distance in addition to any obstacles like walls, doors and windows due to the changed noise signature.

Sergeant+Bruce+Willis 11/12/02(Fri)07:22 No. 2076 ID: 4443dd

I appreciate everything about that post and thank you for it. I'll see about getting around to it when I am on the range next, which should be soon. One of the buddies I shoot with is asking to go in about a week and he may actually have some of the equipment you type of.

Shambler 11/12/03(Sat)14:46 No. 2096 ID: 11edac

The final choice on the list. Just because the choice in general looks to be relatively simple to work with, not too much to worry about when it comes to "speed over power" and the power within itself is there, just like all of the other choices, even though it may not possess the most. Overall it's just a good collection to have when keeping zombies at bay. I wouldn't want to be one of those flesh eating fucks when I'm around to see 'em. POW POW.

Shambler 11/12/03(Sat)18:45 No. 2098 ID: 1dfdad

No, you dumb nigger. The holes have been made then a suppressor was fitted over them, even then there's baffles in that suppressor.

Stop being so fucking stupid.

Sergeant+Bruce+Willis 11/12/03(Sat)22:16 No. 2099 ID: 4443dd

How was that NOT covered? You just want me wrong, because you're dumb...

Tree Slayer 11/12/06(Tue)05:16 No. 2129 ID: 2d8919

Primary - mosin nagant -600 rounds on hand
Secondary - 9mm Taurus 24/7 pro-400 rounds on hand
Melee - Katana on hand
Explosive - 10 lbs black powder on hand

Shambler 11/12/07(Wed)07:51 No. 2143 ID: fe1195

C... As long as the grenade launcher is included.

Shambler 11/12/29(Thu)15:04 No. 2275 ID: d5b25f

C i just think it will suit me the best :3

Shambler 12/01/09(Mon)20:42 No. 2356 ID: ebd87e

You people know you can't kill zombies with explosives?

Sergeant+Bruce+Willis 12/01/10(Tue)02:13 No. 2357 ID: 4443dd

What is that in reference to? Also, you can stop/demobilize a horde with a well placed grenade or whatever, be them living or undead... If you are refering to the Molotov, it's for making a group flame roasted; not really an explosive. That's right, the Sarge is burster of your bubble. Deal with it.

Shambler 12/01/10(Tue)15:50 No. 2364 ID: ebd87e


Zombies can only be killed with destroying the brain, e.g. with a headshot.

Sergeant+Bruce+Willis 12/01/10(Tue)16:42 No. 2365 ID: 4443dd

Mmmmkay, but how is a zombie going to come at you if it hasn't any appendages, bro? More to the point, if it isn't already clear how effective an explosive can be, it's likely not going to get any more understood here.

Shambler 12/01/10(Tue)20:00 No. 2366 ID: 2c3d9d


Shambler 12/02/26(Sun)21:02 No. 2662 ID: c4f461


Shambler 12/02/27(Mon)03:04 No. 2663 ID: 06bf77

I would take the big fucking shotgun because it would be the easiest to use considering the spread and even if you are a very good shot you won't hit a moving head every time with as little ammo
I'd also take the berretas because you know most shots without reloading for a secondary and also pretty accurate
Two hatchets without a doubt for melee because they're sturdy easy to maintain simple and generate a lot of momentum from a swing
The throwing hatchet would be the best throwable weapon because you can recover it and explosives are usually anti personnel and unless they have a lot of shrapnel chances are they won't do much damage to the head and kill the zombie

Shambler 12/03/02(Fri)23:11 No. 2684 ID: c81a81

I'ma go B H B D....

Sergeant+Bruce+Willis 12/03/03(Sat)05:24 No. 2685 ID: 4443dd

You-a fucking dummy; pick the letter in front to take the most suitable row of choices! Did you see a grid? Do you a row with a letter? Okay good, now pick a row and then you will have done it correctly. Sheesh.

Shambler 12/04/12(Thu)00:49 No. 2931 ID: c99c2d

D, for sure.

Emerald Blade 12/04/12(Thu)21:57 No. 2938 ID: b5d0a7

Let's go with F
The AA-12 is a very long lasting and pretty light platform, it's all stainless steel and requires no oiling and very little maintenance also mud, water, and sand wont slow it down.

If you can't find ammo for the glock it's probably because you're one of the zombies. That pistol will last forever with little up keep and most of the calibers it comes in are fairly common.

It's a war hammer... It was bade for bashing sculls in a time where all you had was melee weapons. You're not going to find a better closer range weapon. Btw that spike isn't a solid piece of metal it's an X. That way it wont stick in what ever you jam it in.

The Hatchet I'm a little iffy on, I wouldn't throw it unless I had to, as the chances of landing blade first aren't that good and even less in a stressful situation. But it can still be used as an ax and while a full size fire ax would work better, this is lighter so easier to carry.

Shambler 12/04/13(Fri)13:23 No. 2944 ID: 6ffe04

C. because it has a M203 grande launcher and a scope
E. it can be separated into 7 sticks

Sergeant+Bruce+Willis 12/04/14(Sat)09:58 No. 2951 ID: 4443dd

For fucks sake, you pick the fucking row, sweetheart; THE ROW! There's not a grid, it's a row that each weapon has it's drawbacks that you are supposed to decide which row works best for you and maybe explain it a little. It's to develop critical thinking or at the very least, have people show what they have of it. How, how does this KEEP HAPPENING?

Shambler 12/04/14(Sat)12:17 No. 2952 ID: 6ffe04

File 133439863993.png - (1.65MB , 2140x2994 , fix.png )

>how does this KEEP HAPPENING?


Sergeant+Bruce+Willis 12/04/17(Tue)19:56 No. 2984 ID: 4443dd

And I thank you.

Shambler 12/04/23(Mon)16:57 No. 3024 ID: a51978

File 13351930655.jpg - (149.97KB , 1024x768 , 1335045158409.jpg )

I would take the M4 as primary, since its very easy to get ammo for, the berrettas since they are reliable, easy to aquire ammo for, and you get two of them >:P Then the katana (ofc)And as throwable, i would take the AN-M14 Inc. grenade...

Sergeant+Bruce+Willis 12/04/24(Tue)08:12 No. 3027 ID: 4443dd

Honestly, I just laughed... I'm not expressing that there is no aggravation at all, but I am just at the point that >>3024 is either totally trolling, didn't read the previous and was ignorant, or the infinite number of human things that can cause what we determine as stupidity. Then again, I'm on another juice fast so I am just in an all around better mood about the little things than I would be. Also I regrew my beard to the exact length my girlfriend likes it at so life's pretty great. Oh and >>3024, I mean c'mon dude. Death to the dead.

Shambler 12/04/25(Wed)03:06 No. 3029 ID: 7f47ae

File 133531600214.jpg - (285.04KB , 720x720 , Bullshit.jpg )

I'm just going to assume that these are George .A. Romero's interpretation and go with...none of the above.

Seriously there are almost no practical applications for most of these weapons.

Automatic weapons allow for the temptation to spray, pray, and lose (your whole clip) machine guns being cumbersome as well.

Shotguns are cumbersome and close range weapons.

Explosives are only good for taking off limbs which wont kill the.

Most of the melees are too short or not effective unless your well trained (katana and knife) or too fucking loud defeating the purpose of a melee weapon (lookin' at you chainsaw)

Incendiaries turn your endless hungry horde, into a FLAMING endless hungry horde.

Snipers obscure your peripheral vision and are either heavy or slow to fire.

You gotta think long-term unless you plan on being a "Hero" or Bait.

My weapons? Classified why should I tell you, you guys might try to acquire the same weapons and rob me of my precious ammunition. The more who die, the more zombies there may be but that also means less intelligent competitors but more importantly...




(F) Reliable Primary, Common Secondary, and you never have enough Hammers.

Anyone who picks a shotgun has never had to lug shells around Shambler 12/04/25(Wed)03:18 No. 3030 ID: da52fd

File 133531668476.jpg - (119.33KB , 500x311 , t232475_poppoppop.jpg )


Primary: F, AK47. (I'd prefer an AK74 fwiw) Less heavy than the rest of the choices, and the ammo is common enough. Semi-auto for fighting zombies, full-auto for fighting other people. Good luck getting the one in the picture to cycle with the barrel cut so close to the gas chamber though.

Secondary: B, micro UZI. Use it on semi-auto for a reliable, compact, high-capacity 9x19 sidearm.

Melee: A, Kukri. Duh?

Explosive: Dynamite, to use for breaching closed-off buildings and whatnot. You don't need a grenade or a molotov against zombies, are you retarded? Shut up.

Shambler 12/04/25(Wed)05:53 No. 3032 ID: 9e0f74

File 13353260003.jpg - (123.17KB , 432x500 , 1333500675745.jpg )

You people have driven me to madness. I'm going back to /k/.

Shambler 12/04/25(Wed)06:03 No. 3033 ID: 07990b

>Close range
You are so stupid, it hurts to read your post.

Shambler 12/04/26(Thu)11:10 No. 3043 ID: 23ee02

If there was one perfect weapon, we would all agree on it and then there wouldn't be these long, fun threads debating the advantages of a katana vs a longsword or whatever. Every weapon is going to have its strengths and weaknesses, you can't just throw out everything because there is one situation it might not work for, if that were the case, you'd best walk around naked when the shit hits the fan. To survive, you must considered what you can do (clean a gun, melee like a beast, stealth, survival) and use that knowledge to pick the best loadout for yourself.

Shambler 12/07/03(Tue)08:17 No. 3514 ID: e60336

Pick and choose:
Primary: B
Secondary: H
Melee: G
Thrown: H

Shambler 12/07/04(Wed)07:59 No. 3518 ID: fa21f1

Row A and here's the fuck why:

Primary: Shotty shot shotgun, presumably a 12 gauge, easy to operate, PLENTIFUL ammunition, and fantastic stopping power at close range (as well as a decent spread at medium range)

Secondary: Semi-automatic, seems to be a 9mm (plentiful ammo), accurate at mid-range, and hey, i get TWO of the things. I'll probably stick to using one, but its nice to have a loaded backup in case the first is lost, or if reloading isn't really an option.

Melee: Kukris, gotta love em. Sharp, lightweight, easy to maintain. I like quick melee, and it can also make a nice utility. (blades come in VERY handy with a LOT of things)

Explosive: Frags, the concussive power is good for clearing small areas when absolutely needed, and the actual fragmentation doesn't hut either. And if I'm ever in a situation where I am absolutely screwed, At least I an go out with a bang. also, incendiaries are a HORRIBLE idea.

Shambler 12/07/04(Wed)08:24 No. 3519 ID: d7a6f1

Row C. Why? Axes. Or hatchets judging by the size.

Sure all the weaponry is good for immediate survival in keeping the zombies at bay, but my first instinct would be to abandon all city life and head straight for the deep forest. Hatchets are incredibly resourceful in wilderness survival and have countless uses not only in immediate functionality, but in the creation of other tools and shelter.

What few zombies wander in the wilderness will be picked off easily and I'll be chillin' cozy as fuck in my treehouse living off the land while society implodes and all you fuckers eventually get dragged off into military-controlled slums as marshal law is declared.

And at that time, you can all forget about your rows of guns because the military will confiscate ALL of it.

Shambler 12/07/11(Wed)02:44 No. 3529 ID: 5968a3

File 134196748785.jpg - (5.41KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )

Depends on what sort of zombies we're up against; if it's the classic Romero slow-as-shit zombies, I would pick A, since my only major concern would be close-quarters combat (since if I saw one in the distance, I could easily just walk away). If it were the whole crazy-ass Resident evil style zombies (run just as fast as a normal human, never tire, have fucking psychic powers), I would probably choose either C or D, to try and keep them as far away as possible.

Shambler 12/10/23(Tue)18:27 No. 3883 ID: f069b9

as an italian, I'll go for the Franchi shotgun, the double berettas, the combat knife and the dynamite

Shambler 12/10/23(Tue)18:39 No. 3884 ID: 7323cd

AHBF definatly

Shambler 12/10/23(Tue)23:18 No. 3885 ID: 961605

G set. Or...

Primary = MP5
Secondary = Colt 1911
Melee = Either a Kukri or a Ninjato (Straight Katana, can be used as a spear if dull)
Explosive = Homemade Napalm (Gas + Oil + Soap) grenades.

Shambler 12/11/09(Fri)18:48 No. 3990 ID: 9d43fe


Dual wielding

Shambler 12/11/18(Sun)03:39 No. 4017 ID: 0e8253


dark+weedlord+420 12/11/18(Sun)05:22 No. 4018 ID: 62f2d1

File 13532125292.jpg - (21.31KB , 302x321 , mmmmmm.jpg )

>polymer frame semi-auto 12-gauge
>polymer frame semi-auto 9mm
>16" bludgeon device with optional skull-pick
>a throwable hatchet that has multiple uses and won't accidentally kill you or a friendly

Shambler 12/11/24(Sat)10:56 No. 4038 ID: 48230b

A and F are fairly solid choices. Both have firearms with common ammunition types, the kukri and hatchet are very versatile tools, the warhammer isn't particularly ideal to use as a crowbar but it's better than your fingernails for trying to pry things open, and the grenade is a lot more reliable than a bullet for suicide (seriously, kiss the grenade, you can't miss, people have managed to miss with shotguns in their mouths and it isn't pretty).

Shambler 12/11/25(Sun)18:35 No. 4039 ID: a7c550

F - A spare melee weapon/utility tool is more essential than anything else in my opinion. And no, I won't be dual wielding them, but I will be ridding myself of the primary weapon at the first opportunity that benefits me.

Shambler 16/05/13(Fri)09:42 No. 5495 ID: 783981

For me it's between B and G. Both are very solid setups. I like B because my ideal fantasy zombie setup is somewhere high with a bunch of supplies, ammo and zombies to snipe. The uzi and Katana are both very practical secondaries as well and CS gas would be my preferred thrown for it's nonlethal properties against other humans most likely.

There are potential drawbacks to this though. Namely that I won't start high up with supplies most likely. I imagine this scenario to be that we wake up in our beds one day with these items and Z day is in full swing. If I'm alone and in a city such as my current location, a sniper is the worst primary gun to have, and carrying both it and the katana on my back to hold the uzi could be problematic. These issues are immediately solved though by becoming part of a team of 3-10 people with specialized roles, which would be fantastic.

G basically has all the strengths that were B's weaknesses and vice versa. The rifle and the revolver, particularly the rifle are well suited for my current location and I do have some experience in urban combat exercises from my time in the military. G is also well suited for a wooded environment which I would find an attractive place to make a base camp. The knife isn't as good in a fight as the katana, but has utility as a tool. Incendiary grenades are the second best thrown weapon as well, just from badass factor alone.

Shambler 17/04/13(Thu)15:55 No. 5544 ID: 9f2505

A or D

B: Riot gas wont have any effect on zombies.

C: Why (2) axes?
Setting fire to zombies only turns them into flaming zombies. Now they have 2 way to kill you.

E: You really don't want to use a chainsaw against a zombie. You will get infected/gross shit all over you.

F: (2) axes again?

G: Incendiary bomb would, once again, only make thing worse.

H: You don't want to be close enough to use brass knuckles.

Shambler 17/10/06(Fri)23:33 No. 5573 ID: f2c0fc

lol you nailed me perfectly. I'd go


Sword is crucial as it's the longest range melee weapon, would deal with almost all zombies. In case of panic, switch to UZI. And to fight people, the sniper. Don't care about gas.

Shambler 18/02/09(Fri)06:04 No. 5592 ID: 17fbfa

AK, Glock, Bat, Claymore.

The Ak and Glock are reliable with common ammo and parts all around so they are obvious choices. The Bat is pretty simple too, Blades may not need reloading but they do need sharpening. The claymore is an excellent choice because it can be used to create a distraction or to cover a retreat/entrance.

Shambler 18/06/19(Tue)07:26 No. 5603 ID: 04e3d1

The katana would my main weapon
(any decently long sword ahould suffice).
And if possible a whole bunch of grenades for when there are just too many.

Galaxy98 18/07/04(Wed)20:54 No. 5604 ID: 860830

I take
Melee Baseball bat
Gun Pump Shotgun
Explosive molotov
Secondary Knife

Shambler 18/11/14(Wed)16:43 No. 5625 ID: d01a04

i consider a Sniper Rifle to be essential, so my choice is straight away narrowed down to B and H.

secondaries are both decent SMGs, so i'm not too worried about that. as for the rest... a katana could cut some fuckers up and the riot gas might help repel raiders while i pick em off with my rifle, whereas having a knuckle duster and a throwing knife seems completely useless. it therefore has to be B.

if i could take one from each category, then it would be: H, F, C, A.


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