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/777/ - Weed
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Goddamn Hippie 23/04/14(Fri)20:04 No. 175 [Reply]

File 168149547567.png - (321.33KB , 750x391 , FyDKErXmynlUXkCmJyppEbOo.png )

Bonjour Gentlemen,

I have been on a strong anti-psychotic for a while (a couple months), a monthly injection, but I've quit and today it has been a month since I dropped it. As this day marks the end of the slow-release injection, and I want to take LSD, I was just wondering how long it would take for the half life? I've taken pills before too, and I remember very well that on the 4th-5th day or so when I quit, I dropped 440ug and was tripping balls on two fun squares.

How long till the injection wears? halp dank u

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Goddamn Hippie 23/04/22(Sat)23:42 No. 241

File 168219976585.jpg - (89.16KB , 410x414 , 1485032100080.jpg )

Well the general advice would be to not do psys if you're prescribed fucking untipsychotics.

But Serrotonin syndrom can occur only from SSRIs and MAOIs as far as I know. I mean not necessarily Serrotonine syndrom but definitely some fucked up shit you don't want. MAOIs can be used if you know very well what you're doing, but it's not for retards.

I have no idea why you had a headache. Personally I'd do psys even if I was full shitzo, so your mileage may vary, but yeah, of course it's best to have that shit as out of your system as you possibly can before tripping, but if you are planning on tripping hard and it's also been a while or you're just very inexperienced in general, I'd suggest ramping up the dose week after week and never doing more than double, probably even better is no more than 1.5 the dose you are comfortable with from the same batch of drugs once you get into the higher doses. 50% increase in dose can sometimes translate to 100 or even 1000 x increase in intensity.

It's all utterly retarded anyway. I mean the activity of taking high doses of psychedelics. But yeah, if that's your plan I'd be as clean as possible, but if my plan was to go farrrrrrrr

I'd start reintroducing a little bit to see where things are and if I really want to go there, or hanging around the shore is fine for me.

Even if you go 2x every week (maybe 2 weeks is better especially when your a fucking shitzo) you may be looking at a whole month before you finally land where you definitely don't need to go any further with it.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/22(Sat)23:59 No. 242

File 168220074851.png - (714.11KB , 690x2121 , Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 00-58-11 ACCP Journals.png )

literally first result on google

Took me 1minute to skim through the abstract and find the tables.

60 days would be a safer bet depending on how long you've been taking it and at what dosage, but I think the real lesson here is to research it first before taking some nasty shit that stays in your body like that and is also a fucking zombifying agent to boot. Anyway, if you were forced - my condolences, I know some people aren't cunning enough to avoid that or just don't believe in lying, but yeah, bro, detox that shit and make sure you don't end up in a situation where you are forced or persuaded to take that shit again.

And as a wiseman once said:

There'll always be time to trip, it's the intention that you go into it and what you do with what you already went through that matters, not so much the tripping itself.

Refine your intentions.

Integrate and implement the lessons that you've already received if you have. Even if you don't remember 1% of it, there must be enough there that you still haven't taken action on and integrated into your life.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/23(Sun)20:25 No. 250

Thank you for the kind words, I have practically been forced to take it, wasn't no fun. But I am a well experienced tripper also, really didn't wanna miss 19th so I went for it and it turned out fine.
But from what I understand you're not in the know with LSD+antipsychotics because when you actually try to trip while medicated it's pure ruin. Shit sucks. I'm gonna drop on the 1st of may as well and will drop 2 tabs. Tabs are already 260 ug each to begin with but I want the le fun and le higher consciousness. My standard is usually between 400-600 ug so I'll be fine I think.

The issue that bothers me only is, it felt diminished last time and there was a sense of bother. But when I smoked some grass all was fun, if a bit too crazy but that's just acid and weed I guess, which is something I avoid but was sort of necessary this time.
Oh well, thanks again.

stoner tricks, tips, lifehacks etc. Goddamn Hippie 23/03/22(Wed)14:01 No. 60 [Reply]

File 167949008691.jpg - (62.46KB , 556x964 , 61KCcQ5848L__AC_SL1001_.jpg )

since this board so far is nothing but whiny doomposting let's lighten it up by trying to help each other's smoking experience.
I got once of these plasma lighters last month and I got it thinking it was a novelty, but it's a game changer. the weed tastes clearer and it's easier to light up more precisely to conserve weed. the only downside is I can't use it with my bong since the bowl is too deep, and having to charge I suppose but it saves me fluid for my main lighters in the long run so it works out. I recommend getting one, they're cheap and easy to find. oh and it looks fucking rad lighting up a bowl with electricity, you feel like a god.

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Goddamn Hippie 23/04/19(Wed)18:07 No. 215

File 168192043097.jpg - (390.39KB , 1069x1641 , _20230420_004452.jpg )

>raspberry pi
Are you seeing the size of this thing?

Pic related: fisheye 3.0 and my index finger.

These things come in a metal case that they slide up and down in: up deploys the hotplate and triggers heating, down deploys a USB connector for charging.

There are two screws to remove first, to free the internal plastic casing, but to get the metal exterior off I put it in a vise and deform it until I can slide out all the internal parts.

Since the first fisheye, I have made two improvements: first, keeping the USB port's housing attached (need to use a dremel saw bit to cut off just the plastic bits that aren't needed and keep the bits that secure it), and second supporting the "switch" with some material to ensure it doesn't get bent or clamped down (it's just a filament of copper that makes contact with another on the PCB).

I use a heat gun for make a precise shrink-wrap, but it's still hit-or-miss: one has to be careful not to strain the battery connections or pin down the switch while also doing one's best to seal the USB port and get it as tight as possible behind the hotplate and everywhere else.

The hotplate itself has a PTFE protector that needs to be epoxied along its outer edge since it isn't held in place without the casing, and there's a really freaking bright LED at the tip which I've painted over with black nail polish (still partially visible when heating or charging).
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/20(Thu)11:43 No. 225

>one 8 lead IC
Ah, yes, a compewtor.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/20(Thu)16:35 No. 227

lol, I am not entirely sure what tiny functions it serves. The power cuts off after a certain amount of time and the LED blinks when charging or when the battery is too weak to ignite. Maybe it also regulates voltage so the lighter doesn't melt itself and prevents the battery from being overcharged.

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/24(Fri)19:18 No. 76 [Reply]

File 167968188347.jpg - (196.46KB , 1024x768 , 78934786949.jpg )

When are we going to get genetically modified weed with morphine/wtv nice opiate in it. Fuck growing poppies now we can grow 16" tall chrimiss tree weed plants with 30% THC and 30-50% opiates. BOOM one plant is now on par with 1k poppies. Grind them up for and extract the cannabinoids and opiates.

The greatest plant known to man is now created. Just imagine GMO super opiate weed man. Imagine smoking a blunt and getting so high you are constantly on a verge of OD'ing. Fucking perfection pure bliss and heaven.

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Goddamn Hippie 23/04/13(Thu)09:22 No. 167

File 168137055082.png - (555.68KB , 800x754 , 1663526773205301.png )


Goddamn Hippie 23/04/14(Fri)17:35 No. 174

The point would be producing even more THC even faster, on a smaller investment, and perhaps even working around regulations in some localities, or better yet creating an inexstripable THC-producing invasive species (imagine if knotweed buds were smokable).

Nothing against good ol' weed, just surprised we haven't Monsanto'd the stuff yet, especially in jurisdictions that have legalized, and curious what holds us back from producing literal tons by a proven bacterial vector, or mad sciencing an ecological menace with benefitsm

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/17(Mon)21:00 No. 198

I think the best bet would be uh yeast,mould or algae that creates THC. I know they have been fucking around creating a yeast that makes morphine. Its been successful its just processing it on a large scale would not be logical or costly. You can create anything with chemistry. Doing so cheaply safely and without over 9000 steps is another story.

Like you can make molly and LSD on a large scale now with just 3 steps and non-retarded chemicals in a "real" lab with 95% purity and high yields.

increasing anxiety - did this happen to anyone else? Goddamn Hippie 23/03/20(Mon)03:18 No. 28 [Reply]

File 167927869837.jpg - (2.59KB , 124x125 , darkness.jpg )

I first smoked weed when I was in high school in 2010. It was all SLAYER, not a single hint of anxiety. As I experimented with it more throughout high school feelings of anxiety and paranoia would creep into the high, but I always felt exhilarated and it was still fun. After high school around 2012 I started smoking all day every day to cope with crippling depression. The anxiety got worse and worse but I still managed to find enjoyment out of it and become addicted to it for the next several years. Until about 2020 when the entire experience began to be too awful, pure anxiety, no longer exciting, made my depression worse even, no fun left to be found in it. So I quit.

I tried smoking, vaping, etc. several times after quitting but always the same shit. I tried taking 2.5mg and 5mg THC pills and working my way up. I've found that any dose strong enough to get me any effect is just unpleasant now.

Has this happened to anyone else? Also I would love to know if there's any way to reverse this. I had a dream recently where I was smoking weed and enjoying it like back in the old days and it made me nostalgic.

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Goddamn Hippie 23/04/14(Fri)23:03 No. 176

You are just a massive faggot

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/15(Sat)19:32 No. 182

Youtube  >>102
Jesus himself.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/16(Sun)20:57 No. 185

absolutely based. i had no idea he was in ideal.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/09(Sun)23:08 No. 150 [Reply]

File 168107449924.jpg - (195.79KB , 960x1280 , IMG_2779.jpg )

Gonna have a one week tolerance break

Gonna get so ripped when it’s over

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/10(Mon)00:21 No. 151

God speed brother.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/16(Sun)20:54 No. 184

if this was me i would start off with a low dose edible then wait for it to kick in and guage the effect, then i just smoke and vape from there (eat the vaped shit with some chocolate or yogurt or brew into hot fatty drink like milk or cocoa to prolong your sesh)

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/28(Tue)00:28 No. 97 [Reply]

File 167995611494.png - (56.12KB , 582x542 , santaweed.png )

weed memes and 420 stuff

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/28(Tue)21:15 No. 99

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/24(Fri)05:52 No. 72 [Reply]

File 167963355625.jpg - (6.72KB , 225x225 , download (5).jpg )

What are your favorite albums to listen to when you are really stoned?

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Goddamn Hippie 23/03/24(Fri)18:38 No. 75

File 167967950122.jpg - (458.69KB , 1598x1600 , AbbeyRoad.jpg )

More often than not I ended up on Abbey Road.

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/24(Fri)19:43 No. 77

File 167968343054.jpg - (7.99KB , 220x220 , Yes-close (1).jpg )

OP here, also adding Close to the Edge, which is probably my favorite album of all time. I assume it would be even better on mushrooms.
I can imagine, it was made while they were on a lot of drugs, I feel like it might go even better with something like MDMA, but I have yet to try it.
Not Sgt Pepper?

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/25(Sat)12:21 No. 84

>Not Sgt Pepper?
That one too, haha. I listened to Sgt Pepper practically every sesh back when I was smoking two or three times a day but that was a long time ago.

Sometimes when I was feeling freaky I'd shut off all the lights and listen to The Seer by Swans while lighting up.

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/18(Sat)11:20 No. 11 [Reply]

File 167913481255.png - (239.80KB , 500x900 , sketch1671750353592.png )

Ain't you look at this.
A New board on 7chan. In 2023.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Goddamn Hippie 23/03/22(Wed)21:36 No. 67

It only took 6 years lol.

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/22(Wed)21:49 No. 68

File 167951815482.png - (124.60KB , 2000x1333 , D0301AD2-65AF-4A69-ACA0-4F94E1818A0D.png )

We had /civ/ recently

It's entirely filled with some loser's schizo rants though (what a loser)

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/24(Fri)05:49 No. 71

File 167963338280.png - (3.11KB , 453x438 , untitled.png )

Them newfangled boards are no good I tells ya!

Bang for your Buck The+Red+Barron 23/03/19(Sun)16:30 No. 20 [Reply]

File 167923980246.jpg - (68.55KB , 716x1280 , __louis_cypher_and_lady_in_black_shin_megami_tense.jpg )

I used to be a NEET that had to stretch every dollar. I found the best way to smoke was to use a proper bong, roughly two feet with an ice pinch, and smoke a whole bowl at once. My friend one day killed a big bowl showing off so I started trying it, and I realized you waste less since there's no smoke leaving the bowl if you just load small single hits every time.

I would play vidja afterwards and entertain myself as long as possible so I wouldn't immediately smoke and get burnt out really quick.
>You can only get so high
is a popular and true saying. At some point you're wasting smoke when you should have either eaten something or taken a nap. The nice part about weed is if you sleep it off the wake and bake usually gets you totally blitzed off the smallest amount.

I used to take such big bong rips my vision would fade for a bit, queueing me to exhale. Once the black started coming I would OHSHIT and blow it out.

Using these methods and scraping the grinder and mixing it with the resin from the bowl to make pseudoweed, I could make one gram last three days of being high almost constantly.

Et tu?

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Goddamn Hippie 23/03/21(Tue)15:21 No. 48

Being a NEET for those however many years, I can't even fucking remember I was so fucked up, was probably the best time of my life

I had the most beautiful girlfriend I have ever had, and she bought me weed and booze every weekend

Ayy lmao, I was a real mess at the end but it was a blast. I got Skyrim on release during that time. Oh fugg a draegon :DD

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/22(Wed)10:09 No. 58

Youtube  >>35

I'm tweeked a bit, it's hard trying to fit back into, what to cll it 'real life?'.

I didn't screw anyone over, so have like old friends and stuff its just so wierd, I share now of the same life experiences.
It has left out of step with world, so to speak.
Thanks for you said, anon.


Skyrim, ha, man I had like another neet friend, also have smoker like myself. He got Skyrim, on the day it came out like you. I went round.
He had to Identical gaming machines, so I set off and when you frist going into the village there are the anonying little kids and well I tried to kill these npc's the game would not allow it. I was like hmm, this crappy, then with in 30 min's your killing dragons.
well, I guess that was not design for me in mind.
I friend loved it got years out of it.
to each there own.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

The+Red+Barron 23/03/22(Wed)15:04 No. 65

I still need to try Skyrim VR some day

Right now I'm saving for PS5 and Soul Hackers 2 (which I hear sucks)

Maybe TES VI will come out

I'm sober right now but I'd probably pick up a dope habit for VI, weed is great because you can start it and stop it whenever you want

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