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/777/ - Weed
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Goddamn Hippie ## Admin ## 23/03/17(Fri)17:21 No. 1 Stickied

File 167907006246.jpg - (452.31KB , 3000x2000 , 220724124922-marijuana-stock.jpg )

Over the next few months, we are going to try out a few of the more popular boards that were lost with 420chan going offline. If they generate interest, we will then add them as permanent boards. We are starting out with /weed/, but please feel free to leave suggestions for other boards in this thread (e.g. /woo/).

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/18(Sat)03:35 No. 7

On the one hand yes, if there were any refugees ever welcome here it would be the 420chan people, and on the other they should be expected to acclimate like all the others: there is already >>/rx/ for drugs.

The other, less specifially drug-related boards, are what we should be trialing in /777/

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/18(Sat)07:08 No. 9

The drug boards were already ghost towns before 420chan ever bit the dust. If we manage to capture 5% of these fuckers we're looking at .3 posts per month at best.

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/20(Mon)02:53 No. 26

It depends on how you look at it cause /weed/ was the fastest drug board and got a lot of posts compared to, say, boards like kevlinchan that get 1 post a month.
I don't think it was as slow as people thought it was

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/20(Mon)17:25 No. 31

Before /pol/ got even more popular, 420ch was pretty active honestly. Like... seven years ago you could actually have convos with people on every board except the jenkem one

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/21(Tue)02:28 No. 41

File 167936208910.png - (400.47KB , 777x562 , Screenshot_2021-05-10 You're Winner - Random .png )


7 years is a long time, buddy

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/21(Tue)03:00 No. 44

File 167936401161.gif - (85.13KB , 324x333 , 1592758031871.gif )

I miss having crazy fucking convos on /diss/ taking weeks between posts while fucked up on MXE and thinking I was crossing through time and space to speak to my fellow robot degenerates, those where the days

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/21(Tue)05:35 No. 45

File 167937335010.png - (105.08KB , 1281x981 , Screenshot-2018-2-7 D-EXceL-system-3.png )

somewhere I had a few more

Mostly hung out on psy (I know we were hated, but I also think there was an unspoken kinship between dis and us.. and of course everyone was feeling for del cause they took on the hardest/heaviest part of us all and came back to from the dead to tell the tale), but yeah MXE was peak dis for me

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/21(Tue)15:13 No. 46

File 167940798560.jpg - (43.61KB , 381x408 , 167080580673.jpg )

I used /weed/ a bunch, then /booze/, then /high/ I think it was, the random board they had. I always liked their /v/ but it was slow as fuck toward the end, it was me suggesting Sudeki (Xbox) and no one listening for like a year

It was weird how low it got. It had to be /pol/ doing it honestly, because most social media sites suck dick. Hell even /pol/ won't let you link to other sites which is retarded... I was recently banned for linking to dog porn in a thread about.... dog porn

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/21(Tue)17:35 No. 49

File 167941651435.gif - (6.09KB , 329x302 , 2835792.gif )

I am impressed very impressed. It would seem picking up the community Kirt destroyed out of pettiness and refusal to stop abusing Sparto. Is proving to be rather popular(for modern 7chan standards ;-;).

Should 7chan host /stim/ /opi/ /jank/ and the other drug boars? Maybe even /woo/ to spite Kirt even more?
7chan has been here since 2005, people sadly forget about this place. But we're still the same as always and not going anywhere we love you faggots to much to die <3
Technically this should have been done weeks/months ago but you know 7chan is ssssslllloooowwwww. Also I think we still have #drugs on irc. If not creating it will take seconds. The site could use some dusting an fixing LIKE REMOVING THE FUCKING >We are in the process of fixing long-standing bugs that has been up for 7 years now.

If anyone misses irc ie #drugs an etc due note that irc.7chan.org is still a thing kek. Unlike my mother's fax machine its old as fuck(literally has not changed since the 80's) secure and proven tech. It also does not partake in grooming children and or spreading wrongthink propaganda. IRC is cool lil zoomie you should learn what it is and how to use it because a single site controlling ever server/community that can die at a pins drop or hand out your info to whoever whenever is a bad thing

(>'-')> DAS IT MANG HEY HEY SMOKE WEED ERRYDAY <('-'<) poyo poyo~

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/21(Tue)20:05 No. 50

File 167942553154.jpg - (2.84MB , 4032x3024 , 1B978AE0-4657-467A-A58E-7984E27F9B32.jpg )

IRC is alright but I need visual stimulation

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/21(Tue)20:18 No. 51

>everyone was feeling for del
They were the OG spider experts, the legacy will remain alive if not consciously amongst the future generations - unconsciously in Eiriel, among shadow people and surely in the memory of their hatted overlord

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/24(Fri)04:13 No. 69

File 167962761999.jpg - (86.44KB , 547x1327 , 1654911090960.jpg )

Well back then I certainly was fucked up on psycs and weed more often than not when not doing dissos so you are unto something there lmao

The last time I posted on v was somewhere around 2019 on the thread asking for jrpg reccs, i still stand by lost odyssey, I'm never getting my fucking pc port

>pic related:BIG VEINY TITS

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/24(Fri)05:37 No. 70

I always thought the dream board was kinda cool, maybe a music board as well, although that isn't 420chan specific

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/24(Fri)22:20 No. 80

/mu/ was nice, hope DSFA is doing well

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/25(Sat)08:50 No. 82

File 167973062272.png - (398.36KB , 792x540 , 1677603712102052.png )

I miss 420chan so much man

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/25(Sat)12:35 No. 85

File 167974411223.jpg - (124.16KB , 1093x797 , 4DEB62FE-04F8-4996-A950-FBF4C64C6ADB.jpg )

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/26(Sun)09:10 No. 89

File 167981461128.gif - (2.22MB , 220x159 , foot fetish.gif )

really puts things in perspective when you consider how toxic and unbearable it was in the last 3 years, yet even that was suddenly and evidently a palpable loss one soon found out cannot be readily replaced.

And then you remember it some teen years ago... not that fun and adventure wasn't had in the 10s

Truly was a special place and I cannot imagine the universe conspiring to make something remotely like that possible again.

But hey, as they say, nothing lasts, but nothing is lost.

As Rumi said:
>Don't grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.

Or as PKD said
>Let them all play again, in some other way, and let them be happy.” ― Philip K. Dick, A Scanner Darkly.

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/27(Mon)04:06 No. 90

File 167988279360.gif - (2.40MB , 480x296 , 162273395326.gif )

Having a /food/ board would be cool. Maybe /yum/ instead?

The+Red+Barron 23/03/27(Mon)16:33 No. 94

File 167992759444.jpg - (104.16KB , 850x850 , __suiseiseki_rozen_maiden_drawn_by_itini_sanshi__s.jpg )

The wine board could fit this

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/29(Wed)10:30 No. 101

went digging on wayback machine for old content...

first thing I find is a 100+ off topic thread debating gun control
maybe it really wasn't better back then

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/29(Wed)21:53 No. 103

Well, hopefully we don't stoop that low.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/02(Sun)02:14 No. 112

The /h/ board on 420chan was great and had a lot of leakers, not just for patreon but for other pay sites too (most of the good jabcomix rips came from there). That was way before Kemono.
Obviously those boards already exist here, but they don't have any such content.
I wonder where all the people form 420chan /h/ went.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/02(Sun)05:59 No. 116

lol I remember Dat Ass 2 getting leaked and everyone thinking it was fucking shite

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/03(Mon)14:48 No. 122

Not a popular board, but /weed/ or /rx/ should have a watch together type thing like 420chan used to have. That would generate a community

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/03(Mon)14:51 No. 123

I miss going on /dis/ and seeing what those psychos were up to lmao.>>44

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/03(Mon)22:04 No. 125

We used to have one but the jannies removed it.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/05(Wed)04:28 No. 127

File 168066173988.png - (1.24MB , 1286x723 , kutyrifiug.png )

Please do not speak of the mods in a disparaging way,

Goddamn Hippie ## Admin ## 23/04/05(Wed)06:41 No. 129

File 168066967144.png - (5.01KB , 224x225 , m=f.png )


Goddamn Hippie 23/04/06(Thu)02:02 No. 131

File 168073932054.jpg - (68.36KB , 564x846 , 5fc6e735f71ac8c9cc4a6d8a15dad77f.jpg )

True. So true my friend.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/06(Thu)06:28 No. 136

Honestly I think we should give a space for /del/ to exist. I'm trying to find that Virginia DXM vs Chad DPH.meme that shit had my crying.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/06(Thu)06:31 No. 137

Sorry Virgin DXM vs Chad DPH* mobile posting

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/06(Thu)11:50 No. 140

File 168077465543.gif - (1.90MB , 500x300 , 1680296140048947.gif )

We need a DMT/MKUltra/CIA entity intelligence board asap

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/07(Fri)23:26 No. 142


it's called /x/

have nice day anon

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/08(Sat)18:07 No. 144

I'd like to second the dreams board

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/09(Sun)21:46 No. 148

The biggest question: is there a way to get our own NetJester?

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/10(Mon)20:14 No. 156

File 168115044347.jpg - (74.31KB , 620x914 , 43bc3132c5e46a9605eea17661e8da6b.jpg )

don't worry m9, before long NJ'll be knockin' without anyone as much as inviting. Although I guess your post is a kind of invitation, but, yeah, it'll come visiting by it's own agency, no need to resurrect the necromancer. Although I don't really know who it is, it could be just calling itself NJ. But I wonder if he ever had a concrete identity regardless.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/11(Tue)18:32 No. 157

ok guys, maximum fuck niggers, dmt anime board

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/12(Wed)01:36 No. 158

File 168125620662.jpg - (265.79KB , 1000x800 , tumblr_lkzrrpx7Ko1qj425do1_1280.jpg )


Goddamn Hippie 23/04/12(Wed)14:43 No. 162

File 168130342324.png - (205.47KB , 561x641 , y0gw1mq.png )


Goddamn Hippie 23/04/13(Thu)09:20 No. 166

File 168137042819.jpg - (52.79KB , 744x960 , 1648093419988.jpg )

Can we get some word filters up in this bitch? That would be lovely.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/13(Thu)12:59 No. 168

What do you have in mind?

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/13(Thu)19:36 No. 170

enthusiasm was late but one of the best ones imo (coming from an enthusiast)

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/14(Fri)12:19 No. 171

File 168146758589.jpg - (68.20KB , 805x483 , 1623982490939.jpg )

Idk man, I'm too stoned. I just enjoyed the word filters on 420chan. SLAYER was fun.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/14(Fri)17:04 No. 172


Goddamn Hippie 23/04/15(Sat)20:28 No. 183

File 168158329468.jpg - (131.25KB , 700x700 , 1504566362140.jpg )

I've been on the site for well over a decade and I feel like I'm finally ready to put out the query:

What is 'Dicks Everywhere' all about? I always assumed it had to do with the fact that the mods/owners were a bunch of fags and a good portion of the userbase too, but I know there has to me more to it than that. Soo, can someone please explain it in layman terms?

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/17(Mon)00:53 No. 187

some imageboard software have an ability to create "default replies", ie. if you post something with the message field empty, it'll get replaced with a default text. 420chan used this to have posts say DICKS EVERYWHERE.

420chan was also the only board I remember that used the wakaba random name generator.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/17(Mon)02:49 No. 190

yeah, I noticed, you strawberry, I'm asking WHY THAT?

Also, it's an imageboard hosting site. A library has books, doesn't mean it IS a book. Go home, your drunk.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/17(Mon)12:40 No. 193

because the owner felt it was funny, and that's about it.

>Go home, your drunk.
I wish.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/17(Mon)19:44 No. 196

File 168175348542.jpg - (269.11KB , 954x1280 , 280098972_1043587822906792_5010732929951420551_n.jpg )

No there must be more to it than that. I just didn't care enough to ask when it was just oldfags posting there (15 years ago).

Now that I care, there's not a oldfag insight.

I know they were all a bunch of fags who really admire dicks in their free time, but there was also some sort of backstory that goes much deeper than that. I think even CIA was involved. If Kirt was here, he'd tell lengthy elaborate stories of how it started the anonymous movement, is what the entire internet culture is built upon and all that, but beyond.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/18(Tue)04:32 No. 200

It comes from that one toy story screenshot and Kirt set it up due to porn spam. That's about all the history there is to it.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/18(Tue)11:35 No. 201

File 168181055757.jpg - (297.77KB , 750x820 , IMG_20220929_225328.jpg )

>Toy story screenshot
color me intrigued. Please post the screenshot or describe the inner contents

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/18(Tue)12:52 No. 202

File 16818151362.jpg - (42.14KB , 556x303 , c68.jpg )

jolly african american seriously?

>As an image macro, "X, X EVERYWHERE" had its beginning on 420chan imageboard in 2007, when Kirtaner, one of the site administrators, implemented a wordfilter that would automatically fill in any text-less image posts with the phrase "DICKS EVERYWHERE." Although it was designed to curb some of the users from spamming the board with porn, other users soon began posting variations of X Everywhere, replacing "Dicks" with a word more relevant to the image attachment.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/18(Tue)13:33 No. 203

File 168181759613.jpg - (38.91KB , 500x311 , 1385517801130.jpg )

well dAm, it does make some sense now. But I guess I never cared about the toy story memes and just somehow expected so much more from all this.

Anyhow thanks for enlightening

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/19(Wed)19:47 No. 216

File 16819264681.jpg - (262.91KB , 500x638 , 1431805288267.jpg )

I want to see combined dis del psy board

Stoner faggots aren't quite to spec for that and we all have a blazer inside of us regardless, so it entirely beside the point if you are on a 5 decade hiatus or all day erryday since you was a crawler.

A need there is for a separate place dedicated serious hallucinogenic discussion - says one person.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/20(Thu)06:02 No. 222

Would there be a way to party BWH threads?

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/20(Thu)11:31 No. 224

Second on Party threads, with a proper arbitrary ban for the OP. /woo/ would probably get more posts than /weed/, if we're going by the last 420chan metrics, tbh.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/20(Thu)20:37 No. 228

I mean we already have the rainbow on the clickable parts of the page. I'm no programmer but I assume 7chan would be able to do that for the textboxes at least.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/20(Thu)23:34 No. 234

File 168202647452.jpg - (50.58KB , 480x640 , tumblr_mbx9j6cqoJ1ruvzkjo1_500.jpg )

7chan doesn't know how to program either. The original codebase was inherited from other small altchans and of any changes that were actually made along the way, the owner of 7chan outsourced to cheap labor markets in Africa and Asia. Shit sucks, but it's better than no 7chan at all, so we all have to be humble and grateful for what we do get.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/20(Thu)23:59 No. 235


Goddamn Hippie 23/04/23(Sun)01:17 No. 243

File 168220546742.png - (277.88KB , 381x496 , sfb.png )

I dunno, do we want a buncha wrestling nerds coming here?

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/23(Sun)01:59 No. 244

File 16822079817.jpg - (5.72MB , 5684x4226 , 1401841666368.jpg )

i don't know. Even when I lived on 420chan, I though that they mostly just dirtied up the traffic. But they mostly kept to themselves so their existence was both tolerated and treated with respect.

The rest of the imageboard I actually actively embraced and appreciated.

I understand that Kirt just wanted as big of a userbase as possible (his later decisions would refute that statement), but honestly how retarded do you have to be to rave about that shit for straight decade and not run out of things to say, unless this was all a big and extremely elaborate troll where everyone was basically just pretending to be interested in that shit just to make fun of the ones that appear to actually be doing so...

Jenk, transgender boards, hell even tinfoil and... well basically the rest of the chan was actually a nice addition.

But again, we never had any beef with them so who gives a fuck, just for mutual respect alone I guess they deserve to be treated well and given a chance to find a place that they call their own.

Tl;dr a shitty retarded board, but we must be open minded enough to host somebody who doesn't cause any trouble and just circlejerks their stupid WWE shit or whatever the fuck it is that they were doing there

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/24(Mon)02:45 No. 251

/woo/ is dead long live /woo/

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/24(Mon)18:35 No. 252


Goddamn Hippie 23/06/03(Sat)21:05 No. 323

File 168581912972.jpg - (1.49MB , 2518x1024 , virgindxmvschaddph.jpg )


Goddamn Hippie 23/06/08(Thu)02:43 No. 338

holy shit literally me

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/10(Sat)04:25 No. 344

File 16863639371.jpg - (65.97KB , 1028x1039 , for crybabies.jpg )

We could have a secrets board. A place for naughty or shameful truths.

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/10(Sat)16:10 No. 347

Don't have anything shameful to share, but when I was younger I once almost kind of sucked my own dick. Well I at least licked it. That's pretty naughty if you ask me. Definitely would do again and I ain't even that much above average. Right around average actually if measured from the beginning of the shaft.

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/15(Thu)03:25 No. 353

That's normal, not shameful. Pretty sure every dude does that.

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/16(Fri)01:35 No. 355

It was posted as something naughty. You should read more carefully my friend. Also, no, not every dude does that, not every dude is this flexible I mean come on. I couldn't do it right now. And my dong is only slightly above average.

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/25(Sun)19:55 No. 367

Yeah, but every guy has made the attempt, even if it was just bending a bit and saying, "Nah, won't happen."

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/30(Fri)00:12 No. 374


Goddamn Hippie 23/10/06(Fri)14:25 No. 466

bring Netjester AI back

Goddamn Hippie 23/12/23(Sat)22:05 No. 553

Man 420chan going down really fucked me up.

Goddamn Hippie 24/01/19(Fri)22:25 No. 596

Confirming myself.

Goddamn Hippie 24/01/20(Sat)02:01 No. 609

Someone stop this mad lad

Goddamn Hippie 24/03/24(Sun)05:16 No. 742


I'll start on a project.

Goddamn Hippie 24/03/24(Sun)05:18 No. 743

Bring together /weed/ and /rx/. It can hype up the non /b/ side of the site.


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