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President 2017年03月04日(土) 01時39分13秒 1288

画像ファイル名 148858795325.jpg - (31.12KB , 266x354 , m65PRAD.jpg )

2017 is the year that Trump supporters either realized they were duped or revealed they are retarded.

President 2017年03月04日(土) 03時07分20秒 1289

画像ファイル名 148859324071.jpg - (62.49KB , 576x432 , 1487705604041.jpg )

2019 is the year that Clinton supporters either realized they were duped or revealed they are retarded.

President 2017年03月04日(土) 03時15分43秒 1290

So there is still time?

President 2017年03月04日(土) 04時27分00秒 1292

画像ファイル名 14885980202.png - (100.31KB , 550x515 , TrumpCare.png )

2016 was the year that Trump supporters either realized they were duped or revealed that they were retarded.

President 2017年03月04日(土) 04時30分13秒 1293

Time to enjoy the futile feces flinging of the progressives.

President 2017年03月04日(土) 04時42分57秒 1298

2016 was the year that the DNC revealed they were either duped or were retarded.

President 2017年03月04日(土) 05時26分25秒 1302

2016 was the year that a bunch of inbred retards voted for the guys their cult leader told them to vote for.


President 2017年03月05日(日) 00時12分43秒 1307

>their cult leader told them to vote for

ah, back to the DNC again

President 2017年03月10日(金) 22時43分32秒 1364

Because addressing important issues while maintaining value appointing Everyman is wrong somehow?

Oh, now I see it, Whoopi Goldberg and Ben Carson

President 2017年03月11日(土) 00時00分14秒 1368

画像ファイル名 148918681373.jpg - (77.66KB , 581x581 , ATT00011.jpg )

When did the DNC address issues beyond virtue signaling or partisanship?

When would crooked Hillary be considered an 'everyman' choice?

President 2017年03月11日(土) 02時59分43秒 1375


President 2017年03月11日(土) 06時23分00秒 1379

Since routinely playing the race card is a Liberal trademark. Nope.

President 2017年03月11日(土) 07時39分33秒 1383

画像ファイル名 148921437224.gif - (1.00MB , 500x300 , How Trump Was Born.gif )

ITT: Idiots and Republicans try to claim they're not idiots

President 2017年03月11日(土) 07時40分12秒 1384

画像ファイル名 148921440998.gif - (933.44KB , 500x300 , How Trump Was Born 2.gif )

Meanwhile everyone else is just trolling them.

President 2017年03月18日(土) 04時44分37秒 1418

bill nye the science whore guy

President 2017年03月18日(土) 09時10分15秒 1422

画像ファイル名 14898246157.jpg - (146.56KB , 699x801 , WhoIsAGoodBoy.jpg )

Nice to meet you, welcome to the ceremony.

Are you from the Idiot side? Or just the Republican side?

President 2017年03月19日(日) 04時30分57秒 1427

just from the side that has no respect for the guy.

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