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President 17/03/04(Sat)01:39 No. 1288

File 148858795325.jpg - (31.12KB , 266x354 , m65PRAD.jpg )

2017 is the year that Trump supporters either realized they were duped or revealed they are retarded.

President 17/03/04(Sat)03:07 No. 1289

File 148859324071.jpg - (62.49KB , 576x432 , 1487705604041.jpg )

2019 is the year that Clinton supporters either realized they were duped or revealed they are retarded.

President 17/03/04(Sat)03:15 No. 1290

So there is still time?

President 17/03/04(Sat)04:27 No. 1292

File 14885980202.png - (100.31KB , 550x515 , TrumpCare.png )

2016 was the year that Trump supporters either realized they were duped or revealed that they were retarded.

President 17/03/04(Sat)04:30 No. 1293

Time to enjoy the futile feces flinging of the progressives.

President 17/03/04(Sat)04:42 No. 1298

2016 was the year that the DNC revealed they were either duped or were retarded.

President 17/03/04(Sat)05:26 No. 1302

2016 was the year that a bunch of inbred retards voted for the guys their cult leader told them to vote for.


President 17/03/05(Sun)00:12 No. 1307

>their cult leader told them to vote for

ah, back to the DNC again

President 17/03/10(Fri)22:43 No. 1364

Because addressing important issues while maintaining value appointing Everyman is wrong somehow?

Oh, now I see it, Whoopi Goldberg and Ben Carson

President 17/03/11(Sat)00:00 No. 1368

File 148918681373.jpg - (77.66KB , 581x581 , ATT00011.jpg )

When did the DNC address issues beyond virtue signaling or partisanship?

When would crooked Hillary be considered an 'everyman' choice?

President 17/03/11(Sat)02:59 No. 1375


President 17/03/11(Sat)06:23 No. 1379

Since routinely playing the race card is a Liberal trademark. Nope.

President 17/03/11(Sat)07:39 No. 1383

File 148921437224.gif - (1.00MB , 500x300 , How Trump Was Born.gif )

ITT: Idiots and Republicans try to claim they're not idiots

President 17/03/11(Sat)07:40 No. 1384

File 148921440998.gif - (933.44KB , 500x300 , How Trump Was Born 2.gif )

Meanwhile everyone else is just trolling them.

President 17/03/18(Sat)04:44 No. 1418

bill nye the science whore guy

President 17/03/18(Sat)09:10 No. 1422

File 14898246157.jpg - (146.56KB , 699x801 , WhoIsAGoodBoy.jpg )

Nice to meet you, welcome to the ceremony.

Are you from the Idiot side? Or just the Republican side?

President 17/03/19(Sun)04:30 No. 1427

just from the side that has no respect for the guy.

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