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The theory of everything Goddamn Hippie 23/11/18(Sat)23:34 No. 519

File 170034688776.jpg - (211.60KB , 840x1200 , 4-o.jpg )

Do you want to play a game?
I have realized what the fundamental truth about everything is.
I know a simple formula that can explain everything on a deeper level. Conspiracy theories, psychology, theories of what became before the big bang. It's the theory god used to create the universe.
I will use this to answer any question you may have.

Using this theory I can analyse the anon behind the post if they answer just one of my questions.

(keep the thread alive, I'm not good at internet, I'm slow at replying, and most importantly I'm not very intelligent so my answer may appear cryptic, I haven't actually tested my theory yet)

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