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Goddamn Hippie 23/03/27(Mon)05:41 No. 93

File 167988849397.gif - (1.74MB , 308x308 , 1629542417674.gif )


Goddamn Hippie 23/03/27(Mon)21:19 No. 95

File 167994474386.jpg - (95.29KB , 720x514 , 1610998168874.jpg )

Just saw that they're trialing this board, that's really fucking neat. Thanks, admins/mods/jannies/whoever's in charge of that stuff. This one's for you!


Goddamn Hippie 23/03/30(Thu)03:06 No. 104

File 168013837112.jpg - (45.40KB , 600x766 , apocalypse.jpg )


Goddamn Hippie 23/03/30(Thu)05:46 No. 106

File 168014799767.jpg - (44.47KB , 300x399 , 1680114403891073.jpg )

bump a bumped thread bitchhhhhh

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/30(Thu)16:23 No. 107

File 168018623179.jpg - (60.48KB , 960x720 , MSG 0079 - Movie 02 of 03 - Soldiers of Sorrow (19.jpg )


Goddamn Hippie 23/03/30(Thu)21:11 No. 108

File 16802034715.jpg - (162.47KB , 1398x1052 , 1670949180376856.jpg )

bump my african american fellows

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/31(Fri)21:09 No. 109

Broke my foot like a retard. The niggers above me are loud as fuck. The sheboon encourages her niglet to jump on the bed then slam the floor. I am really sick my health is terrible 6 ays in a row I had 2-4 hours sleep because of them. Like its retarded who allows a 5 year old to constantly be up at like 1-2am, I gotta be up by 7am.

POINT BEING wake up scream I fucking hate niggers RAEG walk towards bathroom to take piss. Slip toes curl under foot shit is bent oddly stumble foot goes flying full force into the walk panel. I'm in tears the pain is unreal the second most painful shit. can't sleep all night sleep for 30-40mins. Cant move foot at all now.
Freak out need to go to the hospital but also need to pick up my daily 24hr morphine treatment. Because I know for a fact if I went to the hospital it would be like 6pm before I got anything even tho I would be vomiting shitting myself sezuiers etc. Somehow get on the metro and crawl to the pharmacy. Foots wrapped and I have like a cane walking is beyond hard.
Finally get morphine want to cry its as if god has touched me. Normally take it orally fuck that injecting it right now.
>inject morphine amazing rush pins and needles etc. pain in foot slowly morphs away within 10 seconds like letting go of something super fucking heavy a few tears come out of my eyes. Best high I've had since starting treatment 3 years ago. Even tho it did not get me high just a tiny rush and pain removed.
Still have not went to hospital. Its Canada don't want to wait 18 hours to see a doctor then another 12 before anything happens. All while sitting in a shit chair with bright lights. Just want to sleep.

For real that shit felt amazing. I love it when you get high and it legit makes it feel like the best thing ever just happened in your life. I want more opiates but its been 3 years since I've done anything else I wont fuck this up.
Ironically getting my dose lowered is a nightmare. Fucking treatment my ass! They're just handing out opiates in the hopes you don't go out and get more. Or supporting drug dealers or by being a fucking moron an shooting russian roulette fent. I started this shit praying I would get off opiates by 2-3 years my dose has only been lowered by 400 mg of oral morphine to 320mg and 48 mg of dilaudid for injections 2-3 times a day to 8mg they refuse to cut off my dilaudid injections can you fucking believe this shit. They want me injecting sweet sweet dilaudid thinking if I stop ill go and buy more drugs. Complete fucking clown world but hey I'm getting free drugs my life is stable . Minus the terrible health I've had 700$ to spend on wtv since december. The last time I had money like this saved up was like a decade at least ago.

Thank you for listening to my I hate nigger oh god I broke my foot it's time to wait 11 hours before I can get high and be in horrific pain till then TEDTALK. Man I really wish I could smoke weed but it makes me go into psychosis or have panic attacks. So I'm not even going to bother trying all these new cannabinoids or even CBD take the risk of my state of reality being gone. drug induced panic attacks/psychosis is terrifying not something you fuck around with. Really would like to try one of those edibles that makes you couch-locked and takes away cancer pain. But its not worth the risk of freaking the fuck out for hours as time freezes.Inb4 holy fuck tl;dr


Goddamn Hippie 23/04/01(Sat)12:56 No. 110


Goddamn Hippie 23/04/01(Sat)14:25 No. 111

That was wild. You really should get your foot checked out.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/02(Sun)02:46 No. 113

File 168039640262.png - (0.98MB , 951x3563 , 1502239565968.png )

Nice racism. Dick.


Goddamn Hippie 23/04/02(Sun)12:22 No. 117

File 168043095917.jpg - (68.95KB , 597x596 , FsqVhGtXwAIHLDA.jpg )

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/03(Mon)08:57 No. 120

Stay gold bros


Goddamn Hippie 23/04/03(Mon)14:45 No. 121


Goddamn Hippie 23/04/03(Mon)21:34 No. 124

File 168055045220.jpg - (868.47KB , 1080x1920 , 1637994869_preview_DEMON'S TILT Shot Map For .jpg )

So fucking stoned I forgot my ice cream cone standing up on the table for an hour(playing virtual pinball) Oh well its good even warm and dint make a mess so I'm good haha

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/05(Wed)04:30 No. 128

Ooh, pinball? I love pinball.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/05(Wed)07:27 No. 130

I shit myself and left my vape in my pocket when putting it in the dryer. But on a lighter note, I found a way to turn my phone into a desktop. I basically turned it into a one stop shop emulation machine that I can plug into a TV. Botta smoke another joint, play Tekken 4 (the best Tekken) and cuddle my cat. BWH

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/06(Thu)02:25 No. 132

File 16807407484.jpg - (52.16KB , 500x407 , GOOD BWH.jpg )

>Aww shit
>This shit is dank
>Good BWH

Sage 23/04/06(Thu)05:48 No. 135

File 168075289541.jpg - (9.25KB , 225x225 , images (3).jpg )

Widely scuds BWH

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/09(Sun)21:49 No. 149

File 16810697901.gif - (1.79MB , 450x254 , andy are you okay.gif )

Wow. Widdly Scuds.

BWH, btw.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/10(Mon)01:22 No. 152

I'm glad people of 420chan have a place to go after Kirt finally fucked up for good. I had a lot of good times on that site talking with my fellow stoners and /booze/hounds. I remember the Tamiachan rooms watching Lucha Underground with /woo/. Amazing times were had on that site. BWH

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/10(Mon)02:24 No. 153

File 16810862594.gif - (510.33KB , 200x153 , 1662273995203487.gif )


Broke into the old apartment...
This is where we used to live...

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/20(Thu)05:57 No. 219

File 168196306798.jpg - (48.34KB , 1147x275 , what what what.jpg )

BWH and trying to understand why these things even exist.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/20(Thu)06:00 No. 221

Happy 4/20 bwh

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/20(Thu)11:21 No. 223

File 168198246550.jpg - (99.42KB , 1080x1108 , FWglF-SVUAUv5-o.jpg )

Happy Birthday!

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/20(Thu)20:59 No. 229

File 168201715630.jpg - (13.78KB , 466x403 , FB4hfKpVUAQBGGD.jpg )

BWH and happy 420 peeps.

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/20(Thu)21:28 No. 230

Happy birthday to Hitler

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/21(Fri)01:39 No. 236

File 168203395392.jpg - (5.30MB , 2269x4032 , 20230420_180957.jpg )

Re you guys just like, not high, yet?

Goddamn Hippie 23/04/30(Sun)18:40 No. 262

File 168287281568.gif - (8.83MB , 330x338 , oqncz6C.gif )

BTW how many BWH threads does this board need?

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/01(Mon)04:05 No. 263

jolly african american it's only got 2. That wasn't entirely uncommon on 420chan.

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/02(Tue)11:53 No. 265

File 168302120964.gif - (1.78MB , 500x625 , fb340947217c323666f5f5e18d083405a590674e.gif )

The Party Thread is the Official thread, also, we need party threads, also I am high.

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/03(Wed)05:02 No. 266

File 168308296135.gif - (885.98KB , 305x253 , 149653219417.gif )

I love a good party.

BWH, also.

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/03(Wed)06:18 No. 267

30 mg edible eaten at like 9. 12:30 now. Man I'm high as fuck.

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/03(Wed)06:18 No. 268

Also yeah true the party thread was the official thread.

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/04(Thu)23:12 No. 272

Whichever one is the party thread? These are all party threads? None of them truly are party threads?

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/07(Sun)13:10 No. 282

File 168345780860.jpg - (43.71KB , 474x349 , th-2628454830.jpg )

These bad boys pleasantly surprised me.

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/07(Sun)18:43 No. 283

amanita goes deep

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/08(Mon)00:12 No. 285

File 168349756655.png - (1.35MB , 1920x1080 , value water.png )

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/08(Mon)01:21 No. 286

I was surprised. I didn't know there was more psychoactive compounds in the mushroom genus other that psilocybin.
It feels different than psilocybin, but, it doesn't at the same time.

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/11(Thu)08:48 No. 290

File 168378773756.gif - (0.98MB , 400x400 , giphy (1).gif )

rippin dem dabs breh

Smokin Goddamn Hippie 23/05/11(Thu)19:35 No. 292

Puff Puff Puffin those O's

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/15(Mon)04:42 No. 294

File 168411851954.gif - (1.77MB , 515x768 , 089201595-2010_11_12_11_43_rom_naurunappula_com_nn.gif )


Goddamn Hippie 23/05/19(Fri)15:16 No. 298

OK, so here's the thing: I made that gif. Not the original images, but the gif from them.

I can't be entirely sure the file I have on my computer now is the original, but it has a creation date of 2020/02/05 and a modification date of 2019/01/10 (probably the actual creation date), and I am so goddamn curious how it got to the filename you have.

WTF is that filename, bro? I call this file "imlion.gif", btw.

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/21(Sun)01:59 No. 301

File 168462719386.gif - (227.56KB , 400x264 , olsl4h3a57ea1.gif )

BUMP and about to get higher.

hufoji 23/05/22(Mon)17:16 No. 302

Yeeeep :^]

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/25(Thu)05:19 No. 304

4am, job interview at 8am
Im on 3 hours sleep
Sat on 7chan getting blaze fuckin wish me luck beys

to make people think you are on the way to pick up a hot chick on your sick tandem

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/27(Sat)23:10 No. 306

File 168522182138.gif - (9.62MB , 480x338 , 1632786696192.gif )

But how can it be a single tandem bike? Tandem is a plural thing. It's like calling one bed a single bunkbed!

BWH, by the way.

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/29(Mon)16:49 No. 309

File 168537175512.png - (834.26KB , 1920x1080 , 1411906819150.png )

New vape time

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/31(Wed)08:56 No. 310

File 168551616285.gif - (1.38MB , 498x280 , chewing-character-chewing.gif )


Goddamn Hippie 23/06/01(Thu)06:16 No. 312

File 168559298666.gif - (8.84MB , 480x447 , 1635565921687.gif )

Smoked a gram to myself outside while moon gazing. Such a nice time.

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/04(Sun)00:24 No. 324

File 168583109187.jpg - (2.37MB , 3024x3024 , 20230603_172908.jpg )

got a gram of THCa
I don't know if I'm not stoned at all, or more stoned than I've ever been.

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/04(Sun)02:54 No. 325

File 16858400743.jpg - (430.07KB , 994x840 , 20230529_203622.jpg )

It was the latter not the former

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/06(Tue)03:20 No. 330

File 168601442911.gif - (1.20MB , 498x373 , spinning-tomato-tomato.gif )

My inlaws used to buy pure crystal THC all the time back in the 70s. They seemed quite nostalgic for it at times.

BWH, of course. Lemon Hash. Nice.

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/07(Wed)12:18 No. 337

File 168613310286.jpg - (99.75KB , 500x607 , tumblr_lt295jbAVl1qd33kzo1_500.jpg )


2 grams of like dank. Nice.

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/09(Fri)03:29 No. 339

File 168627418098.jpg - (47.91KB , 540x537 , 495E593B-43E4-4A1D-B30F-A129AAEECA6A.jpg )

pre-bumping cause I been high af lately

>when ur so high you forget bump

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/10(Sat)04:12 No. 342

File 168636316161.gif - (6.80MB , 480x343 , 1635547245197.gif )

BWH and on my way out to do it some mo'.

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/10(Sat)04:20 No. 343

File 168636360573.jpg - (2.68MB , 2268x2268 , 20230609_212009.jpg )

>I didn't tell them what's at the middle of the bowl🤫

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/10(Sat)08:14 No. 345

File 168637764611.jpg - (53.84KB , 1200x630 , 1682924500320627.jpg )

Bumping on some gelato, bought from a harvest from a house in Cardiff. Slags and schemes. P's and greens

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/11(Sun)08:45 No. 348

File 168646592921.jpg - (117.06KB , 1034x996 , 1678531211848697.jpg )

Need a tolerance break

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/11(Sun)21:27 No. 349

File 168651167721.png - (303.39KB , 430x363 , 1348444961089.png )

BWH, didn't smoke for a little while due to some shitty weed I had, now got me some Gorilla Zkittlez (probably) and it actually works like weed should. Previous shit was somehow really funky and just gave a physically unpleasant feeling all around, some anxiety, and really didn't put me in that zooted mood that much or in a way I expected. But now it's all good. Keep on tokin'.

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/12(Mon)03:16 No. 350

File 16865325986.png - (145.37KB , 500x517 , fractals.png )


Goddamn Hippie 23/06/14(Wed)12:49 No. 352

File 168673978877.jpg - (123.53KB , 960x960 , 16831866_1006034999527546_7396626413476020803_n.jpg )

Stay high bros

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/15(Thu)03:33 No. 354

File 168679277979.gif - (7.83MB , 610x640 , spinning-food-spinny-food.gif )

BWH and about to play some GTA

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/17(Sat)00:44 No. 357

File 168695546016.jpg - (75.06KB , 900x675 , c606d1207488868f.jpg )

Back at it again. BWH you absolute legends

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/17(Sat)06:18 No. 358

I eat 15 grams of kratom a day in one sitting. How soon is my liver gonna fail?

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/17(Sat)18:51 No. 359

BWH faggots. What do you like to listen to when you're blasted?

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/22(Thu)02:52 No. 363

File 168739515850.jpg - (311.14KB , 1379x833 , 20230621_195632.jpg )

Warm out today.
Even warmer yesterday.
Even warmer today.

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/22(Thu)03:13 No. 364

File 168739642734.jpg - (64.80KB , 500x500 , avatars-000030402420-bwvpyj-t500x500.jpg )


Goddamn Hippie 23/06/22(Thu)22:33 No. 365

File 168746603229.jpg - (0.97MB , 3072x4096 , kez.jpg )

Smoking a big joint after my first week back at work after a couple months. Gunna buy a big bag of ket with my first pay check. Cant wait.

anything with breaks really

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/27(Tue)05:10 No. 368

File 168783544716.gif - (280.63KB , 360x222 , 76Lt4IA.gif )


Goddamn Hippie 23/06/29(Thu)02:28 No. 371

File 168799851574.gif - (4.94MB , 450x253 , 150325783539.gif )


Goddamn Hippie 23/06/29(Thu)23:22 No. 373

File 168807375772.jpg - (32.79KB , 590x558 , 1687980826105838.jpg )

ayy bwh keep it elevated and wipe your ass

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/30(Fri)21:02 No. 375

File 168815173968.jpg - (42.41KB , 522x521 , brother_no.jpg )

Been pretty much non-stop high since monday?

Goddamn Hippie 23/07/03(Mon)06:07 No. 377

File 168835725641.jpg - (137.06KB , 1200x978 , 1619554164187.jpg )

haven't been high in a few weeks and lord I needed this

Goddamn Hippie 23/07/03(Mon)19:51 No. 378

File 168840667467.gif - (1.01MB , 250x165 , 1624258506667.gif )


Goddamn Hippie 23/07/04(Tue)17:27 No. 379

File 16884844587.jpg - (1.13MB , 3024x4032 , 8w7jkmbg82d81.jpg )

BWH. Driving test tomorrow.

Goddamn Hippie 23/07/05(Wed)03:14 No. 381

File 168851967867.gif - (310.51KB , 500x500 , download.gif )


Goddamn Hippie 23/07/05(Wed)20:53 No. 382

Passed the test, neato.

Goddamn Hippie 23/07/13(Thu)01:41 No. 386

File 168920530916.gif - (2.73MB , 640x360 , flame on.gif )

smoka da cheeba yah mon

Goddamn Hippie 23/07/13(Thu)03:22 No. 387

File 168921132759.jpg - (780.90KB , 2560x1600 , IMG_20230712_204103_362.jpg )

BWH in my home city. Awesome.

Goddamn Hippie 23/07/13(Thu)18:10 No. 389

File 168926461966.jpg - (16.59KB , 298x251 , 1630006921172.jpg )

dabbin some Champion City Chocolate live sugar, flooped out the frickin frame you guys

Goddamn Hippie 23/07/22(Sat)05:15 No. 400

File 168999573792.jpg - (3.02MB , 1894x1888 , 20230721_222022.jpg )

Roll em up.

Goddamn Hippie 23/07/26(Wed)23:47 No. 401

Been rolling some way too overpacked (for me) j's and boy I've been blasted to some lite panic highs, not so comfortable when you feel like you're dying. But now got a bit more mellow one, although it's starting to hit quite hard but I feel like the peak of this is not gonna be too high though.

Goddamn Hippie 23/07/28(Fri)00:05 No. 404

File 169049551152.png - (427.01KB , 600x1978 , 1491100558638.png )

Nevermind, was absolutely fucking blasted again that time. Fuck me.
Vape's been serving me better today.

Goddamn Hippie 23/08/01(Tue)23:19 No. 405

i just had an uncomfy high off a hit of trim in a one hitter lol. for some reason i never get that deathly on large doses of edibles

Goddamn Hippie 23/08/02(Wed)22:22 No. 406

File 169100775020.gif - (1.96MB , 640x560 , 1690554215203040.gif )

I'd love to taste some good edibles. I've had some random homemade cookies from a couple of unknown sources and while they did probably have some effect (probably a longer lasting, more elevated baseline), I was also vaping or smoking at the same time so I think the edibles might've been pretty mild and/or smoking/vaping kinda blurring the line between which of the highs it is.

Goddamn Hippie 23/08/06(Sun)00:20 No. 407

File 169127400584.png - (2.53MB , 1920x1080 , ygfgweefiyg.png )

Edibles never get me. It's a bummer, really.

Oh, BWH, too.

Goddamn Hippie 23/08/06(Sun)05:03 No. 408

Make your own bro, everytime I tried someone else's edibles I felt little. It's stupid easy but you may waste weed to begin with because ovens can be unforgiving, my method is decarb bud slowly. 1 hr of 100c works great for me as it preserves the terms and psychoactive effect then 8 heat m8lk up in the microwave and dump it in. Let it cool and chug, you can add coffee to mask the any taste if it bothers you or screen the weed out but I find you gave to have it all in there. Good way to use up crap or leafy weed. Worth it

Goddamn Hippie 23/08/06(Sun)14:27 No. 409


Goddamn Hippie 23/08/11(Fri)03:39 No. 413

File 169171794749.png - (386.96KB , 858x572 , man to fish.png )

I got road rash on my elbow riding my bike to work this morning so I can't light a bowl myself but I'm still BWH-ing.

Goddamn Hippie 23/08/12(Sat)05:48 No. 414

File 169181210443.jpg - (55.07KB , 630x630 , 1691617630564113.jpg )

RIP 420chan

Goddamn Hippie 23/08/16(Wed)22:16 No. 417

File 169221698540.jpg - (43.82KB , 550x502 , iidt5f2kkdy21.jpg )

BWH you lazy no good pot-smokin' hippies.

Goddamn Hippie 23/08/23(Wed)01:33 No. 422

File 169274721421.gif - (970.17KB , 360x203 , fiyfo8gdeankl.gif )

My arm is better, I can light my own hits now.


Goddamn Hippie 23/08/23(Wed)22:22 No. 424

File 169282215881.gif - (3.53MB , 498x281 , army-of-darkness-evil-dead.gif )



Goddamn Hippie 23/09/16(Sat)04:36 No. 445

File 169483178888.png - (306.65KB , 1378x1152 , dc2169yphjd91.png )


Goddamn Hippie 23/10/08(Sun)02:50 No. 472

File 169672622134.gif - (783.47KB , 356x200 , 3MvTj4lcOat2gw_2eJE40dtdiifsKNZ-uCmTUWhowzc.gif )


Goddamn Hippie 23/10/25(Wed)01:28 No. 485

File 169819009989.png - (112.03KB , 305x165 , IMG_2255.png )

Goddamn Hippie 23/10/29(Sun)19:36 No. 489

Bad vibes.

Goddamn Hippie 23/10/30(Mon)10:38 No. 492

Again? Aw man that's a bummer dood

Goddamn Hippie 23/11/01(Wed)04:18 No. 496

File 169880872785.png - (464.44KB , 410x1068 , when adam takes off his glasses.png )


Goddamn Hippie 23/11/03(Fri)00:02 No. 497

BWH, listening to Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers while doing interpretive dance in a freshly cleaned apartment. SLAYER

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