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Optimus Prime 21/10/07(Thu)21:53 No. 808554

File 163363640824.jpg - (32.03KB , 395x395 , Wjk-k-A7.jpg )

>tfw Greta has a frog sun hat
>tfw Greta now looks like the protag (that's short for protagonist, saves me time when I write) in some japanese comic
What do?


poe 21/10/08(Fri)07:02 No. 808563

File 163366934675.jpg - (203.94KB , 771x758 , b6f59c2d2ca4f0e6cc4d637f9e3a09b665648f0eb480f68f41.jpg )

Sonichu 21/10/08(Fri)08:15 No. 808564

File 163367373667.jpg - (23.60KB , 470x464 , ce2157f044112a7b9a689f81ea6e26c98304ee71ce72b755e2.jpg )


Dude, there is no way greta is sporting gigantic breasts like that.
Very dishonest depiction.

Homicide 21/10/08(Fri)09:50 No. 808565

File 163367943122.jpg - (116.30KB , 687x1008 , 1549960899535.jpg )

I feel very sorry for this young woman. I don't know much about her but she has always seemed undernourished to me. I've felt things like this growing up in my family long ago. Some person plucked her out and put her in the spotlight fed her a line which really didn't make any difference at all in the end. Story of my life. Yecchh... I mean, yeah we should care about what the world is up to duh... but we can't change natural forces in the global sense of things on that scale. I am not saying go polute the Chesapeake bay or do very real damage to our nations streams. The scale is being taken out of hand and she is being used as a political puppet which makes me feel both angry and sad.

Would be kewl to just go out for a regular yummy steak dinner and just talk with her. I dunno why. OH! The draconids Meteor Shower is tonight and tommorrow. Yeeeessh, sorry, don't like getting into politics.

Sonichu 21/10/08(Fri)21:07 No. 808569

Herro, m00t!

>Get the Airwolf over this obsession you have with Greta. It's incredibly creepy.
Greta is the miracle of the universe!

>AOC's left leg
Stop. Just stop!

>Dude, there is no way greta is sporting gigantic breasts like that.
>Very dishonest depiction.

>I don't know much about her but she has always seemed undernourished to me.
Her boobas seems to be growing. Also Dem Deutschen Volke.

He-Man 21/10/09(Sat)06:23 No. 808574

File 163375339795.png - (307.18KB , 400x400 , 588d6eb8834637d39959346d911cd6be07d8022e81b00984dc.png )

zeneslev 21/10/10(Sun)05:56 No. 808591

Not gonna lie, I could go for this.

zeneslev 21/10/11(Mon)01:42 No. 808600

File 163390933290.jpg - (497.77KB , 1560x720 , Parental abuse or just growing childern for the co.jpg )

Some people breed children for all types of reasons

Greta's folks created, for the cause they have been involed in all their lives.

It's is when you really think about sick as fcuk.

Yet she is not the frist and saddly won't be last.
If it's for CP, to be Heads of corpartations (ah, little Billy Gatesy), heads of goverenments (just pick one) or an activist.

They are all just corn feed meat for the grinder.

I don't hate Greta, she is a victim.

Life sucks and it just sucks a little more each day you grow a little wiser.

herp 21/10/11(Mon)12:35 No. 808604

Take ur meds! Swedish girls have agency, you know.

O.P. 21/10/11(Mon)17:39 No. 808607

File 163396679778.jpg - (67.19KB , 603x200 , Feels kinda greta.jpg )

Hi, my gif maker ain't working. (who knows I might get working bu then, when ever then is. Saddly it's not like people are going to stop dying of starvation before the count hits 7,777,777 again.)
So could any kind Sir, keep an eye on the counter.
So we can have the 7,777,777 moment, .Gif'ed. Mucked it last year.


Cause we can send more trillions than we can count. Send things to Mars and litter the outer atmosphere with dumb ass expensive shiiit.

Yet we can't feed everyone on the planet

Feed the World Bono-Time

Weeabot 21/10/13(Wed)11:48 No. 808634

File 163411852769.png - (1.12MB , 909x1200 , af73e8ac47bc7af6b7cec2ea3b44ff6402b2fd8ba3b9253612.png )

I like green frogs.

O.P. 21/10/13(Wed)13:04 No. 808636

You like taking it up the ass.

>Herro, m00t!

1. You don't know where you are.
2. Remember what I said about dogwhistling a thread to hate on a little girl that scares you? You just said the quiet part out loud, fa​ggot.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 21/10/13(Wed)17:01 No. 808640

File 163413731374.jpg - (5.68KB , 150x150 , gtjacka.jpg )

>autist puzzle swastika


>haeting on Greta
Lolwut! Take ur medz! XD

Sonichu 21/11/02(Tue)22:17 No. 808916

File 16358878787.jpg - (589.78KB , 1240x697 , 166618070578.jpg )

ah, those moments

r000t 21/11/02(Tue)22:40 No. 808917

>attempting to channel ancient egyptian chaos Bob Rosss
>falling prey to her most vociferous rejectors
I dare say she's becoming of sexual maturity and wanting for rape.

Bill 21/11/03(Wed)00:17 No. 808919

lol she's going brownhair and she's still a strawberryed animal

Closet Furry 21/11/03(Wed)03:42 No. 808922

File 163590733425.jpg - (65.39KB , 640x810 , Brock-Obama-pokemon-23512867-640-810.jpg )

Remember when political memes were stuff like pic related? Can we please go back to that? Using "memes" as a platform for activism is strawberryed.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 21/11/03(Wed)05:13 No. 808923

File 163591280976.png - (1.28MB , 909x1200 , Greta Nazi.png )


Bob Ross 21/11/03(Wed)08:17 No. 808925

There was a time when there were white women at, but that time don't be do no longer

Cryomancer 21/11/03(Wed)18:00 No. 808926

File 163595880654.png - (115.99KB , 900x654 , png-clipart-george-w-bush-president-of-the-united-.png )


r000t 21/11/03(Wed)22:22 No. 808929

Yeah, then we actually got the joke candidate elected. Now the strawberrys need to "use the power of memes for good!" It's like Anonymous. Used to just be a stupid joke for raids. Then Chanology happened and the strawberrys realized they could use it to push their stupid bullshit. Now it's a "hacktivist" group that takes itself way to seriously. This is the reason we can't have nice things. strawberrys ruin the joke.

Bob Ross 21/11/05(Fri)05:52 No. 808954

File 163608797535.jpg - (57.92KB , 500x604 , download (3).jpg )

Liru Fanboy 21/11/05(Fri)19:41 No. 808956

Look, guys, now they have TWO jokes!

tee 21/11/05(Fri)20:37 No. 808958

File 163614107768.jpg - (468.90KB , 1242x1512 , Most Valued Prostitute.jpg )

Every last one of them is a living joke

Homicide 21/11/06(Sat)08:15 No. 808962

File 163618295472.jpg - (111.06KB , 716x1024 , burp'd.jpg )

Bob Ross 21/11/07(Sun)01:16 No. 808972

File 163624420238.jpg - (47.28KB , 631x500 , 345345345345.jpg )

Conductor Cat 21/11/07(Sun)08:36 No. 808974

Imagine being so afraid of a little girl that you and thousands of other people spend hours of your days making memes on the internet to diminish her.

PrettyPony 21/11/07(Sun)09:07 No. 808975


I can't


what it must be like to call an adult woman a little girl.
Do you get off on it?

Spider Expert 21/11/07(Sun)10:18 No. 808976

File 163627673630.jpg - (933.02KB , 1080x1920 , 141616940547.jpg )

Nah, I get off on little girls.

Weeabot 21/11/07(Sun)18:24 No. 808983


nah, thats what your doing

Maybe its a fem-anon who doesn't like it when MEN call a woman a little girl. So childiseing the victim. Next thing, you MEN will be take her voting card off her and filling it in for her 'cause she just a little girl'.

Oh wait, there are no women on the internet.

Sonichu 21/11/07(Sun)23:42 No. 808997

>>808975 >>808983
Is she 18 already? You're way too concerned about this.

Rather, I think it was an attempt to counter white knight my attack on Greta detractors for being cowardly manchildren. ie, a complete waste of time just like the rest of this thread.

Panawave 21/11/08(Mon)14:25 No. 809016

File 163637794779.jpg - (52.49KB , 450x360 , No Boys.jpg )

>there are no women on the internet

PrettyPony 21/11/09(Tue)07:24 No. 809020

File 163643907066.jpg - (27.24KB , 620x349 , 07ae3b0c21cee07ed49ff7bd3b0378d7675fbe789ac11c00c0.jpg )


Nyan Cat 21/11/10(Wed)00:25 No. 809029

File 163650035724.jpg - (1.45MB , 2248x2788 , Judy Garland.jpg )

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman

Anonymous 21/11/10(Wed)17:44 No. 809036

Her daughter too...

Optimus Prime 21/11/11(Thu)04:57 No. 809048

File 163660304686.jpg - (164.67KB , 851x976 , Only If Shes Lucky.jpg )

But sometimes all a woman needs is a hard cock

PrettyPony 21/11/12(Fri)04:34 No. 809065

File 16366880777.jpg - (19.70KB , 554x554 , 3ca1956b37efaa23cd5ba820d388bccca7ab98b65502e53126.jpg )

Optimus Prime 21/11/14(Sun)01:14 No. 809088

Hollywood in general is pretty shit.

Steve 21/11/14(Sun)08:13 No. 809096

File 163687400479.png - (1.19MB , 1352x884 , AOC laffin.png )

Imagine a threesome with them and they tell you to inhale their methane gas for the environment.

W. T. Snacks 21/11/14(Sun)14:32 No. 809107

Haha, yeah, that would be hilarious. Someone should photoshop that haha. As a goof haha.

He-Man 21/11/15(Mon)02:08 No. 809130

As if you wouldn't do, happily!

poe 21/11/15(Mon)07:47 No. 809135

I know I would. After all, I worship women's assholes and everything that comes from them.

symbion 21/11/16(Tue)15:34 No. 809148

Dude worships female buttholes; compared to our usual host of degenerates, that's kinda tame.

zeneslev 21/11/17(Wed)00:03 No. 809153

i rarely see greta in the news these days yet she gets posted on the chans constantly and always draws a lot of replies.

i find that interesting. she obviously strikes a chord with many of you.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 21/11/17(Wed)02:08 No. 809155

No surprise really, we always knew there were a lot of pedos on chans, just like we know there's a lot of feet fetishists interested in AOC

Sazpaimon 21/11/20(Sat)01:09 No. 809217

Note: the people posting her here are uninvited guests, not upstanding members of our community.

Reimu Hakurei 21/11/24(Wed)22:41 No. 809297

I'm personally more interested in her bean burrito braps.

Moot 21/11/27(Sat)20:36 No. 809333


He-Man 21/11/29(Mon)04:53 No. 809358

Cheesegraters make you cry

[tags4lyf]PEARS 21/11/29(Mon)05:15 No. 809361

File 163815931598.jpg - (1.64MB , 1268x1392 , Turkish_Van_Cat.jpg )

Lorf 21/11/29(Mon)18:46 No. 809368

Look in her eyes. You just know she let out a sloppy wet shart. I'd love to be forced to lick it clean for her.

derp 21/11/29(Mon)22:43 No. 809373

File 163822222720.gif - (1.95MB , 320x320 , sucky_Alexandria_Ocasio-Cortez_as.gif )


Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 21/12/01(Wed)05:39 No. 809391

>"accuse of pedophilia"
Yeah, it's only gays and those with some strange granny-fetish that doesn't like young women. It's all about procreation.

And there's the bunch of dishonest men that superficially agrees with the feminists and joins with them in pedo-shaming other men for liking women 17-23. Probably because they expect sexual and social favors from them in the future.

derp 21/12/01(Wed)16:23 No. 809396

File 163837222191.gif - (13.03KB , 98x100 , jimjim - 90535.gif )

>"Yes, I love to whiteknight for fem...I mean WOMEN in general. I'm totally not angling for future sexual favors from them. How did you know?"

Lorf 21/12/01(Wed)20:56 No. 809401

I'm a gay man. Pussy is gross.

h 21/12/01(Wed)22:18 No. 809405

File 16383935299.gif - (1.10MB , 200x200 , 1444923716974.gif )

>I'm a gay man. Pussy is gross.
And yet you're whiteknighting for women? :-/

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 21/12/02(Thu)00:43 No. 809406

File 163840221630.jpg - (148.61KB , 600x876 , gryffindor.jpg )

incel alert

Reimu Hakurei 21/12/03(Fri)05:48 No. 809421

File 163850690321.jpg - (106.14KB , 600x791 , climatemongler.jpg )

Homicide 21/12/03(Fri)22:07 No. 809428

File 163856567172.jpg - (148.22KB , 1602x1549 , global warming.jpg )

global warming is fake


h 21/12/04(Sat)12:10 No. 809438

File 163861623685.jpg - (69.52KB , 680x510 , Greta-Potatoberg.jpg )


Novice Equestrian 21/12/07(Tue)19:31 No. 809468

File 163890191669.jpg - (128.08KB , 450x600 , Q-Judge-q-star-trek-10759391-450-600.jpg )

>Nah, I get off on little girls
A gentleman and a scholar!

>posting Emma Watson
Man, your cock cage is too tight, isn't it?

>new OC made from old memes
A gentleman and a scholar! :DDD

>lazy trolling
Back to 4ail!

p4ch3c0 21/12/08(Wed)09:39 No. 809481

File 163895279877.jpg - (294.32KB , 1240x697 , Guy in the white frame?.jpg )

Who's the guy in the white frame in the picture?

ian 21/12/09(Thu)06:03 No. 809495

File 163902618142.png - (209.18KB , 667x720 , 1609113373380.png )

Climate change is a conspiracy put forth by the automotive industry to sell you shitty electroniggercars. Used cars are cheap and with the right mechanic, run better than the 150,000$ S H I T you get from them

r000t 21/12/10(Fri)06:16 No. 809516

thats norm macdonald, thats what he looks like after snorting 800

N3X15 21/12/10(Fri)06:17 No. 809517

…mg of purified refined judaism.

poe 21/12/10(Fri)12:54 No. 809518

File 163913729478.jpg - (83.96KB , 400x533 , greta-thunberg-with-her-guinness-world-records-cer.jpg )

the last two post you replied are from the same single brilliant individual, the one you liked involved less effort and creativity than the other one, which is a unique sample of rare solomon islander photojournalism

He-Man 21/12/10(Fri)17:01 No. 809520

>twf Greta is also the youngest person to be TIME's person of the year
I'm in l<3ve! =^.^=

Novice Equestrian 22/02/09(Wed)00:11 No. 810335

File 164436187884.jpg - (64.82KB , 272x405 , WTF BRO.jpg )

of life
as this thread was going to die

Bill 22/02/09(Wed)21:52 No. 810367

Anyone know if there's any good deepfake porn of Greta out there? She's legal now so it wouldn't be CP anymore.

Steve 22/02/09(Wed)22:40 No. 810369

I think you can definitely find some if you look hard enough.

Cryomancer 22/02/11(Fri)01:40 No. 810373

airwolf this shit thread

symbion 22/02/11(Fri)05:13 No. 810376

File 164455280536.jpg - (127.43KB , 640x480 , 5F42641.jpg )

Now we're talking.

Bill 22/02/13(Sun)07:31 No. 810388

File 164473387891.png - (57.82KB , 642x382 , global warming any time soon.png )

soygoy mod trigger'd hard over global warming being fake

W. T. Snacks 22/02/16(Wed)13:48 No. 810417

File 164501571033.jpg - (43.57KB , 1024x635 , a-visitor-comes-knocking.jpg )

>airwolf this
>shit thread

Reimu Hakurei 22/02/21(Mon)08:19 No. 810496

File 164542798058.jpg - (78.97KB , 1080x1080 , photo_2022-02-20_22-26-04.jpg )

Mudkip 22/04/28(Thu)11:02 No. 811239

File 165113652156.jpg - (133.58KB , 613x636 , illuminated Feels Greeta.jpg )

After Davos that poor young woman must be fully functioing three ring circus now. ah, man I hope they didn't take her to the next level make her five ring circus. Shit, makes you wonder if they be doing her like that all this time.
I wonder if her birth parents have a sex doll of her and if so how old or how many. I mean that must be a big market for Greeta sex dolls. Especially those really rich 'green groomers',

Feels bad Greeta, well I guess her third eye is now open.

Feels Greeta

Brony 22/04/29(Fri)05:27 No. 811249

File 165120283922.jpg - (166.01KB , 1525x1404 , gkxm4kk4jlh81.jpg )

>> I mean that must be a big market for Greeta sex dolls.

Well you would know.

W. T. Snacks 22/04/29(Fri)08:40 No. 811250


You have one don't you

Mudkip 22/04/30(Sat)00:03 No. 811256

That's what you come back with? You're not worth my time.

Miku Fanboy 22/04/30(Sat)01:24 No. 811258

File 165127467289.jpg - (552.31KB , 1898x432 , interesting.jpg )

Well your pic was lame
Your green text was ???

Although I pissed about abit out of boredem
And well

zeneslev 22/06/22(Wed)00:37 No. 811991

File 165585103435.jpg - (92.78KB , 1920x1080 , feels Greta (6).jpg )

She sold her Anal V at Davos
And now their going back to coal

Spider Expert 22/06/22(Wed)03:29 No. 811992

File 165586136220.jpg - (43.18KB , 640x480 , 02.jpg )

>>Your green text was ???

Me quoting someone. And it wasn't my picture but I still think it's cool. So Airwolf you.

O.P. 22/06/24(Fri)16:46 No. 812043


funny, just still don't know who that freak is

r000t 22/06/25(Sat)01:52 No. 812048

File 165611477891.jpg - (54.41KB , 342x340 , 38f69ea20e4fd03f.jpg )

Unrelated, but I think that image is cool. You got any post-industrialist american zones with vegetation, shot through a film camera?

Spiderman 22/06/25(Sat)05:29 No. 812051

File 165612774834.jpg - (34.51KB , 799x595 , UAO – Unidentified Amarillo Object.jpg )


N3X15 22/06/25(Sat)06:39 No. 812054

File 165613194991.jpg - (773.14KB , 1232x1632 , 31110 015.jpg )

It's not film but...

Bill 22/06/25(Sat)22:12 No. 812060

>tfw Greta Thunberg has new autism shoes
>tfw Greta Thunberg has huge tiddies
Wat do?

Reimu Hakurei 22/06/26(Sun)03:19 No. 812062

File 165620636612.jpg - (208.38KB , 1055x1097 , 58a6bfa249ebb.jpg )

TY fren

4chan user 22/06/26(Sun)11:11 No. 812064

Someone on /pol/ said
>Someone must have told her to start wearing a bra

Ayyy lmao

Miku Fanboy 22/06/26(Sun)13:05 No. 812070

But, Anon. What's the point of having a bra if there's nothing to fill it with? :-/

Anyways, do you please have a link to some archive, if someone did post it? :3

poe 22/06/26(Sun)21:14 No. 812073

Did you just admit to not only double imageboarding but the other board is fail? Times sure have changed.

Marisa Kirisame 22/06/26(Sun)22:12 No. 812074

File 165627433145.jpg - (46.64KB , 701x623 , My_own_clone.jpg )

Can't we rename it to half-nigger? Because 8kun is/was DOUBLE NIGGER!

Brony 22/07/12(Tue)00:30 No. 812288

Your maths is appalling

ian 22/07/12(Tue)16:13 No. 812301

File 165763518074.jpg - (168.83KB , 908x638 , 1657541405467.jpg )

if you can find the set (I couldn't), post it.

Optimus Prime 22/07/12(Tue)16:54 No. 812303

File 165763766588.jpg - (97.33KB , 1024x831 , 1523400678803.jpg )

>Your maths is appalling
airwolf off, NERD! This is a delicious thread!

Weeabot 22/07/12(Tue)23:47 No. 812310

File 165766245835.gif - (2.45MB , 400x209 , 522f37f9ee5eeca.gif )

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww bugnigger from shitstickschan's /biz/ comes to 7ishchung? That really fowls up the place.

Mudkip 22/07/13(Wed)21:40 No. 812339

Seems it's time for some CBT for you...

Sazpaimon 22/07/20(Wed)11:03 No. 812472

File 165830779356.jpg - (28.89KB , 800x450 , 1658247539897381.jpg )

>tfw heatwave in Europe moving to Sweden

symbion 22/07/20(Wed)17:49 No. 812477

File 165833217890.jpg - (32.71KB , 770x770 , 4124231.jpg )

I'd shoot a hole in to the sun
and then I'd fly in there
With you


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