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Anonymous 22/01/25(Tue)00:13 No. 810134

Youtube  This is a song jerry lee lewis wrote before he killed one of his wives

it will happen to you thread

4chan user 22/01/26(Wed)23:53 No. 810181

Youtube  LEMURS

Bob Ross 22/01/27(Thu)04:19 No. 810183

File 16432535753.jpg - (6.95KB , 258x196 , images(5).jpg )

>murdered his wife

well, not only did JLL marry his loli (cousin?), we got to see loli Winona Ryder play her in the biopic.

Good times, great balls.

Lorf 22/01/27(Thu)10:14 No. 810186


>it will happen to you
I often think about the lyrics to the song and I do my best not to end up like that.

Brony 22/01/27(Thu)11:44 No. 810187

Youtube  >>810186

Avoid living in a very small or village. Where there is nothing today accept have sex and start fires.

She wearing his boot print on her forhead.

herp 22/01/27(Thu)16:42 No. 810191

Youtube  For the truckers in canada
Can't believe I'm watch the movie Convoy in real life

Sazpaimon 22/04/20(Wed)17:33 No. 811106

Youtube  everready

symbion 22/05/01(Sun)01:03 No. 811273

Youtube  >>811271

I'll piss on everything you value

I'll do what I want no buts

Sazpaimon 22/06/02(Thu)00:47 No. 811665

Youtube  >

4chan user 22/07/16(Sat)17:54 No. 812400

Youtube  k

Miku Fanboy 22/07/17(Sun)02:38 No. 812405

Audio Big_Black_-_Things.mp3 - (1.57MB , Big Black - Things.mp3 )

Everyday things

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