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O.P. 22/05/21(Sat)23:45 No. 811487

File 165316951168.png - (1.07MB , 1122x936 , Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 5_46_25 PM.png )

I'm high.

I feel like:

Oh airwolf, I'm peeing!

Oh airwolf, I'm peeing!

* It flows through me.*


Christian Weston Chandler 22/05/22(Sun)02:08 No. 811490


I am pretty open with my friends online. But I can't tell ANYONE about this. Except for you guys. Thank you, 7chan, for giving me a place where I can truly speak freely.

poe 22/05/23(Mon)05:43 No. 811501

Hey yeah, no problem.

O.P. 22/05/23(Mon)14:33 No. 811502

A golden toilet, you say?

Weeabot 22/05/25(Wed)18:51 No. 811531

I pissed in a black toilet in Georgetown once in a hidden powder room off to the side of the entrance, and it made me feel very strangely strange because I couldn't see in the water if I had peed in it or not. I wonder what secrets it has held.

Brony 22/05/26(Thu)03:02 No. 811538

Probably poop

Steve 22/05/26(Thu)14:17 No. 811542

>I wonder what secrets it has held.

Homicide 22/05/26(Thu)19:04 No. 811543

File 165358469955.jpg - (16.93KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )

For this quality thread with the quality posts, everyone deserves this cursed image of questionable provinience.

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