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zeneslev 22/05/25(Wed)23:00 No. 811536

File 165351240747.png - (552.81KB , 711x653 , uu5whj.png )

So give a very good high detailed photo and put 1 anime element in it. See if it gets my attention.

This is a dragon girl who frew up. This is the example. Post more, get rated, get more.

ian 22/05/29(Sun)16:53 No. 811593

File 165383602310.jpg - (209.14KB , 1425x1080 , F3ACCCAB-1B5B-49F1-8AB5-28AB097823B6.jpg )

This is the opposite of what you described and I didn't make it, but I like the idea.(My computer is airwolfed right now until I can get internet access)

Steve 22/06/01(Wed)17:29 No. 811657

File 165409734951.jpg - (61.84KB , 618x460 , 342.jpg )

Does this count, amigos?

Cryomancer 22/06/02(Thu)13:24 No. 811668

I don't see the anime.

herp 22/06/03(Fri)05:00 No. 811682

File 165422525333.jpg - (1.68MB , 2286x3375 , 45745nn6n6.jpg )

You like those moves?

N3X15 22/06/03(Fri)08:09 No. 811684

this shit reminds me of the gorillaz or some shit.

symbion 22/06/03(Fri)14:26 No. 811687

That's really cool.

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