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Cryomancer 22/06/11(Sat)20:08 No. 811813

File 165497089488.jpg - (268.72KB , 1440x1799 , 67519314_637725760052383_7828060019415754680_n.jpg )

What do you guys do when you're bored?

Homicide 22/06/11(Sat)20:38 No. 811814

we airwolf your mom when were bored

Bill 22/06/11(Sat)22:50 No. 811815

I have a handful of hobbies to do, or I'll clean something. At home I mostly just shitpost. If I'm upset/depressed I'll practice nunchucks because it's low brain power.
I used to drive my car but it's in a degraded state and the roads are shit anyways

zeneslev 22/06/12(Sun)07:00 No. 811822

Return to the fatherland

Christian Weston Chandler 22/06/12(Sun)19:12 No. 811828

I try to do something productive. Sometimes I exercise.

Optimus Prime 22/07/04(Mon)05:46 No. 812169

File 165690640231.jpg - (142.64KB , 1242x1632 , BF21CCE3-7B5A-4615-9C9A-5D5AE53F6129 (1).jpg )

Depends, sometimes it's porn, or ps5, or make music or art

Bob Ross 22/07/04(Mon)08:20 No. 812170

File 165691560650.gif - (2.20MB , 600x338 , 1654547000599.gif )

Homicide 22/07/04(Mon)08:24 No. 812171

Nah, I just play vidya games, make them. Or whatever.
Write stories.

Lorf 22/07/04(Mon)17:21 No. 812172

I literally lurk imageboards all day and masturbate.

W. T. Snacks 22/07/05(Tue)17:28 No. 812197

She’s cute

He-Man 22/07/05(Tue)17:29 No. 812198


Brony 22/07/05(Tue)17:42 No. 812199

File 165703572017.jpg - (25.35KB , 474x266 , th-2062061484.jpg )

Wow guys, touch grass.

N3X15 22/07/06(Wed)05:15 No. 812208

File 165707735223.jpg - (50.90KB , 640x480 , 053009 066.jpg )

You're here too, buddy.

And I go outside to take pictures of trees when I'm bored.

Lorf 22/07/07(Thu)03:26 No. 812218

>no black people
Are you rich?

Marisa Kirisame 22/07/07(Thu)04:28 No. 812219

File 165716093957.jpg - (12.16KB , 208x200 , Stephen_King__Max_Overdrive_by_hazer72.jpg )

No, I'm quite the opposite. That was in rural Maine.

Mudkip 22/07/07(Thu)05:27 No. 812221

File 165716446550.jpg - (73.26KB , 460x345 , fkatg.jpg )


Bob Ross 22/07/08(Fri)04:33 No. 812238

File 165724762065.png - (1.95MB , 1092x842 , four worst things about maine.png )

I don't mind winter too much.

Sonichu 22/07/08(Fri)10:44 No. 812240


What am i looking at here, Bug bites?

Marisa Kirisame 22/07/08(Fri)18:28 No. 812241

>bug bites
Reminds me of a scene in The Tommyknockers. Someone's having so severe nosebleeding that he has to buy a novelty t-shirt with a mosquito with the caption "NATIONAL BIRD OF MAINE" or something.

Cryomancer 22/07/09(Sat)00:25 No. 812244

File 165731911462.jpg - (809.62KB , 3648x2048 , IMAG0175.jpg )

Clockwise left to right:
Deerfly bite, horsefly bite, black fly bites, and mosquito bite.
Yeah, there's way too many of the Airwolfers.

O.P. 22/07/09(Sat)01:55 No. 812246

File 165732453878.jpg - (454.77KB , 1563x1017 , s-l1600.jpg )

being bored is impossible you literally have the internet

Homicide 22/07/09(Sat)16:47 No. 812257

Apathy's a tragedy and boredom is a crime

Everything and anything, all of the time

symbion 22/07/09(Sat)21:27 No. 812258

File 165739483530.png - (873.63KB , 950x950 , angela-saini-geek-nation-950x950.png )

>What do you guys do when you're bored?
Shitpost on NIGGERTITS /int/ or /pol/.

This is my latest shitpost:

>India: it's a nation of geeks, swots and nerds. Almost one in five of all medical and dental staff in the UK is of Indian origin, and one in six employed scientists with science or engineering doctorates in the US is Asian. By the turn of the millennium, there were even claims that a third of all engineers in Silicon Valley were of Indian origin, with Indians running 750 of its tech companies.

>At the dawn of this scientific revolution, Geek Nation is a journey to meet the inventors, engineers and young scientists helping to give birth to the world’s next scientific superpower – a nation built not on conquest, oil or minerals, but on the scientific ingenuity of its people. Angela Saini explains how ancient science is giving way to new, and how the technology of the wealthy are passing on to the poor. Delving inside the psyche of India’s science-hungry citizens, she explores the reason why the government of the most religious country on earth has put its faith in science and technology.

>Through witty first-hand reportage and penetrative analysis, Geek Nation explains what this means for the rest of the world, and how a spiritual nation squares its soul with hard rationality. Full of curious, colourful characters and gripping stories, it describes India through its people – a nation of geeks.
>curious, colourful characters and gripping stories, it describes India through its people – a nation of geeks.

N3X15 22/07/11(Mon)04:58 No. 812273

India is the only superpower in the world and OWNS the united states! They are a country or racist and we own all of them!

[tags4lyf]PEARS 22/07/11(Mon)06:29 No. 812274

File 165751376572.jpg - (138.43KB , 600x862 , rob-the-balloon-guy.jpg )


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