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Christian Weston Chandler 22/06/12(Sun)04:43 No. 811821

File 165500181415.gif - (774.38KB , 560x420 , 124414363628.gif )

Was there always an /rnb/ board?
I literally never noticed it untill last week.

Conductor Cat 22/06/12(Sun)12:30 No. 811823

it's at least been here for a month or two
t. newfriend

Sonichu 22/06/12(Sun)12:46 No. 811824

since 2012 or so

Steve 22/06/12(Sun)16:19 No. 811825

Yeah, it's been around for at least ten years. Unfortunately it's just devolved into boomers vs millennials vs zoomers.

W. T. Snacks 22/06/12(Sun)22:10 No. 811830

File 165506462477.jpg - (48.50KB , 1024x600 , x-duckxzombie.jpg )


I stopped coming here about that time so i guess it makes sense i dont recall seeing it before.
Just weird i never noticed it untill i clicked on a pic from the front page.

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