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Weeabot 22/06/15(Wed)19:39 No. 811893

File 165531474626.jpg - (8.82KB , 225x225 , drugs_meido.jpg )

only just remembered this place still exists

Anonymous 22/06/15(Wed)20:14 No. 811894

File 165531689418.png - (150.82KB , 560x600 , 1653526072114.png )

welcome back frien.

Cryomancer 22/06/15(Wed)22:37 No. 811896

"exists". It's a relic of the past. It exists only so that I can occasionally post out of nostalgia.

Weeabot 22/06/16(Thu)05:40 No. 811898

File 165535083978.png - (722.18KB , 1024x768 , 1653528473656.png )

This is kind of a negative way to see things.
7chan is like a museum. That doesn't mean that there isn't plenty of engaging posts that happen.

Bill 22/06/16(Thu)10:27 No. 811899

File 165536802368.gif - (8.26KB , 112x184 , 1160181719801gu0.gif )


> 7chan is like a museum

There are posts still on this site i made over 10 years ago.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 22/06/16(Thu)10:31 No. 811900

File 16553682852.png - (2.29MB , 1265x669 , shluckpop.png )


I have seen them.

The thing is no one browses 7chan that much. Websites like soyjak.party and Frenschan do because it's mostly refugees from NIGGERTITS who got bored there due to mods being hypocrites and stuff and these websites get many replies.

Marisa Kirisame 22/06/16(Thu)10:33 No. 811901

/b/ actually gets a lot of traffic.

Moot 22/06/16(Thu)19:00 No. 811905

Alright, I'll bite. What is that comic?

Nyan Cat 22/06/17(Fri)04:45 No. 811908

File 165543391860.jpg - (196.01KB , 750x1039 , zombo Can I Eat You Please?.jpg )

2014 2000 AD comic Zombo Can I Eat You Please?

derp 22/06/20(Mon)08:39 No. 811962

That's True, but half of threads look Like bots (and maybe even feds) are posting them.

Nyan Cat 22/06/20(Mon)15:09 No. 811964

I've seen a lot of bots lately advertising these airwolfing dating sites.

h 22/06/21(Tue)10:34 No. 811976


bots everywhere indeed

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