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Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 22/06/22(Wed)08:42 No. 812001

File 165588012139.jpg - (41.29KB , 667x467 , 22c.jpg )

What brought you anons here? /b/ day, the pool aids raids/, after Hiroshima took over? You anons seem pretty decent, unlike almost all other chans and definitely current niggertits.
In the spirit of honestly I'll admit I'm a 2019 newspider expert.

Sazpaimon 22/06/22(Wed)10:36 No. 812003

I have been browsing 7chan since 2006 1 year after its creation. I left because of the moralspider expertgotry and Scientology raids.

Homicide 22/06/22(Wed)10:57 No. 812004

File 165588825367.jpg - (100.05KB , 624x539 , 11697422079570525.jpg )


/b/ day, i think... so long ago i cant remember exactly.
I was lurkin with a psp back in those days so it might have had something to do with the smaller threads and shit the device could handle then.

Conductor Cat 22/06/22(Wed)11:11 No. 812005

File 165588909086.gif - (1.19MB , 480x270 , tenor.gif )

He-Man 22/06/22(Wed)15:36 No. 812010

File 165590497172.png - (1.82MB , 846x1037 , suiygdhf.png )

In 2007, I read an article on Encyclopedia Dramatica about imageboards and they said that 7chan was worse than failchan so I came here to check it out. I never left.

Bill 22/06/22(Wed)20:10 No. 812014

i found it out on websites and images that talked about this.
came here in late 2020 or somewhere in 2021, maybe in Q2 minimally.
I am not permanently banned on NIGGERTITS yet.

O.P. 22/06/23(Thu)01:04 No. 812018

File 165593905393.jpg - (14.27KB , 320x213 , d5b5b9a397.jpg )


N3X15 22/06/23(Thu)01:05 No. 812019

What do you mean by "worse", gissilbee dilespo sr.?

Brony 22/06/23(Thu)04:28 No. 812026

Marisa Kirisame 22/06/23(Thu)10:35 No. 812027

File 165597331918.jpg - (16.15KB , 256x256 , ygyug.jpg )

I used iichan as an alt until it became an AnonIB joke of a board

Closet Furry 22/06/25(Sat)18:34 No. 812058

I came here because I was banned from cuckchan and 8chan got shut down. I'm no longer banned from cuckchan but I still like this place it's comfy. I use a lot of slower imageboards like this actually.

Moot 22/06/25(Sat)20:59 No. 812059

File 165618357141.jpg - (0.99MB , 1280x1983 , 09.jpg )

Well, you know how semi-normal internet people back then would refer to NIGGERTITS as the worst place on the internet? The article said 7chan was worse than that so I figured I should check it out.

N3X15 22/06/26(Sun)11:53 No. 812068

File 165623721043.jpg - (16.65KB , 480x388 , Slowpoke.jpg )


Steve 22/06/27(Mon)13:17 No. 812092

File 165632865352.gif - (498.21KB , 499x300 , ASH DEAD PIKACHOO.gif )

[tags4lyf]PEARS 22/06/27(Mon)23:41 No. 812094



Reimu Hakurei 22/06/28(Tue)03:59 No. 812097

Been around the Chans since the days of the pool being closed due to stingrays and Steve Irwin. Had a break, back now.

PrettyPony 22/06/28(Tue)05:08 No. 812099

2011-ish, after hearing about Anonymous on the news / social media.

Reimu Hakurei 22/06/28(Tue)06:49 No. 812101

File 165639177058.jpg - (41.07KB , 602x812 , Can't help himself steve-irwin-in-heaven.jpg )


He-Man 22/06/28(Tue)17:36 No. 812112

File 165643061326.jpg - (68.45KB , 702x960 , 16371149356.jpg )

I used to have a massive collection of rule 34 on Stephanie. Funny thing is I not even once faped to it.

Steve 22/06/28(Tue)23:09 No. 812114

I seen that gif on Encyclopedia Dramatica too many times.

ian 22/06/28(Tue)23:11 No. 812115

File 165645068147.jpg - (243.94KB , 1200x800 , 4 I CAN SEE FOREVER 1193798833_jpg_0.jpg )

OP 22/06/29(Wed)01:52 No. 812116

File 165646037714.jpg - (110.39KB , 613x613 , 161761205538.jpg )

What brought me here? Shit, I knew about 7chan around when b-day happened and used to lurk from time to time. I stayed on NIGGERTITS for a while longer. But things just got worse and worse. I practically stopped posting around Chanology. I still lurked from time to time, and watched the Boxxy horseshit unfold. By this time I was active on other chans, but 7chan had this small close-knit community. We used to do Channel7, which streamed movies, and Radio7 which was pirate radio. Hell I've played D&D with people from 7chan. Good times. I'm here because this is home. I won't leave. This is my little corner of the internet. The motherchan.

Optimus Prime 22/06/29(Wed)04:12 No. 812117

Hell, I got the banhammer and couldn't keep away. Now I flit from IP to IP just to stay sane.

Spiderman 22/06/29(Wed)15:51 No. 812120

I'm here cause NIGGERTITS airwolfing sucks.

Closet Furry 22/06/29(Wed)18:03 No. 812122

We still do channel7, anon

Lorf 22/06/30(Thu)04:31 No. 812127

File 165655629159.png - (421.63KB , 519x385 , i tried the button but it doesnt go.png )

See pic title.

p4ch3c0 22/07/01(Fri)20:51 No. 812139

File 165670148213.jpg - (116.62KB , 1341x176 , try pressing?.jpg )

see pic : it might be the right one
maybe run it in vlc
then again what do i know about aleins

Anonymous 22/07/04(Mon)01:39 No. 812166

>What brought you anons here?
I mistyped 711

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