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Bill 23/11/14(Tue)12:13 No. 824565

File 169996041149.png - (26.78KB , 1860x1160 , pillar.png )


Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 23/11/15(Wed)04:16 No. 824588

File 170001818784.jpg - (47.04KB , 640x480 , BLACK diamond hills, mayhaps___.jpg )

homer simpson
he's the greatest guy in his-to-reeeee

from the
town of springfield
he's about to hit a maple tree

Anonymous 23/11/25(Sat)10:01 No. 824783

File 170090287499.gif - (1.12MB , 194x284 , 1530625359515.gif )

Homer Simpson, SIMPson.

Homer is a simp, son. A simp to his son Bart. Bart was always the true leader of that household. It was always clear Marge loveed Bart more than Homer.

Allha wills it, yo.

Liru Fanboy 23/12/03(Sun)02:57 No. 824940

Where is melania?

N3X15 23/12/15(Fri)18:08 No. 825265

File 170266012431.jpg - (387.64KB , 1284x1084 , 168298066376.jpg )

His head is static, but the mouth moves which is a clear giveaway indication to spot that indicates that this is not a real person, a animated character which anime tate'd to safe space and hardware and compute and time hours of hard grinding work for the manual artists.

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