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Sonichu 23/11/26(Sun)05:50 No. 824802

File 170097421626.png - (198.32KB , 1195x797 , moonring.png )

Saw a huge ring around the moon tonight. Thought of Liru.

herp 23/11/26(Sun)23:52 No. 824812

File 170103913545.png - (491.50KB , 768x576 , F_uh3wdW0AAwyhe.png )

Oooh! Pretty ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. Is there a storm or different weather close? Very pretty picture anon! Many people believe it a symbol of good luck and highly energized feminine energy. (*^ ‿ ⁢*)♡

Nyan Cat 23/11/27(Mon)04:56 No. 824815

It was a bit chilly last night but it was almost 40F this afternoon and it's supposed to snow tomorrow but that's about all.

poe 23/11/27(Mon)20:24 No. 824826

I want to beat you up and also want to airwolf you, but not sure in which order

Cryomancer 23/11/27(Mon)22:45 No. 824828

File 170112150781.png - (434.29KB , 768x576 , hmm.png )

Kewl, it's often a indication that foul weather is coming. It looks like people all over England were talking about it the last two nights. Are you the anon that recommended the Eden Project to me years ago?
It was alot of fun! (*^‿^*)

... Pic related

[tags4lyf]PEARS 23/12/03(Sun)04:28 No. 824941

File 170157410599.png - (25.34KB , 1234x617 , SEE ABOUT WHAT.png )

Nah, that wasn't me. But it does sounds nifty!

zeneslev 23/12/03(Sun)15:02 No. 824942

File 17016121382.jpg - (6.71KB , 288x175 , images(2).jpg )

Weeabot 23/12/03(Sun)16:04 No. 824943

File 170161585562.png - (1.55MB , 1598x900 , yep.png )


Sazpaimon 23/12/14(Thu)04:00 No. 825232

I saw a huge ring of power today

Also, where is billie? (Bilbo)

Marisa Kirisame 23/12/15(Fri)01:06 No. 825255

File 170259879442.jpg - (306.22KB , 1109x1478 , 0918da6a4a37c091.jpg )

Are you peeps checking out the Geminid meteor shower tonight? The moon is only at like 3% illumination so nice and dark!

Homicide 23/12/15(Fri)04:51 No. 825259

Where can you see it? Haven't heard about it. I'm working an overnight but when I take some smoke breaks I'll keep an eye out.

Cryomancer 23/12/17(Sun)02:58 No. 825283

File 170277832284.jpg - (803.53KB , 1672x1268 , 1651301696985.jpg )

They should be emanating towards Gemini, but a maximum view of the darkest night sky you can and keeping your eyes loose and still is ideal. Even though it's after the peak now, it's still going on.

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