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dorrax 12/12/17(Mon)02:27 No. 258 ID: 253924

File 135570764083.png - (0.99MB , 1280x940 , 2012-03-31_02_04_30.png )

is it phillip K dick night?

Blade Runner, then Total Recall.

Of course I forgot about Dick's foray into music videos with that REVO thing.

Anonymous 13/06/07(Fri)05:21 No. 351 ID: 7cce30

bumping cuz this needs to happen

deadbabies!rfBia8M6N2 13/06/07(Fri)19:09 No. 352 ID: b11fde

I'll do it soon.

Haku!2NMGljKdGI 13/07/21(Sun)02:14 No. 358 ID: 4c3a1d

I would second this. I could help w/ bladerunner, and a few others.

"Minority Report" is ok. "A Scanner Darkly" would be another good addition. I hope this didn't happen already.

polly_sacharride!..XiZCC1UA 13/07/25(Thu)02:09 No. 363 ID: 46aa10

Playing some tonight, more next Wednesday.

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