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Anonymous 12/07/16(Mon)21:21 No. 28 ID: 42ea4a

File 134246647611.png - (9.73KB , 386x378 , 1342263109118.png )

Slow internet here, I have trouble watching streams but if i'm able to let it load for 5 minutes or so I can get through a movie. Will I be able to watch? Tried it and it seems to freeze a lot and I have to reload page, not sure if that's just me.


deadbabies!rfBia8M6N2 12/08/10(Fri)13:10 No. 84 ID: 23b51f

That's some really slow internet. Are you on dialup?

Anonymous 12/09/07(Fri)21:57 No. 120 ID: eb7363

256~300kbit? Are you living in some alternate reality version of Missouri, or possibly communicating with us through a wormhole from the 20th century?

The first broadband I ever got, back in about 2000, was 512kbit already...

Anonymous 12/09/16(Sun)15:00 No. 136 ID: 37c1cf

I only had 0.5Mb/s down until recently and never had any problems unless I was downloading something at the same time. So you might be Ok...

Anonymous 12/10/02(Tue)23:34 No. 164 ID: 2c814c


That happens to me, too.

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