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Where the audio at? Anonymous 15/01/14(Wed)03:50 No. 471 ID: f5e170

File 142120383520.gif - (1.80MB , 204x255 , 1421017005358.gif )

Yo niggas, where's the radio at? Set that bitch on loop, I don't give a fuck, just have some sort of non-shit music playing SOMEWHERE on the series of tubes.

Anonymous 15/04/24(Fri)02:35 No. 481 ID: a0661d

radio does not air 24/7
only a few ppl dj these days
and im probably the only one to dj more than 24hrs at a time in a long time

Anonymous 15/05/02(Sat)22:01 No. 485 ID: c2f542

Holy crap we have compact disc jockeys?

Anonymous 15/06/13(Sat)19:18 No. 491 ID: a0661d

File 143421592130.jpg - (350.10KB , 1440x870 , foobar2.jpg )

Anonymous 16/01/09(Sat)20:45 No. 530 ID: 2dae1f

File 145236875496.jpg - (66.84KB , 542x407 , grid-cell-7757-1438819012-5.jpg )


Anonymous 16/05/27(Fri)05:21 No. 547 ID: 4aca38

nope its kinkos
found works too much anymore :(

Anonymous 16/05/31(Tue)22:10 No. 548 ID: 7aa2e5

who's in charge of admitting djs while he's busy?

Found 16/07/27(Wed)23:05 No. 558 ID: 13b40b

I'm never around, so kinkos runs the radio for the most part, and he can help set anybody up to DJ if they want to.

I'll try to be around more in the future and DJ (like a mad cunt) if I can.

Anonymous 16/10/12(Wed)07:01 No. 723 ID: 1b40a9

Yo what about a pool of audio files on a server that randomly get chosen from to play. I'd listen. I'd even dj if I actually had more than like 4 albums downloaded and had a schedule that made sense for it.

Anonymous 16/10/20(Thu)07:05 No. 730 ID: 28ca77

>randomly get chosen
Because after listening to a triumphant song by our old friend, Ludwig Van, the next thing I want to hear is Biebs autotuning his way through Baby.

Anonymous 16/12/04(Sun)07:10 No. 756 ID: 7eb7c7

its radio7
you av on phone

Anonymous 18/07/30(Mon)18:58 No. 912 ID: 4b3ca4

File 153296990484.jpg - (99.41KB , 1024x692 , clamseptem.jpg )

There's a place for that.

Anonymous 20/09/16(Wed)06:37 No. 995 ID: 694cd5

Well are you going to share this shit or what?

Anonymous 24/05/12(Sun)19:48 No. 1043 ID: 6af2dd

File 171553612269.gif - (97.36KB , 128x128 , headphone cat.gif )

Thank you so much for sharing!
I had already had one or two attempts to listen to KUDPM01.mp3, and today I made it all the way through. It really was the cherry on top of today's cake.

Now I'm going to steal it all and cut it together in Audacity and then save the file to my phone.

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