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Subterranean block pulse 1 The virtue of internet terrorist 22/05/26(Thu)07:42 No. 3775 [Reply]

File 165354372224.png - (74.05KB , 400x250 , Numanumascreenshot.png )


Sophisticated Gentleman 22/06/10(Fri)19:57 No. 3786 [Reply]

File 16548838686.png - (223.26KB , 386x205 , fgdgffdgfgdfdgfgdfgdfgdfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfg.png )

happy birthday guys!

Loans - yes or no? PabloEscobar 19/11/27(Wed)16:08 No. 3509 [Reply]

File 157486731672.jpg - (11.15KB , 640x300 , Loans.jpg )

Is taking a loan is the best decision in your life? Tell about your opinion
I've failed once when I took a loan and I'm done

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Phill Smith 22/02/07(Mon)10:24 No. 3741

In any case, starting capital is needed to open a business. Whatever you do, you still need money. I also want to open my business, but while I collect money. I'm thinking of taking out a loan. Can you recommend something to me?

Sumpter 22/02/14(Mon)09:32 No. 3742

You can really take out a loan, especially since today quite a few companies can give you a loan on favorable terms. If you are interested, then on the https://zebrafinance.com/houston-tx/instalment-loans, you can find information about houston installation loans. I think it might help you. Have a nice day.

Jennifer Dehner 22/06/09(Thu)12:21 No. 3785

Actually, I have a bad attitude regarding credit since I hate getting into debt, but my present financial circumstances forces me to consider it. When you're already in a dire situation, I suppose a loan is the final option. I make every effort to have my automobile fixed on schedule so that it will last me longer. I made this decision after thoroughly researching https://triceloans.com/500-dollar-loan/ when I had no money before payday, my car was out of commission as usual at the most inconvenient time, and I needed to take out a loan. My opinion has subsequently changed since it is incredibly handy when you can receive money and address your problem in a short period of time.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/11(Sun)21:46 No. 2483 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 137625036732.jpg - (60.36KB , 640x959 , meal.jpg )

At what age did you grow out of metal, /class/?

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Sophisticated Gentleman 22/06/01(Wed)05:26 No. 3779

File 165405400175.jpg - (32.50KB , 456x304 , 3452.jpg )

I was never in to making metal my personality, but every now and then I still get in to a lot of songs. Ratt songs always get me jamming for some reason.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/06/01(Wed)13:32 No. 3781

Why would you make a music genre your entire personality? That sounds like it would make one quite boring, my good man.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/06/01(Wed)17:20 No. 3782

You realize if you make your hair long, put all the posters up, talk about it all the time, have in playing 24/7, and wear the garb you made it your personality. Lots of people do this about certain things, they project the appearance before a single word is said and that becomes what you represent ergo your personality.

The situation in the American political arena has always been abrupt wentharris 22/03/22(Tue)13:42 No. 3760 [Reply]

File 164795292762.png - (361.97KB , 679x479 , EKodTiDXsAMesh6.png )

The situation in the American political arena has always been abrupt, and Steve Bannon, the former chief strategist of the US White House and adviser to the US president, fell from the top of the US political arena to the bottom of his arrest in a short period of time. Not only was he forced to cut his seat with former U.S. President Trump, but also lost the support of big money sponsors. He is also accused of fraud in the crowdfunding project to build the U.S.-Mexico border wall due to the Congressional disturbance on January 6 this year. Arrested with money laundering. Looking back at Bannon's past, it seems that such an ending is already doomed.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/05/25(Wed)18:56 No. 3774

If we extend from the philosophical philosophy of MIT professor of political professions Lucian Pye, we might associate the American style of geopolitics with playing Poker. We see this in short form during the present news cycle via the sudden obsession with terming things in terms of "strategic ambiguity."

Whereas, Russia has more traditionally been associate with playing Chess (despite this being perhaps better associated with China) and China just basically whacking the heads off everybody taller than a wagon wheel and pretending to be the middle kingdom riding on top of a turtle.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/06/01(Wed)05:29 No. 3780

Americans are being fed and conditioned to become less healthy, dumber, and slower on the uptake. There is a lot to win if you get a high position now because things will never change once the kids born after 2000 become the main managerial force in the US. If you get in control now the average person won't be able to figure out how to walk, let alone vote.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/05/12(Thu)19:12 No. 3770 [Reply]

File 165237554658.jpg - (10.90KB , 400x225 , s-l400.jpg )

how to conquer an Italian girl

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/05/12(Thu)20:51 No. 3771

After dating a few I can honestly say you can't. Italian women are full of passion and this comes out in all forms from cooking to fighting to fornicating. It's part of the allure that they can be so passionate but it's also the main source of contention because you will struggle to reach the depths of emotions they do. If you can't display that emotional depth you have no chance. If you do enter a relationship with an Italian woman my suggestion would be to open yourself up and fully embrace the relationship, it's your only chance at keeping her.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/05/12(Thu)23:04 No. 3772

Thank you for the advice :)

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/05/27(Fri)19:17 No. 3777

have good dick

Sophisticated Gentleman 12/10/22(Mon)06:15 No. 1665 [Reply]

File 135087934747.jpg - (29.59KB , 400x300 , Fencing.jpg )

Good day fine gents!
I was taking a stroll the other day when I came across a new fencing academy near a local park. I was immediately hypnotized by the beauty of a particularly graceful match, and it got me wondering, what other gentlemanly sports there might be out there?

35 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/24(Sun)01:34 No. 2611

Good God, ruffians have attempted to hijack this fencing thread and take it to Thugsville, which is a step worse than LoutBurg. Time to correct that. ahem...

I have fenced sabre for nearly ten years. I have been the US National Champion once, and have had the privilege of serving overseas on the US National Team.

Fencing is like playing a first person shooter, but against a physical opponent in hair trigger time. It is exhilarating.

Beginners are welcomed with open arms, as we all remember our first days with a blade. Fencing clubs are also a great way of meeting other very bright individuals. It is very safe, injuries are rare. It's also amazingly good, low impact very high caloric burn exercise. Also, stick with it and you'll develop insanely fast reflexes; not a bad thing when driving a car.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

In parting, I leave you with my absolute favorite fencing goods supplier, Leon Paul. I would no more step into combat without Leon Paul equipment than fight naked with only a stick as a weapon.

Sophisticated Gentleman 20/06/16(Tue)00:28 No. 3569

Really easy to narrow down your identity from this post if what you say is true, just fyi

Sophisticated Gentleman 20/08/29(Sat)21:30 No. 3577

It's been seven years. He's already made a new identity.

helping tips Sophisticated Gentleman 21/08/21(Sat)14:05 No. 3663 [Reply]

File 162954751333.jpg - (753.55KB , 1825x1275 , hosting.jpg )

Nice to see you,guys. Give some advices where to buy new phone and get some money for it. I am poor student>

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/08/21(Sat)14:32 No. 3664

hey, mate. I had same problem in past. You can take some extra money for short period. I spent all my money into games on my steam. I am fond of collecting different cool things like comics and video games. I used loan from https://compacom.com/payday-loans/colorado for buying new collection of marvel comics. Last week I found work because I have plan to repay loan this month.

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/08/21(Sat)14:43 No. 3665

my advice, dude. got to work on factory or restaurant.

08042022 WilliamBarkman 22/04/08(Fri)19:00 No. 3763

Hello! I believe that everyone has been in a circumstance when they needed money right away. To pay for a medical check or to repair an automobile, for example. If you're having trouble with this, I recommend reading the stuff on https://paydaysay.com/2000-loan-fast.php site. There are several helpful hints on this topic, as well as information on how to take a loan. Best of luck!

Sophisticated Gentleman 20/02/25(Tue)00:42 No. 3538 [Reply]

File 158258773711.jpg - (185.70KB , 800x600 , illegal burger.jpg )

Illegal Burger has been around since 2015 and they offer high quality burgers and fries plus CBD products including cbd flavor packets to put in your food. The stock value of it's parent company West Coast Ventures (OTCMKTS: WCVC) is fluctuating between 0.000090 and 0.00020 per share. Their business plan has been to expand throughout 2019 and 2020. Right now they have 5 Illegal Burger locations in Colorado and one location (a pizza place) in Florida Is it a good investment to buy stock in this company right now while their stock is literally under a penny?
Here's their investor presentation

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sophisticated Gentleman 21/07/08(Thu)13:53 No. 3644

Just sent an order to buy 5000 shares at 0.0011 market limit. Did i do it right bros?

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/07/09(Fri)16:18 No. 3645

Also, any other stocks you guys recommend?

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/04/07(Thu)17:14 No. 3762

I can confidently recommend Dutch Natural Healing to improve my condition, both physically and spiritually. Scientists have proven that CBD can be used for medicinal purposes, including to combat depression and anxiety. You can use it with cool pipes from https://puffpuffpassit.com/ or try the capsules, if you don't want to worry about dosages.

Dating-Site Paul 21/03/10(Wed)07:09 No. 3620 [Reply]

File 161535654037.jpg - (216.63KB , 1000x500 , chevrolet-impala-1967-mini.jpg )

Guys tell me a proven dating site. A site where there will be only live communication. A site where beautiful and smart girls. Is it really possible to find such a thing, or are there only bots everywhere?

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sophisticated Gentleman 21/08/16(Mon)22:35 No. 3662


Williamina 21/11/21(Sun)03:28 No. 3719

Personally, I like this dating site https://www.together2night.com/ , so join us and check for yourself how many living people near you want a hot relationship right now. I think there is no need to hunt for some virtual girl from another country when everything can be solved on the spot right now. I know many people from stories of course that literally on the first day they went on a date and had sex, so many young singles will like it.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/04/03(Sun)23:32 No. 3761

File 164902157242.jpg - (35.33KB , 320x320 , 7178202209344476.jpg )

%re' >internet historian



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