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equipment Sophisticated Gentleman 21/05/23(Sun)13:50 No. 3630 [Reply]

File 162177064562.jpg - (163.98KB , 1500x1500 , Pisector-Professional-Wireless-Home-Security-Alarm.jpg )

Whhat do you think about automation equipment into manufacturing?

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Sophisticated Gentleman 21/05/27(Thu)13:14 No. 3632

I think its good that people start actively use different automation tools on industry. Due to the rapid advances in technology, all industrial processing systems, factories, machinery, test facilities, etc. turned from mechanization to automation. One of such tools is https://eltra-trade.com/catalog/burkert-control-valves

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/06/10(Thu)05:19 No. 3640

File 162329519284.gif - (352.29KB , 256x256 , 1510698426064.gif )

I have for quite a while entertained the idea of actually automating up to about 45-75% of manufacturing in the USA, UK, and Canada.
>INB4 someone says it'll never happen because 'too pricey'
It happened to the automotive industry, so why can't it happen to smartphone, smart tablet, and toy-manufacturers?

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/10/08(Fri)09:07 No. 3692

I think that automated Internet of things systems are very cool innovative things. I tried to connect an ajax smart security system to my house and was very satisfied. You can read more information about the products of this company at the link https://ajax.systems/products/ . One way or another, this system copes with several tasks at once. It helps you to monitor and monitor the condition of the house, as well as protects it from intrusions, fire or flood.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/06/14(Sat)17:03 No. 2809 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 14027582093.jpg - (437.10KB , 1256x1611 , image.jpg )

Favorite paintings by any artist?
If someone posts "The Starry Night" I will shoot them in the neck with a luger
"At Eternety's Gate"
Vincent Van Gogh

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Sophisticated Gentleman 20/04/12(Sun)05:09 No. 3551

Virtually anything by Edmund Leighton.

Sophisticated Gentleman 20/05/19(Tue)09:20 No. 3562

File 158987281528.jpg - (51.47KB , 453x600 , the-triumph-of-virtue.jpg )

Don't mind Van Lerius he's just shitting on all the competition again

rousseau Sophisticated Gentleman 21/10/07(Thu)15:37 No. 3691

File 163361384367.jpg - (82.17KB , 539x700 , Henri_Rousseau.jpg )

i have forgotten the title, but, my mother had a poster of this framed in my parent's bedroom when i was a child

engeenering? Sophisticated Gentleman 21/09/27(Mon)09:38 No. 3687 [Reply]

File 163272829462.jpg - (7.56KB , 330x153 , eng.jpg )

Hey there. do u have interest in engeenering?

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/09/30(Thu)13:02 No. 3688

I am fond of engineering and automation industry and technology in working process. Have you ever heard about automatization of work? We usually use encoders and other industrial equipments. Encoders are widely used in industrial robots used in factories such as assembly robots, welding robots, automatic guided machines, and machining centers. I found and buy it on https://eltra-encoder.eu/catalog/linear-encoder

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/05/20(Tue)14:18 No. 2782 [Reply]

File 140058830457.jpg - (28.27KB , 648x636 , Montblanc_Mont_Blanc_Meisterstuck_Classique_164_Ba.jpg )

Material possessions that it would be a pleasure to possess
Aka, you want you lose
Stay classy

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Darth+Musturd 21/09/19(Sun)05:33 No. 3679

You dont need to own anything to be classy. To look classy, maybe, but class is how you act. Its not who youre born to, or how many zeros are in your bank account, that being said, one of those luxury items I love is a good pen. Fountain pens are wonderful, but not very practical. I recommend a Tul clicker pen. I use a very thin point, but use what youre comfortable with. Start with a medium, get a fatter nib, then the week after, thinner nib. Id also recommend a nice pair of shoes. Leather is wonderful. I like a good pair of cowboy boots, or other riding boots. They look classy, and are practical for many applications. Also, they are usually waterproof, or extremely water resistant. you can go a step further and spray them with water proofing. On the side of clothing, a good jacket. I like duck, or leather. Duck is very durable, and keeps you very warm. Unfortunately, it can be a bit hard to dry if it gets wet. Leather accumulates age very well, which is part of why i love cowboy boots. leather tells a story.

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/09/19(Sun)22:28 No. 3681

File 163208329755.jpg - (114.66KB , 381x630 , Illusions by Richard Bach.jpg )


I'd go with aircraft, myself I would go for a sea plane.
Also use it for the fun and magic of flight and to make a living. Like Maggie from North Exposure.
Also this book my help.
I keep rereading it, I still don't own a sea plane. Yet maybe some day I will.

Character in 2 Ronnies Sketch 21/09/26(Sun)14:53 No. 3686

I want James Bond's watch.

dream Sophisticated Gentleman 21/08/27(Fri)10:58 No. 3666 [Reply]

File 163005469949.png - (4.91KB , 301x167 , 880.png )

hey guys. What do you desire most? tell us about your dream?

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Sophisticated Gentleman 21/08/29(Sun)05:15 No. 3669

fuck off Satan

MZ 21/09/15(Wed)21:18 No. 3674

I have trhee most desirable paths:
1- "Mangaka" full time. In quotations because it won't be a manga, just an exagerated comic or something like that. Fulltime = receiving money through donations, sponsors or something that gives me income. Fit. Intelligent abour scientific and philosophical topics. Not afraid of anything that I myself put in my own way and/or anything that I need to do but I don't want to. Enlightened on the Tibetan buddhism path.

2- Game designer. I don't really care about if it is on a big studio or an Indie, I just want enouth money to pursue my passions. Rest is the same.

3- Totally independent. I can do whatever I want (art subject related) and it will give me money regardless. Rest is the same.

As you can see, the only difference between them is that I don't want to have any type of strggle with money, and I want to enjoy what I love AND make money with that. The rest is the same. Smart, enlightened, strong.
That said, I am HORRIBLE at doing things I don't want to do, and I know I have to do them, otherwise I will fail. But it's just so easy to brush it off and be lazy. I have to stop with that.
Thank you for your time,

Darth+Musturd 21/09/19(Sun)05:21 No. 3677

I want to achieve self sufficiency. Build my own house, live in the woods, buy a flintlock and make my own black powder, build my own bullets. knap my own flint and forge my own steel. Live as we did 100 years ago at least. Access the internet by a library computer. I can go on, but you get the gist.

Anonymous 21/09/14(Tue)09:02 No. 3672 [Reply]

File 163160297425.jpg - (13.94KB , 227x222 , D2F4BA70-07FC-411F-80BB-FC09BF37BEB7.jpg )

Guys, I have a date in a couple days and I would like to smell nice do y’all have any cologne recommendations

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/09/14(Tue)11:38 No. 3673

Eros by Versace or Dolce And Gabbana

Darth+Musturd 21/09/19(Sun)05:18 No. 3676

Spicebomb extreme is pretty good, and I personally use Wanted by Night, Bleu de Chanel, and Old Glory (Thats a duke cannon solid cologne). Wanted by Night and Spicebomb are great for any evening, night setting, but work well for just about anything.

Spain? Sophisticated Gentleman 21/06/01(Tue)11:43 No. 3634 [Reply]

File 16225405999.jpg - (11.04KB , 225x225 , 2_0.jpg )

Guys, what interesting places I need to visit in Spain?

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/06/02(Wed)07:28 No. 3635

visit MAdrid

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/06/02(Wed)07:39 No. 3636

Spain is special country for me. I like spanish culture and peopple. Recently I visited Barcelona and famous cannanis museum here https://cannabisbcn.com/marihuana-museum-in-barcelona/ This is the museum where you can gain knowledge, information, insight about the plant and see its uniqueness.

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/07/06(Tue)09:40 No. 3643

this is the ultimate guide to Spain. Valencia and Madrid !


福奇“邮件门”事件沦为闫丽梦粉墨登场的新戏码 yagaoren 21/07/26(Mon)08:38 No. 3646 [Reply]

File 162728150585.jpg - (123.75KB , 1080x1527 , 新纳粹-英文.jpg )


此前,闫丽梦发表三篇论文,鼓吹新冠病毒源于武汉病毒研究所实验室的荒谬言论,进而谎称COVID-19 是“一种不受限制的生物武器” “新冠病毒是中国发起的生化战争”,此番滑稽言论招致各方质疑与批评。值得注意的是,闫丽梦三篇论文均未获得同行评审就匆匆违规发表,足以证明其谎言惧怕科学界的检查与质疑。

lottery belive in luck? Sophisticated Gentleman 21/05/18(Tue)12:06 No. 3628 [Reply]

File 16213324154.jpg - (569.96KB , 1240x775 , 10-3.jpg )

hey there. Guys, do you play some national lottery? How was your experience?

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/05/19(Wed)02:25 No. 3629

I never went beyond the $1 tickets, and after I lost two dollars I quit. I can find more fun ways to waste money

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/04/15(Thu)08:53 No. 3624 [Reply]

File 161846959166.jpg - (505.56KB , 1125x1232 , 52458047-28B2-461F-A64D-1C4EE2A9C3C7.jpg )


Sophisticated Gentleman 21/04/16(Fri)09:29 No. 3625

Kind sir, will you swaggingly explain what you meant by the outstanding post?

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