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Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/11(Sun)21:46 No. 2483

File 137625036732.jpg - (60.36KB , 640x959 , meal.jpg )

At what age did you grow out of metal, /class/?

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/11(Sun)21:51 No. 2484

"Forget metal, Imma be a trap"

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/18(Sun)03:37 No. 2497

I went from pop to electro-jazz and downtempo.

Somehow I think what you want is for people to be less edgy by not listening to metal, but metal has a large subculture, and for something to be edgy, it has to be deviant from other people.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/18(Sun)06:31 No. 2498

I grew out of it when I was 12. I went from oldies, to metal, back to oldies. That phase was very short-lived, it only lasted two years. I think I only listened to it in the first place because my older sister never shut up about metal. She still doesn't, to this day.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/19(Mon)01:41 No. 2499

I've been listening to Norwegian black metal for 20 years, and I'm not going to stop any time soon.

You wouldn't know by looking at me though; I've long since outgrown the need to inform the general public about my taste in music.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/24(Sat)08:35 No. 2506

I have never really had a taste for neither metal, nor music in general. I find silence to be far more stimulating to one's thoughts.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/25(Sun)23:50 No. 2511

Given that I never listened to crap like Burzum in the first place, I never did see the need to quit Metal. You fucking hipster faggot, pardon my american.

Silence is a fine thing.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/26(Mon)07:08 No. 2513

File 137749373930.jpg - (37.50KB , 500x281 , Christopher lee.jpg )

Why on Earth would anyone stop listening to such an eccentric mosaic of music? As a gentleman I must insist that this genre be given it's proper respect as a cultural oddity. After all, to be a gentleman is to be cultured.

Oh look, it's Christopher Lee performing with an orchestra, a rather large chorus, and is that? Yes it is! That's the metal band Rhapsody of Fire!

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/04(Wed)13:37 No. 2522

You were never into metal, you're just a fucking poser.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/13(Fri)11:14 No. 2534

I still enjoy the occasional metal song, but I mostly stopped listening to metal when I was a freshman in highschool, 16 I think.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/17(Tue)20:40 No. 2540

At 17. Could not listen to the bullshit stuff like "Metall is the uonly trve music..." anymore....so i drifted further away from metall only to land at d&b and other electronic dance music now...

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/18(Wed)20:33 No. 2542

13. Then I discovered progressive rock, sludge and stoner rock.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/19(Thu)06:03 No. 2543

I never did, I just started listening to other styles, but many of my favorite bands still the same metal bands I listen since 14.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/19(Thu)12:10 No. 2544

I never really liked it, but as I am fascinated by history and war, I find it interesting to listen to the works of Sabaton.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/21(Sat)14:09 No. 2549

>people replying to this cancerous /mu/ repost of a million reposts


Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/22(Sun)21:34 No. 2551

At 20. Moved to trance, liquid drum & bass, downtempo and neo-classic.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/10/01(Tue)03:02 No. 2560

How does one reverse the aging process and become 13?

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/10/01(Tue)05:06 No. 2561

This sounds interesting.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/10/01(Tue)05:44 No. 2562

I don't know precisely --or generally-- about electro-jazz, but I am a fan of the (sub)genre electro-swing, thanks to the band/group Caravan Palace. Reminiscent of the likes of Django Reinhardt, for example.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/10/03(Thu)13:22 No. 2569

In a similar vein you should also check out Parov Stelar. I believe we've linked to this gentleman dancing to Parov's 'Catgroove' on a previous occasion.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/10/09(Wed)00:36 No. 2570

File 138127181760.jpg - (145.86KB , 640x960 , 1375939676844.jpg )

No fucking clue, dude.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/10/23(Wed)06:19 No. 2579

I'm gonna turn 25 this December and I still love metal. I think if anyone "grows out" of metal never really liked what they were listening to in the first place and should be labeled as a poser.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/10/25(Fri)03:54 No. 2583

Was never into Metal, I was introduced to in in Secondary school and never liked it much. To be fair I didn't like much I heard besides Classical and a bit of Electronica, Pop was 90% rubbish songs about the same thing would come and go, my friends found new genres of Metal to drown out there pathetic existence with every other week and hip-hop and rap never made any impression. I was introduced only fairly recently to lots of Jazz, Swing and Blues which I very much enjoy and I wish I had started listening to earlier.

I think the problem for me largely is words/lyrics don't ever leave an impression because I can't remember the words to songs I enjoy and listen to a thousand times. The tunes though? That sticks with me forever, so songs/pieces without something substantial to listen to musically just pass me by.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/10/29(Tue)01:58 No. 2586

>out of

unholy+shadow 13/10/31(Thu)04:26 No. 2587

File 138319001164.png - (914.04KB , 1920x1200 , Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 11_04_35 AM.png )

30+, still into it

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/03(Sun)07:16 No. 2588

File 138345937980.png - (472.94KB , 640x480 , redwineandhegel.png )

ITT: a severe lack of class

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/08(Fri)06:05 No. 2596

Never really outgrew metal. I quite simply used metal as a "Gateway" to other forms of music. Metal is so diverse that i felt like it was not quite a genre as it is a culture around a philosophy of music.

TL;DR Metal is beautiful

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/09(Sat)21:06 No. 2598

I could never really get into metal. It's too much in one song, all the screaming, the buzz of the guitars, etc. Gives me a headache.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/11(Mon)17:08 No. 2604

I started it when I was in middle school. Had grown long hair in high-school. Now I am 35 and have beard to mach my hair. And my wife thinks it is awesome.

So yeah, I newer had grow out of it.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/18(Mon)22:50 No. 2609

Outgrow metal? I had a broad spectrum of music that I listened to "prior getting in to metal". Including Jazz/Classical/Rock music. However, I avoided the common sink-holes that the other juniors of my age got into, and hence didn't "grew out of like some did". I found my own niche liking to certain type of Metal that was far from the kind usually common in US.

- I never grew out of it, I grew in to it, and right now 27.

p.s. going to watch an opera at the end of December. I love my metal like I love my opera/classical music: With its highs and lows of the kind that does not cater to the needs of the "common". In a more refined way, of-course.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/24(Sun)11:20 No. 2612

File 138528843411.jpg - (40.21KB , 480x570 , charlie-parker-03.jpg )


Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/26(Tue)10:17 No. 2620

OP is an edgy tryhard

nobody liked him when he was into metal so now he tells everyone he's into philosophy because it's his version of edgy

im loling at the burzum shirt followed by hegel who's basically writing about god.

try harder

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/12/12(Thu)05:43 No. 2635

you outgrew burzum and went gay??

i will find you...and i will rape you in front of your dying mother. fucking nigger

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/12/16(Mon)07:17 No. 2640

I love me some metal, doom metal mainly, the darker the better. Can't stand that metalcore shit that is ruining the reputation of english metal...

I don't look like a metal-head- I'm not a metal head, the worst thing about metal is that half the fans are idiots, attempting oh so hard to be different and edgy.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/01/05(Sun)21:42 No. 2661

This man is a mere poseur, gentlemen. Do not be fooled by his desperate cries of attention, for it is merely an act.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/01/09(Thu)21:12 No. 2663

OP, you look good after you dumped the mall-goth look.

You have to grow up sometime, or forever lie to yourself about how 'cool' you look and end up balding with long hair at 45.

Just be honest when you look in the mirror if you wanna make your shit look good; accept strengths and weaknesses.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/01/11(Sat)08:39 No. 2664

I still listen to metal but I stopped "dressing metal" at 22.

I had a shitty job, shitty friends and a whinging emo bitch girlfriend.

I dumped them all, cleaned up my act and got a nice paying job in IT.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/01/15(Wed)07:30 No. 2666

File 138976743471.jpg - (41.56KB , 300x225 , tomwaits.jpg )

Once I discovered that Tom Waits was more metal than metal.

WitchfinderRio!!MyMwx3ZQp2 14/01/15(Wed)18:40 No. 2668


Sophisticated Gentleman 18/06/26(Tue)16:15 No. 3340

Theres nothing poser like about getting bored of metal, some people just switch genres now and again. I find that since theres so many subgenres of metal it's a very difficult thing to get bored of though.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/08/11(Sat)01:00 No. 3350

I totally agree. when I was a kid I was very apprehensive about listening to music but I got over it since people kept asking me what I liked.
to answer the op, I listened to metal from 9th grade to 12th, but I mostly quit torwards the end. I listened to lots of extreme variants of metal and hardcore like grind/death/porno-core and black/death/sludge-metal and assurdedly more I have forgotten about. my favorite genre was Doom/Drone metal though.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/09/08(Sat)15:04 No. 3356

I am almost 30 and still enjoy metal fleetingly time to time. I used to go to shows every weekend as a teenager, completely obsessed. Now I find most metal to be boringly recursive. Subgenres I tend to gravitate towards are progressive / sludge / drone. There has been only one new metal album in the past half decade that I have really given a shit about too. It does seem juvenile but that is part of the charm.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/10/19(Fri)22:12 No. 3364

I never did. Listening to Rotting Christ currently. However I know how to dress up, and clean myself up to make myself a decent looking human being.
it's been 12 years and I still enjoy it. I just know how to behave myself unlike many of my peers.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/12/26(Wed)18:23 No. 3381

At 18, I guess... Now I just listen to a lot of jazz, bossa nova and bluesy stuff. Time goes on and I felt need to find out new things, then the jazz fusion thing just blow up my mind, that's Steps Ahead fault I must admit. Actually, my favorites musicians are Herb Ellis, Kenny Burrell, Wes Montgomery and Nelson Faria. I'm sure a lot of metalheads like me would be surprised if they known just there are a lot of great guitarrists in the jazz world.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/12/29(Sat)14:09 No. 3382

About a decade ago.

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/03/17(Sun)13:35 No. 3415

depends on what kind of metal i stopped listening to slipknot about 1 year now and only listening to prog or some thrash

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/04/24(Wed)14:46 No. 3425

File 155610996632.jpg - (55.01KB , 1280x720 , haytham.jpg )

If you are metal because you like it, you never outgrow it.

Also going all black most cases is for retards.

Keep your hair natural.

Sophisticated Gentleman 20/10/26(Mon)06:54 No. 3586


Sophisticated Gentleman 20/11/09(Mon)21:15 No. 3588

I never really did. Although, I haven't really explored much in the genre like others have, I can listen to some Dethklok or some other introductory metal of that sort and enjoy it fully.

Sophisticated Gentleman 20/11/18(Wed)12:29 No. 3591

I stopped listening to scene-metal when I was 16, because I discovered bands like Converge and Boris, whom I listen to to this day.

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/01/19(Tue)21:51 No. 3600

I stopped identifying with it maybe 12 years ago, so around 18. But I still listen to it sometimes when working out and can enjoy going to a concert now and then (when it was possible). Fuck you for making me feel old now

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/03/03(Wed)21:56 No. 3619


Sophisticated Gentleman 22/01/06(Thu)00:09 No. 3729

Dear Gentleman,

Slightlty off topic, although you should be able to help answer this question.
"Mosh pit" is a Metal term, correct?
Not origingally what hardcore punks did in America.

You input would be warmly welcomed.
Thank you.

Oh, I was the only punk at my school, the metalheads were my only friends. So I did listern to some metal. Then thrash metal appeared. What a god send to my country, Kreator, Slayer, I've gone back and seen 30 years on and still had great time. Still listern to them and early Alice Cooper.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/01/06(Thu)01:54 No. 3730

The term "moshing" originated in the American hardcore punk scene of the 80s, then became associated with metal when Anthrax made it popular.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/01/06(Thu)13:44 No. 3731

Thanks, kind sir.
I grow up in another country. It was not called mosh pit till Anthrax and especially D.R.I.'s 'Crossover' lp.
funny old place this world
Well good day too you

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/04/10(Sun)23:44 No. 3766

What the fuck is a ceiling? I just keep improving.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/05/20(Fri)01:51 No. 3773


Sophisticated Gentleman 22/05/27(Fri)19:16 No. 3776


Sophisticated Gentleman 22/06/01(Wed)01:51 No. 3778

File 165404106665.jpg - (41.84KB , 526x526 , catholic devil horns.jpg )

I was never identified by liking metal. I was in the emo scene the punk scene all that, so I guess I grew out of that shit by the time I was kicked out of high school. I still listen to metal and all that though. I try to appreciate some of every genre, cause usually even if it's mostly shit there's some hidden gems, and even if I'm not in the mood for it I can appreciate the music theory side of it, and metal is in terms of music theory one of the most beautifully constructed genres.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/06/01(Wed)05:26 No. 3779

File 165405400175.jpg - (32.50KB , 456x304 , 3452.jpg )

I was never in to making metal my personality, but every now and then I still get in to a lot of songs. Ratt songs always get me jamming for some reason.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/06/01(Wed)13:32 No. 3781

Why would you make a music genre your entire personality? That sounds like it would make one quite boring, my good man.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/06/01(Wed)17:20 No. 3782

You realize if you make your hair long, put all the posters up, talk about it all the time, have in playing 24/7, and wear the garb you made it your personality. Lots of people do this about certain things, they project the appearance before a single word is said and that becomes what you represent ergo your personality.


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