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Sophisticated Gentleman 15/04/07(Tue)17:27 No. 3020

File 142842047160.jpg - (33.03KB , 650x488 , 292537-99720ec4-019e-11e4-9138-9da47e60188f.jpg )

I was raised to be a sophisticated, intelligent man of refined tastes... but all I want to be is a bogan. There's something incredibly appealing about their philosophy and way of life. I had many goals but now my only aspiration is to be lazy and get high.

If the opposite of a gentleman is a bogan, then what is it to be a bogan? We all know what a gentleman is, but what is a bogan?

I want to know what you think.

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/04/22(Wed)16:24 No. 3025

bogan as in australian low-class? god even here in the USA poor people at least try for the most part

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/04/22(Wed)16:33 No. 3026

>here's something incredibly appealing about their philosophy and way of life.

or lack of it thereof
har har har har har

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/06/28(Sun)14:34 No. 3065

they all have fetal alcohol syndrome from too many goon bags while pregnant.
in vic there arent really many bogan aussies, due to all the fucking wogs down here. nsw and tasmania are where you find the deadbeat bogans

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/07/25(Sat)22:10 No. 3074

Australian Rednecks. I mean...just, wow.

Suddenly I feel MUCH better about my own position in the greater scheme of things. Just to assuage my curiosity; is the banjo a really popular instrument down under?

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/07/26(Sun)07:33 No. 3076

And Queensland, they've dragged us so far behind the times our laws are from the 1950s.

Not really, but that's just from where I live, could be a completely different situation in Tasmania or Perth I suppose.

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/08/28(Fri)18:45 No. 3085

File 144078031982.jpg - (674.19KB , 2012x1392 , 1408644459148.jpg )

*Brew your own beer.
*Seek teens who are shitless drunk and ask if they know anyobe with moonshine.
*Stay in your cloth, if they break leave the hole open or stich it together with hands and a needle+string.
*Live in the woods/-with low rent.
*If you really need money: Do not produce anything, just chase the money.

Been living as an outcast since birth, I know what I talk about sir.

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/09/06(Sun)13:08 No. 3088

No it isn't. Australian bogans generally don't waste their time trying to learn instruments.

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/09/30(Wed)05:45 No. 3093

Bogans in Australia don't have to try, they have Centrelink.

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