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dress up at work The Zeppelin Passenger 16/11/25(Fri)18:52 No. 3218

File 148009632858.jpg - (416.10KB , 1536x2048 , Gordn and Rossco at the Studs and Starlets Gala Ma.jpg )

Greetings, Classiers. When work demands dressing up with a theme, what self-limits should you place on your own appearance? I have a strict "no costume" policy for myself and tend to lean toward classic hollywood if called upon. Your thoughts?

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/12/02(Fri)21:52 No. 3220

Wear a uniform in regs.

jollyroger 17/03/14(Tue)05:16 No. 3247

Don't wear uniforms you didn't earn.

Sophisticated Gentleman 17/04/03(Mon)13:46 No. 3252

jail uniform is ok though

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/08/09(Fri)13:17 No. 3447

Well good sir, blackening your face with shoe polish and addressing the crowds of the evening with your gracefulness as an African is true patrician tier and is bound to get some hearty laughs from the conversation.

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/11/18(Mon)01:55 No. 3504

I would say no restritctions. Have none of them. All types of costume styles should be welcome. Have a variety. A creative event. Welcome it. Don't shame it. Have it be treated well as it is. lol I don't see cause to berate people for choosing one option or another here. I'm not for that. We should not be doing that. We should be allowing people to make the decisions such people are interested in in this space. It shouldn't be constricted. People should be left to go on as they are. Why interfere? Leave people alone. Give them the peacefullest of peacefullest experiences. lol Based.

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