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Sophisticated Gentleman 17/11/01(Wed)16:47 No. 3287

File 150955127841.jpg - (4.63KB , 308x164 , images.jpg )

Ive got a few hundred dollars to spend. Whats something classy i could buy with it?

Sophisticated Gentleman 17/11/01(Wed)20:06 No. 3288

A plumbus!

Sophisticated Gentleman 17/11/20(Mon)12:36 No. 3296

christmas presents for your family and friends

Sophisticated Gentleman 17/11/24(Fri)21:08 No. 3297


Sophisticated Gentleman 17/12/22(Fri)04:12 No. 3298

File 151391234989.jpg - (102.72KB , 620x532 , bng-l-49ers-0911-13.jpg )

If you can run that up to 2.5 billion by February, there is an NFL team coming up for sale.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/01/04(Thu)23:17 No. 3302

what he said

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/01/10(Wed)11:31 No. 3303

I'm sure you've already spent it by now OP.
But for next time if you ever come back to check the thread or by pass it later on.
I'd spend at least $200 on a prostitute or some woman you know to get her to have sex with you while this is playing on full blast for 2 hours.
I've done this and the shit was so cash.


Sophisticated Gentleman 18/02/27(Tue)00:20 No. 3313

Six dozens of hobo blowjobs

Skunch 18/04/09(Mon)21:43 No. 3317

nice shoes.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/05/19(Sat)19:21 No. 3333

Protip: Make sure neither of you understand Russian if you intend to do this. It's rather hard to enjoy sex when such a depressing song is playing.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/09/03(Mon)21:07 No. 3353

File 153600165051.jpg - (45.36KB , 563x604 , a.jpg )

An escort

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/09/12(Wed)01:41 No. 3357

Save it. You never know when you'll need it.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/10/19(Fri)22:14 No. 3367

Invest your money. Let it grow.

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/03/10(Sun)01:41 No. 3409

>couple hundred bucks
not quite, mate

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/03/11(Mon)18:51 No. 3410


Sophisticated Gentleman 19/03/22(Fri)17:26 No. 3416

A folding knife.

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/12/04(Wed)11:53 No. 3514

some presents for friends

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/12/04(Wed)12:01 No. 3515

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