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Sophisticated Gentleman 18/05/27(Sun)22:59 No. 3335

File 152745478812.jpg - (10.09KB , 270x270 , ASCIG.jpg )

Hey /class/,

I have a question about cigarollo's. A year back I was at a party and they pulled out some cigarollo's, I partook in 1 and really enjoyed the taste. Even though I hate cigarette's, I've tried to smoke a few times and I just hate everything about it, the taste, feel, and the burn in your throat. I smoke weed every otherday I never add tobacco. I don't plan on getting addicted or involved in smoking anyways.

My question is, what cigarollo's can a non-smoker enjoy? And can I also enjoy a cigar? If yes, which kind, flavour, etc?

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/06/14(Thu)22:21 No. 3338

I recommend getting some cigars as a beginner, as cigarollo's are more like cigarettes. Remember to not inhale the smoke, as it's all about the taste.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/07/09(Mon)03:09 No. 3346


Fuck that. If you've ever smoked a graduation cigar, or any cigar at all, you know know all tobacco tastes like ass. SMoke cigs, smoke cigarillos, smoke cigars and pipe tobacco. It's all the same shit.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/10/14(Sun)03:40 No. 3363

No my good man. Not all tobaccos are created or processed equally. Go to a real smoke shop and talk with the man there. I was quite surprised at the flavor difference between say Virginia tobaccos and Turkish blends. Of course, they all taste like tobacco smoke. You are smoking tobacco, but to say they all taste the same is quite in error. You might as well say every wine tastes the same, because they are all made of grapes.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/12/26(Wed)03:06 No. 3380

cuban cigarellos my man.

too bad usa banned all of the flavored ones. used to be strawberry and shit real nice stuff didnt burn, didnt taste like ass.

stick to fruity weed flavors, less cancer anyways. but cubans are the finest cigars honestly. big tobacco has fucked cigars in usa , smelled so many that were like dead fish.

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/02/23(Sat)19:00 No. 3403

>because they are all made of grapes.
and there in lies your error, and the reason your simile falls flat. that is an awful comparison

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/08/10(Sat)02:00 No. 3452

I like the montecristo mini cigarillos, short smoke and easy

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/08/12(Mon)21:19 No. 3454

Whoever purchased that "graduation cigar" cheaped out and got the lowest quality product he could find. If it was a friend of yours, that friend is a tightwad. If it was you, you should admit your error and apologize to every friend you gave those cigars to.

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