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Sophisticated Gentleman 18/09/21(Fri)23:04 No. 3358

File 153756387044.jpg - (59.67KB , 600x400 , Wobbling-Whiskey-Glass-Table-1.jpg )

Gentlemen, what is your go-to whiskey? I usually have Jim Beam available for a whiskey sour or two on the weekends and a bottle of Glenfiddich for when I want something neat.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/09/24(Mon)15:14 No. 3359

Scotch Whiskey while I listen to Blue in Green by Miles Davis on repeat

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/09/28(Fri)08:55 No. 3361

Monkey Shoulder

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/11/10(Sat)02:33 No. 3373

That sounds like a fine way to spend an evening.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/11/10(Sat)15:17 No. 3374

File 154185944478.jpg - (58.05KB , 399x640 , sun-old-700.jpg )

Suntory Old Whiskey; like a friend.

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/12/30(Sun)13:24 No. 3385

Knappogue Castle Single Malt, my good man.

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/01/12(Sat)18:47 No. 3391


Sophisticated Gentleman 19/03/23(Sat)13:38 No. 3417

hows the flavour compared to regular suntory?

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/04/03(Wed)14:23 No. 3422

Glenfiddich 12y, old boy.

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/06/30(Sun)09:43 No. 3436

I drink whatever that black sludge biomechanical management that god drinks. No troll. He calls it Coca-Cola but.. That's some paraphrasing. I know it can get you drunk.

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/08/08(Thu)08:57 No. 3445

Jameson if I really don't feel like spending a lot of money, Buffalo trace if I want bourbon, Bulliet if I want rye and Macallan 10 year if I want scotch.

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