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Sophisticated Gentleman 19/09/28(Sat)07:45 No. 3485

File 156964950924.png - (503.83KB , 908x759 , IMG_5117.png )

How to make blacks leave a neighbourhood?

Has there ever been an event in US history where Blacks fled from a neighbourhood? What caused it? Do blacks tend to live as large groups in single houses? Do many blacks have cars? Where do the "king" Blacks live (gangleaders etc). Give me the breakdown. I need to know for sociological reasons

U Best B mejustme 19/09/28(Sat)12:27 No. 3486

File 156966646224.jpg - (10.93KB , 474x284 , This you.jpg )

Oh for the sake of your own I.Q. you best be trolling

Yes their is actually, it's just we are all just poorniggers to the people who own the GAME

Yes any colour. They who own the game just buy up all the property. WIN. Who does this work I here you ask. Well THEY OWN THE GAME FOOL
In my country they've doing it to poorwhiteniggers like you for hundreds of years. Unlike what modern information may tell you.

Now go get 'Double Fucked By 2 Black Studs' it will help

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/10/30(Wed)05:30 No. 3492

Peaceful conversation with rational basis. That should do it. It solves everything. lol I want peaceful mornings. I intend to have them. That's why I avoid any and all races and have moved to an obscure town that many people do not take residence in. People usually are noisy. I don't like any race to any degree. lol

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