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house routine Sophisticated Gentleman 20/03/05(Thu)11:09 No. 3542

File 158340299316.jpg - (276.75KB , 2000x1000 , 478.jpg )

I moved to new place and need to buy a lot of furniture to my apartment?? Which furniture I need to buy first??

Sophisticated Gentleman 20/03/06(Fri)10:03 No. 3543

You can buy new recliner. Now I use special chair for back pain. I love workout and fitness. But recently I got back injuring and stopped my workouts. So now I need to use regularly recliner for back pain. I found good one on https://thebestreclinersreviews.com/best-recliners-for-back-pain/ and decided to buy it.

Sophisticated Gentleman 20/03/06(Fri)13:13 No. 3544

Priorities in order:


Sofa will double as your bed until you get everything sorted

Bedding - Obviously for sleeping on/under (for gods sake put a sheet down when you sleep on your sofa, it's disgusting for guests and more expensive to clean a sofa you've drooled on than it is a bed sheet

Table - These are cheap and help massively with organisation, stay organised, fold your clothes into neat piles and keep your food stored off ground level.

Cupboards/Dressers - as needs must get them and fill them out.

A bed - Now's the time about thinking to get a proper bed, a bad sofa will ruin your back with time, a good one you'll want to look after.

Chairs - At this point you should be ready for guests, where do you expect them to sit?

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