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dream Sophisticated Gentleman 21/08/27(Fri)10:58 No. 3666

File 163005469949.png - (4.91KB , 301x167 , 880.png )

hey guys. What do you desire most? tell us about your dream?

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/08/27(Fri)12:23 No. 3667

I think its own apartment and good work.

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/08/27(Fri)12:38 No. 3668

I have many dreams. Some of them are simple like work, traveling, money. But I guess not everyone know how to work with dreams. I suggest to use https://manifestrich.com/ and doinf some exercises from it. This ongoing focus on self-reflection also enables you to start seeing what you really want from your future, and you can then progress to formulating clearer goals with actionable steps at every stage.

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/08/29(Sun)05:15 No. 3669

fuck off Satan

MZ 21/09/15(Wed)21:18 No. 3674

I have trhee most desirable paths:
1- "Mangaka" full time. In quotations because it won't be a manga, just an exagerated comic or something like that. Fulltime = receiving money through donations, sponsors or something that gives me income. Fit. Intelligent abour scientific and philosophical topics. Not afraid of anything that I myself put in my own way and/or anything that I need to do but I don't want to. Enlightened on the Tibetan buddhism path.

2- Game designer. I don't really care about if it is on a big studio or an Indie, I just want enouth money to pursue my passions. Rest is the same.

3- Totally independent. I can do whatever I want (art subject related) and it will give me money regardless. Rest is the same.

As you can see, the only difference between them is that I don't want to have any type of strggle with money, and I want to enjoy what I love AND make money with that. The rest is the same. Smart, enlightened, strong.
That said, I am HORRIBLE at doing things I don't want to do, and I know I have to do them, otherwise I will fail. But it's just so easy to brush it off and be lazy. I have to stop with that.
Thank you for your time,

Darth+Musturd 21/09/19(Sun)05:21 No. 3677

I want to achieve self sufficiency. Build my own house, live in the woods, buy a flintlock and make my own black powder, build my own bullets. knap my own flint and forge my own steel. Live as we did 100 years ago at least. Access the internet by a library computer. I can go on, but you get the gist.

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