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medicine Sophisticated Gentleman 21/10/21(Thu)13:15 No. 3696

File 163481494796.jpg - (358.72KB , 800x599 , healthcare.jpg )

do u familiar with work in medicine? What medicine gives to you?

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/10/22(Fri)12:25 No. 3697

My parents work like doctors. I familiar with medicine from childhood. After college I continue my study on https://www.exploremedicalcareers.com/ekg-technician/ and will work as ekg technician in the near future. An EKG Technician is responsible for giving cardiovascular tests to patients.

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/10/22(Fri)15:55 No. 3698

Very few other careers give people the opportunity to do as much good as the healthcare industry does. This desire to help others is what motivates most people in the industry to do their jobs day in and day out with a smile on their faces.

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