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college Sophisticated Gentleman 21/10/24(Sun)14:03 No. 3703

File 163507700834.jpg - (14.63KB , 251x201 , +++.jpg )

What is your college major? Do u have enough money for studying?

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/10/24(Sun)14:16 No. 3704

I study cosmetology. I got scolarship for my studying from https://www.listsofscholarships.com/cosmetology-scholarships/ A training program in cosmetology can equip you with the skills that will help you find employment in this field. Good one for me becasue I am poor student and do not have money for studying in popular colleges.

Sophisticated Gentleman 21/10/25(Mon)09:06 No. 3705

If you win a scholarship, it’s hoped that your approach to life will change. If you’ve been helped by this donation, then you may go on to become more philanthropic yourself. Perhaps you’ll go on to found another scholarship or support the college with charitable donations.

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