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Ideal bathroom Sophisticated Gentleman 22/01/25(Tue)15:19 No. 3733

File 164312034257.png - (76.14KB , 275x183 , B14C271A-5001-4B2D-9B80-9E66EA713A4F.png )

Hey there. Can you imagine your ideal bathroom? What is it?

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/01/26(Wed)08:25 No. 3734

Nice queation and actual for me. I used to make some home improvenments into my bathroom so I decided after its finish buy and installed new tub and new thing for myself like water flosser from good guide for beginner guide like me https://bathroomer.org/water-flosser-for-braces/

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/01/26(Wed)08:45 No. 3735

I have small bathroom into rent apartment

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/01/26(Wed)20:37 No. 3738

I would honestly love an untouched, natural lake somewhere far away from other people. It would be amazing to bathe in.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/01/26(Wed)23:38 No. 3739

File 164323672495.jpg - (7.26KB , 251x201 , images.jpg )

u might want to wear boots...

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