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Sophisticated Gentleman 22/04/10(Sun)23:42 No. 3765

File 16496269201.jpg - (78.47KB , 800x800 , EESStqBWsAMxjdK.jpg )

I would rather some armaggedom come and end our slavery.

For half a century at least we been bred into subhumanity, for tge dumb, unhealty, and servile make for better drones.
Humans have lost, democracy and their banking gods and corporate titans have chained us and in few generations this species will be bellow monkeys, even as the rich inbreed and are poisoned by the very chemicals their impose on our food, air and medicine.
Worlds fail to describe the dread this causes to anyone who isnt a filthy midwit.

There is no scape, go somewhere, make a society that priorizes strong individuals instead, and you will be conquered.
Fascism is the only ideology that focus in having strong individuals, and thats wht i cannot last.
A society's strenght depends on its slaves, and you cant enslave the strong, good, undependent, intelligent (or very dumb).
Even if we killed all rich and midwits, it wouldnt last. Peace was never an option in this planet

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/06/18(Sat)06:52 No. 3801

Democracy is the only viable system of government you retarded Pol Fag. Anti-democratic agit prop is designed to be hostile to the one system of government that can save our asses.

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