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Sophisticated Gentleman 22/05/12(Thu)19:12 No. 3770

File 165237554658.jpg - (10.90KB , 400x225 , s-l400.jpg )

how to conquer an Italian girl

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/05/12(Thu)20:51 No. 3771

After dating a few I can honestly say you can't. Italian women are full of passion and this comes out in all forms from cooking to fighting to fornicating. It's part of the allure that they can be so passionate but it's also the main source of contention because you will struggle to reach the depths of emotions they do. If you can't display that emotional depth you have no chance. If you do enter a relationship with an Italian woman my suggestion would be to open yourself up and fully embrace the relationship, it's your only chance at keeping her.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/05/12(Thu)23:04 No. 3772

Thank you for the advice :)

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/05/27(Fri)19:17 No. 3777

have good dick

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/09/05(Mon)12:08 No. 3824

Tempt her with pasta and tiramisu

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