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Fuck this teacher up, LATINO ON ASIAN HATE Victor Isai Mazariegos, Ph.D 22/08/13(Sat)04:55 No. 3812

File 166035935066.jpg - (549.65KB , 2240x1388 , Untitled.jpg )

This stupid bitch fucks her students and is fucking her stupid Ching Chong karate FAKE kung-fu fucking sucky wucky wucky life personal life physical shit onto me. She fucks with me on the radio. Victor Isai Mazariegos, "Jorge Ubico", 29 and dictator of "the West": Japan, Guatemala, and Germany.


Victor+Isai+Mazariegos,+Ph.D 22/08/13(Sat)04:57 No. 3813

File 16603594716.jpg - (143.45KB , 1203x690 , 2018commencement4.jpg )

She connects pinching cockroaches onto me with radio and computer equipment. DPRK? OH KIM YOU GOT RICE NOW YOU WANT SOME WHEAT?

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/08/15(Mon)18:28 No. 3816

Who the fucking shit can someone want to fuck that chink bitch?

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/08/16(Tue)03:36 No. 3817

Oh hey. She may or may not still be alive. She connects roaches to me sometimes.

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