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Anonymous 15/06/06(Sat)19:13 No. 24292

File 143361081881.jpg - (57.07KB , 320x486 , image.jpg )

Why do people like sonic cartoons so much? He has the most spergy and annoying fanbase, and i just dont see why his franchises so popular.

Anonymous 15/06/21(Sun)21:04 No. 24295

Think you answered your own question. It's a cartoon for spergs.

Anonymous 15/08/12(Wed)12:14 No. 24317

File 143937445333.png - (21.15KB , 780x770 , coldsteel.png )

>Why do people like sonic cartoons so much?
We don't.
>i just dont see why his franchises so popular.
It isn't. There are really only two Sonic fans. Chris-chan is one of them and the other is Blood_skull_boi84. No one else even remembers Sonic and if we all ignore it, and them, it'll all go away.

Anonymous 16/10/09(Sun)05:08 No. 24919

It was good.

It had two series. One quite whimsical it ran towards a disney style looney tunes world. Not just because it was syndicated on toon disney. But because it had elements of a world the could be set in peril while keeping the qualities that make you feel safe.

Like a night light allows for the intensity of the imagination that hallucinates the monster under the bed, or a vivid nightmares, but is secured to the port in the storm or a boundary. So that imagination can play.

Then you have the sat am show. This is an adventure show. And it came around the time that these shows were first becoming a thing. These shows meaning nineties adventure cartoons. It was massively popular.

The charm of this show is people became massively attached to all the characters not just sonic and tails and those characters only continued to exist through Sonic comics.

The longest running videogame serialization in comic/manga form anywhere in the world.

That attests to its quality, but explaining why the comics are so good might be beyond this scribe.

In my belief it's because they were always staying true to what they are while constantly weaving new realities out of the sonic world. Staying popular not only when Sega was at a low but comics were as well.

What did Sonic the comic do, they had Sonic framed for murder, of Princess Sally, that spurned a fight to the death with robotnik. Leaving the continuity to spread it's wings in the "dark period" with these characters. Allowing them to engage in stories they otherwise might have been hamstrung from. It had it's own life.

This is going to sound odd, but the way in which people were buying ultimate comics in the beginning after it had gotten popular, when a new character was brought into that universe. Is the way people would then buy Sonic comics after Sega returned to producing Sonic games after the saturn.

So they have there own continuity but also thrive off weaving arcs into that continuity out of old games and new games in unexpected ways at their leisure. It seemed like when them not having a Sonic the fighters adaptation back when it came out and that game did exist was a bad sign in terms of common sense, but twenty years later with a massive culture surrounding it and the advent of the internet. They can bring that storyline about in a way that you want it.

The same reason capcom trusts that team with megaman. And why that crossover was such a big hit, while having so many things go on within it.

Anonymous 16/10/10(Mon)12:38 No. 24921

>He has the most spergy and annoying fanbase.

People like Chris-chan and Guptill89 have shown how bad it really is LOL.

Anonymous 20/01/13(Mon)04:03 No. 25596

File 157888462642.jpg - (75.64KB , 705x960 , 10330276_316437758504284_6423647296744377245_n.jpg )

Anonymous 20/01/16(Thu)15:34 No. 25597

Are there Sonic cartoons? I had no idea. I want to check them out. I've gotta look into that. Objective need for investigation of Sonic materials is in my life. I am going to check into this. My checking account will not have the same amount in it at this time. You linked me into a cost demanding context. lol What is it about? I really wonder what it covers. I've never seen the Sonic universe to have much in the realm of story. It must be entirely added on. I wonder how recognizable it would be. It could just be a show with Sonic characters put in. lol I don't know.

Anonymous 20/10/21(Wed)01:01 No. 25759

Sonic is cool

Anonymous 22/06/03(Fri)15:54 No. 26084

File 165426445280.jpg - (47.64KB , 474x474 , sonic-jaleel-white-steve-urkel.jpg )

Wow! Steve Urkel is the voice of Sonic! Cool!

Anonymous 22/06/03(Fri)17:20 No. 26089

Honest Trailers | Sonic the Hedgehog 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bNrqWsH_kw

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