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Anonymous 17/11/17(Fri)07:33 No. 25173

File 151090041672.png - (81.69KB , 468x586 , Motion_trans.png )

Not trying to sound like a SJW, but how come no comic book creator has created a transgender superhero that is written realistically with problems that someone might actually face and not this made up bullshit of misgendering PTSD. This could provide an actual interesting dynamic to the character.

Anonymous 17/11/17(Fri)13:58 No. 25174

You want an actual answer? Because then it would be "transphobic." See, if you go on about all the shit that would cause drama (suicide rate, prostitution, boy troubles, even the change in mindset that comes from taking the hormones), if it wasn't stopped for being too graphic, would be stopped for portraying trannies in a negative light. You are under this impression that the SJWs that ruin shit even care about the group they're fighting for that week, let alone the actual medium they claim they're making better. In actuality these are the same assholes who would intimidate gay men from reporting rapes because it would make "make gay men look like a bunch of rapists."

TL;DR They don't care about making good comics, just pushing an agenda.

Anonymous 17/11/18(Sat)00:36 No. 25175

So what if a decent realistic thought out character who happens to be transgender was written by an actual transgender person? Would these same assholes target them and accuse them of being some sort of traitor or whatever? Would this lead to that writer being blackballed from most publishers? What if that writer decides to play the SJW game and accuse said publisher of being transphobic because they banned a comic for being "transphobic" claimed only by people who are most likely not transgender?

Anonymous 17/11/18(Sat)00:38 No. 25176

And wouldn't the right not support such a comic because they feel it would only be these same SJW assholes who are pushing their agenda even though it wouldn't be? I know the right can be just as "accepting" as the left since there is a large following for Blaire White.

Anonymous 17/11/18(Sat)06:36 No. 25179

It doesn't matter. What matters is if the tranny is an "ally." Again, SJWs don't actually care about the people. Thus the warrior part, it implies zealotry. They'd justify it by calling them an Uncle Tom or that they don't know they're actually hurting the group and "spreading bigotry." Look at that Gamergate shit and compare it to the Hollywood shit recently. In Hollywood's case, these women were victims because they were put in a position to trade sex for favors. Meanwhile, Zoe Quinn is being attacked by evil misogynists because she has a healthy sex life. The ideology doesn't matter, what matters is 'solution.' "We need more feminists in this industry."

No, they probably wouldn't. But then again, it wouldn't really matter because this theoretical comic wouldn't be for them. It would be for people who want to read the comic. Which leads to the main reason it hasn't been done: it probably won't sell. Hell, for all I know it's already been done and nobody cared about it. Especially because its a superhero. Sure, a person's inner turmoil with their gender identity might be fun and interesting, but not when you want to see someone go on an adventure with laser beam eyes.

Anonymous 17/11/18(Sat)11:50 No. 25180

I guess the right is too busy complaining about Starbucks cups. Also, why would the character's inner turmoil be the main drama of the comic? Would it be that on top of their responsibilities as a superhero? Also, how much more pissed off would SJWS be if the villain was inspired by them?

Anonymous 17/11/19(Sun)03:02 No. 25181

>Also, why would the character's inner turmoil be the main drama of the comic?
Because not enough tranny problems and it's a gimmick; too much and it turns into SJW bullshit that isn't entertaining. It has to strike a nice balance which requires effort and quality. Which requires time and skill. Which requires money. So it's a big investment for an already risky niche project.

Add in a bunch of retards crying about it being hate speech and its no longer worth it. It becomes tainted by politics and now you are forced to alienate some reader based on your reaction. That's why the SJWs are always targeting these niche hobbies. They can brow beat them into whatever they want, gain influence and use it to strengthen their endless war against 'social constructs.' A break down of society by seizing the memes of production. A communism revolution against culture. Cultural Marxism, if you will.

Anonymous 17/11/19(Sun)08:10 No. 25182

Isn't the term 'cultural marxism' mostly just made up. I highly doubt actual marxism is anything like what it often gets portrayed as and not sure how SJWs support communism since they still seem to benefit from the capitalist system. Don't some of them also think women should be paid more money than men? I'm not seeing how that is very communist unless they are trying to instill communism for the public while they become those at the top that benefit from it.

The reason why I ask is because I honestly kind of want to start writing such a character which is loosely based on some experiences that I've had and I am afraid that I might get chewed out by these SJWs, and the right too but they would most likely just not read it, since SJWs as you clearly pointed out seem carnivorous. Writing troll posts on Tumblr that nobody reads is one thing, but when you're trying to create something that these people try to influence to their way then it becomes scary. I can imagine it's like the Westboro Baptist Church coming to a friend's funeral to protest and screaming a lot.

Anonymous 17/11/20(Mon)00:24 No. 25183

No, Cultural Marxism is a thing. It was developed by a group called the Frankfurt school and I believe had some Soviet funding. The idea is that since communist revolutions didn't happen in the capitalist democratic nations like it was theorized (due to 'relative prosperity' and 'the opiate of the masses') it would take a new approach to spark the revolution in these countries. Its main claim to fame is 'Critical Theory' which is the bread and butter of SJWs: Always Offended; Never Satisfied. The genius behind it being that it would be self perpetuated by so-called 'useful idiots' who wouldn't even know they're doing it.

I’ll get off the crazy right-wing political shit now, but as a minor aside the whole thing about them wanting women to be paid more than men comes from the consequence of the wage gap myth. Since it comes from more factors than just not wanting to pay a woman; the actual solution would be to pay women more than men for the same work which is illegal because of the Equal Pay Act. Again, always offended; never satisfied.

As for actually making the comic, I'd like to preface this with a few disclaimers. I know nothing of this industry, have never really created anything, have never cared much for comics, and am generally talking out of my ass most of the time. Hell, I only got into this thread in the hopes of seeing that chick in spandex topless and have continued it because I saw an opportunity to rant and spread my cynical political ideals while sneaking in “memes of production” somewhere in my shitposting.

Do not let me disparage you from creating. And do not let any of this political bullshit intimidate you either. Otherwise they win and we lose out on more than just a comic. It stifles creativity and invention which is the life blood of.. well, life (again, came here to wack it to a cartoon). You’re on 7chan, if you don’t have thicker skin than the Elephant Man by now please donate your body to science so we can study you.

Most of the shit I've been talking about is for the big mainstream industry. You know, Marvel, DC and all that crap. Assuming you are an amateur with little to no experience you really don't have to worry about this. You'll fly under the radar of most SJWs unless you are an easy target for them which, assuming you are a tranny yourself, will be hard unless you start writing Ben Garrison edit-tier shit. No, you have to worry more about trolls and, if you are really unlucky, reactionaries against SJWs dragging you into this shitstorm. In which case you will most likely be shoehorned into the SJW side so you might as well use them as an asset. As long as you don’t actively go against their hivemind’s will they should take care of you. If you manage to have them turn on you, worst case scenario they blacklist you. In that case, learn Japanese and write manga for the dirty Nips and Weebs because if they like anything more than an underaged cartoon girl getting raped by tentacles its an underaged cartoon boy who LOOKS like a girl getting raped by tentacles. Look at Joss Whedon, the guy was loved by those liberal yahoos. Then they turned on him and look what happened: Nothing. He’s still employed and his work is not retroactively any shittier because of it.

So don’t put the cart before horse and worry more about making this comic good than what will happen if this comic is good. Again, it’s gonna take a lot of work to make this right but it ain’t impossible. Still assuming you are an amateur with no experience, my advice would be to build up your skill set. Make Garfield-tier shitty Sunday strips until you can shit them out like… well Garfield. Take in constructive criticism. If you think it would make your work better or would be interesting, try it. Look at other shit, see what works and what doesn’t and why. I highly recommend that /jew/ thread for motivation, possibly even resources. Don’t worry about quality, that will come with time the longer you do it. Bob Ross can make a beautiful painting in about 30 minutes because he’s made that happy little tree about 12 million times now. After that many repetitions you almost can’t fuck it up and if magage to you definitely can’t care and just move on. Thats why school gave you homework; that was the real shit it was trying to teach. It’s how I was able to make this whole mini essay on shit no one cares about.

TL;DR: Don’t worry about my conspiratorial paranoia, it don’t matter, none of this matters. Just start off small, roll with the punches, make a comic and for the love of God someone get me a picture of that girl topless.

Anonymous 18/06/14(Thu)20:10 No. 25254

No it is made up. By americans who thinks that everything that sounds european is bad.

For this you deserve three Adorno.

Anonymous 18/09/20(Thu)03:25 No. 25300

That last one does seem to ring true. I honestly think capitalism might be heading for a downfall of its own doing much like communism did in the 1990's.

Anonymous 18/09/20(Thu)03:54 No. 25301

File 153740845085.jpg - (156.24KB , 600x350 , green-lanterns-2016-2-cruz21.jpg )

>You are under this impression that the SJWs that ruin shit even care about the group they're fighting for that week

Truer words have never been said. I remember the drama with the Iron First Netflix series about Danny Rand not being Asian. My first thought was, "Well isn't saying that a martial arts character HAS to be Asian the same type of racism Asians have been complaining about for years?" Then I realized it. None of these fuckers were fans. None had bought an Iron First comic, or would be the targeted base for the show. Because then they'd know that Danny Rand was white for a reason. Because Roy Thomas was tasked with making a martial arts character but didn't know shit about Asian culture. So he made him a white guy that didn't know shit about Asian culture. So that the reader could learn about that culture as the character and the author did. Granted the fucking show sucked for other reasons but anyway.

You can make a transgender character, but as others have said that can only be one aspect of the character. It has to be a well thought out character. I'll give you two examples:

Miss America- a female gay Latina character. Fans hate her.

Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)- a female Latina character. Alot of fans love her.

What's the difference? Miss America is gay and Latina and that's it. Jessica Cruz is a Latina and no one cares, hell alot of people identify with her. Because she's a well-thought out well rounded character.

Comics have been progressive on alot of social issues through the years and if they want to make a transgender character they can, but that character has to be more than just transgender.

Anonymous 18/10/08(Mon)10:23 No. 25305

> Comics have been progressive on alot of social issues through the years and if they want to make a transgender character they can, but that character has to be more than just transgender.

Like how Kamala Khan ended up being a fairly intriguing character and she was just made to be a Muslim superhero?

Anonymous 18/10/08(Mon)18:06 No. 25307

File 153901479242.jpg - (178.39KB , 675x1000 , 71aYGx7mvAL-1.jpg )

Exactly like Kamala Khan.

Anonymous 18/10/21(Sun)05:03 No. 25344

As a man who is in favor of more diversity in media, it annoys me how often it feels less like real diversity and more like just blatant, condescending pandering.

Anonymous 18/10/27(Sat)02:14 No. 25355

Are you referring to films like Black Panther?

Anonymous 18/11/20(Tue)21:29 No. 25397

File 154274579297.jpg - (159.58KB , 570x884 , black-panther-jack-kirby-scans031-1.jpg )

I thought Black Panther was Ok, though not deserving of all the buzz surrounding it, but didn’t pander to anyone. If that was the case then Jack Kirby and Stan Lee were pandering when they wrote the character. They created a hero unapologetically black, African, smart, rich, and noble. There was nothing in the movie itself that seemed like it would have been out of place within the comic. You have to remember that Jack and Stan both grew up and poor Jewish kids in the 1920’s when anti-Semitism was incredibly common, so in many ways they identified with minorities in ways that we often overlook nowadays. If the movie was pandering then the creators were pandering when they first wrote the character.

Jeremy+Morales 18/12/07(Fri)05:20 No. 25413

File 154415643337.png - (1.75MB , 633x981 , 5490959-coagula+-+origins+-+doom+patrol+v2+-+issue.png )

No problem, OP. It's a legitimate question.The only trans hero I know of is Coagula, who first appeared in Doom Patrol.

Anonymous 19/03/10(Sun)19:54 No. 25476

Is it wrong of me to actually like Kamala Khan yet not care for Carol Danvers even though those two characters were linked?

Anonymous 19/03/16(Sat)20:32 No. 25478

File 155276477555.png - (905.98KB , 769x703 , cap2.png )

No, Carol Danvers was one of Marvel's first strong female characters but got overshadowed by other more interesting characters and writers have been struggling to make her relevant ever since but Kamala Khan is a character that was well-written from the start.

Anonymous 19/04/10(Wed)02:15 No. 25485

How come my favorite female character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is fucking Pepper Potts?

I liked her since the first couple of Iron-Man movies.

Anonymous 19/04/11(Thu)20:15 No. 25486

What are Carol Danvers' weaknesses?

I'm watching this video and it's just superpower after superpower that I am beginning to think she might be a Mary Sue. Way more than fucking Rey from Star Wars.


Anonymous 19/04/11(Thu)21:09 No. 25489

File 155500976344.png - (1.60MB , 1335x3232 , 2330c53f8a449550bee717ca7f00b991.png )

Carol Danvers has super strength, super speed, can fly, increased invulnerability, and can shoot energy blasts. By comic book standards that's pretty standard. At her best she couldn't take down the Hulk or Thor. She has a fraction of the power of the original Captain Marvel. She is in no way a Mary Sue.

Every ounce of the hatred being directed at the character is because of Brie Larson saying some cringy feminist shit at a press conference for another movie. There is in fact a section of actual comic book readers that don't like it because Carol Danvers has never been very interesting and so they feel like Marvel is trying to make Captain Marvel happen, but this group is absolutely drowned out by legions of people parroting dumb shit about Third-wave feminism and other dumb shit. If she had said shit differently there would be no controversy surrounding Captain Marvel at all. The whole thing wouldn't be an issue if she had said, "While I respect your opinion I'd very much like to hear what women or visible minorities thought of the film because the subject matter pertains to them directly" there would be no edgelord cries of "CAPTAIN MARVEL IS A MARY SUE CHARACTER BRUH."

The truth is three-fold:

1.) They are going to need several strong characters to take on Thanos so they are amping up her powers. Thanos with the Infinity Stones is a god. But without them he is super strong, far more than I think movie goers realize.

2.) Some of the actors playing these characters are going to want to get out of their contracts. As good as Marvel has been to people to Robert Downey Jr. I doubt these people want to be playing superheroes when they are old and grey. So they need fresh blood to keep the franchise going.

3.) DC's Wonder Woman killed it at the box office, and Marvel needs their own strong female lead as a response. They need a Wonder Woman like character and Carol Danvers is a pretty logical choice.

Anonymous 19/04/13(Sat)06:51 No. 25491

Wouldn't the success of the Captain Marvel movie lead to something better like Ms. Marvel possibly getting her own film?

Anonymous 19/04/13(Sat)06:54 No. 25492

Why does Shazam seem more interesting a character than Captain Marvel? Especially after watching that comparison video and how it mentioned fucking Zeus slaying a god using the Big Bang?

Anonymous 19/04/13(Sat)17:44 No. 25495

File 155517028958.jpg - (190.90KB , 661x1024 , ezgif_com-webp-to-jpg(1).jpg )

Marvel has already taken risks with characters in the past that aren't A-listers with movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and it has paid off. There is no reason for them to do an entire movie (a Mar-vell movie) to set up a character (a Carol Danvers movie) just so she can show up in Avengers. If Black Panther can be a blockbuster, then so can Carol Danvers. They may be A-listers in-universe, but not by the size of their fanbases. Also it makes sense to do a Carol Danvers movie since she has had alot of high profile roles in the comics in recent years, like Civil War II. Mar-vell has been dead for over 30 years, and should stay that way. The Death of Captain Marvel is a pretty important work in comics, hell it's a major reason why George RR Martin kills off characters in his ASOIF books.

That's just, like, your opinion man. Which is fine. You don't have to like every character. I've never Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) or Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) interesting. And DC can go straight to hell with this Shazam stuff. He's Captain Marvel. Both characters have struggled for decades of their publication history precisely because people haven't found them interesting.

If I had to make a choice, I'd choose Billy. But that is only because of how he was written in Kingdom Come, which is my favorite comic. But besides that, I've never had much interest for him either.

Anonymous 19/04/14(Sun)11:30 No. 25498

ShaZam is hella interesting. What is wrong with you?

Anonymous 19/04/14(Sun)22:56 No. 25501

File 155527537078.jpg - (145.29KB , 1024x920 , captain-marvel-black-adam-fight-together.jpg )

Here's the truth for you. Every character is interesting if they are handled by the right team.

The X-Men were terrible. The comic was publishing reprints for years and years before it was handed over to Chris Clairmont, who turned it into the most popular comic of the past three decades.

No one, and I mean no one, gave a shit about Starman until James Robinson restarted the character. The same can be said for the JSA.

Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) peaked in the mid-1940's. Then DC acquired the character through a lawsuit. Unsurprisingly once they got the character they didn't know what to do with him for a very long time. The closest Captain Marvel got to a decent publication was The Power of Shazam! one-shot by Jerry Ordway, and the character has kind of floated for a long time, so being "hella interesting" doesn't mean much if the character doesn't have good stories to go with it.

Anonymous 19/06/22(Sat)02:12 No. 25536

Have there been any transgender superheroes made yet?

Anonymous 19/08/10(Sat)16:40 No. 25553

Anonymous 19/08/10(Sat)17:11 No. 25554

File 156544987262.jpg - (801.85KB , 1600x2475 , E5qvpwh42yLysT6OvJ63Lu6Kh8fthgV03O0-3Qz3JuqTpsdOy2.jpg )

Anonymous 19/08/10(Sat)17:22 No. 25555

Anonymous 19/08/10(Sat)17:24 No. 25556

Anonymous 19/08/10(Sat)18:33 No. 25559

Holy crap I had forgotten about Malibu comics, and I guess Mantra could be considered transgendered. Nice catch.

Anonymous 19/08/13(Tue)05:45 No. 25562

I don't get what you're trying to say here. SheZow wasn't transgender or even a transvestite. Guy only later accepted the role when he realized the responsibility that comes with being a superhero. Kelly, his sister, was the only who wanted to be SheZow. Guy put on the costume as a means of poking fun at her expense and ended up getting stuck with it.

And I don't get what you're trying to say about V for Vendetta either. Are you saying that V is transgender, transsexual, or a transvestite? I could see maybe if he were a homosexual, but not this.

Anonymous 19/08/28(Wed)06:36 No. 25565

Because trannys are riff Raff debris garbage scum of the fucking earth riiight

Anonymous 19/10/27(Sun)08:25 No. 25579

You seem triggered.

Anonymous 19/11/21(Thu)03:31 No. 25583

Maybe you could make one. It's a possibility. Get the gears in motion for yourself. lol Maybe you could poll story ideas and just put something together. It's a good idea to welcome all voices. I think that. I live that. So I would see polling as a sensible process. Invite away. Maybe you can sell it and make money. That's not too awful. Money doesn't hurt anyone. lol Based.

Anonymous 22/08/16(Tue)23:53 No. 26275

Comic this girl comes from?

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