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BCB - Bittersweet Candy Bowl Anonymous 17/12/22(Fri)18:57 No. 25195

File 151396547297.png - (4.75MB , 1600x2210 , 12x[1].png )

On 7chan because why not?
Start of chapter 100. Mike is being the usual crybaby about Lucy.

Anonymous 17/12/22(Fri)18:58 No. 25196

File 151396552536.png - (947.66KB , 1600x2210 , 2@2x[1].png )

>Waaaah why is she happy?

Anonymous 20/04/16(Thu)02:50 No. 25642

Mike: why didn’t you just kill me. Taeshi/Lucy: You don't fear death. You welcome it. Your punishment must be more severe. M: Torture? T/L:Yes. But not of your body... Of your soul. Until Bit by bit I tear apart your world and make it of your own doing, until your friends abandon you, until your family disinherits you and the world decried you as it’s villain and I it’s hero, when you have truly understood the depth of your failure you have my permission to die. M:so there’s a way out? T/L: NO

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