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ITT 80’s comics Anonymous 18/12/31(Mon)05:09 No. 25442

File 154622937364.jpg - (423.68KB , 690x1080 , 847D5656-4A69-4735-9E25-A33A5084E3F0.jpg )

Looking for some new inspiration for a new drawing project. Need more 80’s/90’s series
>pic related

Will post more examples. The more cable the better, maybe some x-force or 2099 series. Let’s have a nice radical comics thread

Anonymous 18/12/31(Mon)05:15 No. 25443

File 154622972466.jpg - (2.56MB , 4032x3024 , 56791972511__A5247F5B-F580-4F80-B245-1FCE7C135E12.jpg )

Anonymous 18/12/31(Mon)05:15 No. 25444

File 154622975024.jpg - (332.44KB , 1174x845 , IMG_2148.jpg )

Anonymous 18/12/31(Mon)18:02 No. 25446

There is nothing more 90's cheese than Leifield's art, and I love it in all of it's crappy glory. Here you go. Bask in it's 90's ridiculousness.

Anonymous 18/12/31(Mon)18:04 No. 25448

Anonymous 19/09/12(Thu)01:21 No. 25571

Don't forget S.Platt. He took all the cues from Leifeld, Lee and McFarlane, mixed it up and served his own hot mess.

Anonymous 20/10/25(Sun)12:12 No. 25761

Wolverine vs. Sabretooth pages. Inspiring art by artist Adam Kubert...

Anonymous 20/10/25(Sun)12:15 No. 25762

Storm and Cable vs. Hulk pages. Inspiring art by artist Angel Medina...

Anonymous 20/10/25(Sun)19:42 No. 25766

Binary, Lilandra, Deathbird and Beast pages. Inspiring art by Duncan Rouleau....

Silver Surfer, X-Men and Galactus pages.
Inspiring art by Jim Calafiore....

Anonymous 22/05/22(Sun)20:09 No. 26019

Spider-Man vs. Firelord

Inspiring art by Ron Frenz and Bob McLeod

Anonymous 22/05/22(Sun)20:10 No. 26020

She-Hulk vs. Xemnu

Inspiring art by John Byrne and Bob Wiacek

Anonymous 22/05/22(Sun)20:11 No. 26021

Nova vs. Gladiator

Inspiring art by Chris Marrinan and Mark Stegbauer

Anonymous 22/05/22(Sun)22:44 No. 26023

Obligatory Deadpool and early Image Comics WILDCats

Anonymous 22/05/23(Mon)14:31 No. 26025

That's one big gun.

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